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The growth in popularity of online shopping has directly led to the advancement of online reviews. Smart buyers are quick to inspect products based on the reviews they receive. OROGOLD understands the important role online reviews play in choosing which products to buy. In order to assist you with your skincare product search we have aggregated reviews of OROGOLD products from around the web, right here on OROGOLD Reviews.

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OROGOLD Reviews on the Media
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OROGOLD Reviews is the ultimate resource for skin care veterans as well as those that are new to the world of skincare, or anyone who is passionate about their skin. An important aspect of OROGOLD product offerings is staying on top of new technology and innovations. Breakthroughs in the world of science and skincare offer OROGOLD the opportunity to bring customers consistently better products. To help you discover the newest products in our line up, this resource guide accumulates OROGOLD reviews of our newest products from all over the web.


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OROGOLD Men Campaign

OROGOLD Cosmetics recently introduced actor Brian Austin Green as the face of our campaign for  OROGOLD’s men’s products. Today, anti-aging skincare and luxury products predominantly utilized by women, however, men’s interest in these types of products is growing. To meet the demands of our discerning male customers, OROGOLD created a line of personalized and tailored products that cater to the male skin.

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YouTube Review

Sona Gasparian is a popular beauty video blogger who has been bringing the inside scoop on the hottest beauty products through inspired video blogs to more than 250,000 subscribers each week. In one such review that helped viewers learn how to wear double-wing eyeliners for a sizzling summery look, this popular YouTuber featured the OROGOLD Vitamin C Booster as the go-to product for when she wanted her skin to look its beautiful best. Sona says that the use of 24K gold in the OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Booster helped her skin glow after using the product. She loves using the product before special occasions. Check out Sona’s video to discover how you can perfect your own double-winged eyeliner look, a look that can be easily worn for a variety of occasions.

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ABC News doesn’t need an introduction. In one of their features known as Try-Day Friday, ABC News presented bottled luxury in the form of OROGOLDs anti-aging products. The video covers the crew’s visit to our flagship store in New York to indulge in the pampering effects of our products and present the luxury of gold based skin care. Genevieve Shaw Brown spoke to our representatives to find out more about the benefits offered by luxury ingredients such as caviar, gold, diamonds and pearls that we love to use in our products. Watch this video to find out more about what Genevieve thinks about our products.

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  • “I have been using the Day Recovery for almost one month. I can say that it has been working because I have been receiving many compliments and people have actually asked what I have been using on my skin. The best part is that they let you try out the moisturizer for free at the Orogold Store.”

    “Irrespective of which Orogold moisturizer I tried out, I loved it. The Nano Day Recovery seems to be the best of the lot because it makes my skin feel moisturized for a really long time. My husband also loves to use this moisturizer and we have different skin types. So I guess this moisturizer suits all skin types as well. The moisturizer has really helped to brighten my complexion. I am in love with how cool my skin looks.”

  • “This mask is so moisturizing that my face felt as if I had just applied a dewy moisturizer after using the product. It leaves behind a wonderfully soft feeling and my face feels so fresh every time I use the product. I love using the Nano mask before getting ready for parties and special events.”

    “For me, this was a spa-like feeling all the way. It feels so soothing and it really helps me relax. They talk about skin detox, and I think this is perhaps the best way to treat my facial skin and rejuvenate my senses. I love to create at-home spa weekends around the Orogold Nano collection. My face always starts glowing after using the Nano mask.”

  • “This is a fantastic product to add to any skin care regimen. I have been using the Nano Night Recovery for a few months now, and with every passing month, my skin has begun to look more and more beautiful. I am in my late forties and this cream has done a tremendous job with my wrinkles.”

    “I have been a firm believer in Orogold products. I have been using their products ever since my late twenties and I haven’t felt the need for a chance ever since. I find the Nano night cream to be their best night moisturizer because it goes a long way in making my skin look moisturized. I love waking up to that soft beautiful glow the next morning.”

  • “The Nano serum is very easy to use and it absorbs well. Unlike some other serums, this one doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy. I also love the fact that my acne issues have reduced ever since I began using Orogold products. I would recommend this serum for all ages.”

    “I am lucky to have healthy skin and I never felt the need for anti-aging products until my late thirties. However, I recently saw my first wrinkle and decided to do something about it immediately. A friend recommended the Nano collection from Orogold and I am very happy with the results. My fave product from their line is this Ultra Silk Serum. The glow was immediate and my aging issues have diminished with time.”

  • “I picked up the Orogold DMAE Collection in London and my skin has been thanking me ever since. It has started to look incredibly beautiful and feels so soft. So much so that I tracked down the Orogold store in LA and added more of their products into my skin care regimen.”

    “I started using this mask 2 week ago and I saw an IMMEDIATE difference after using. My fine lines looked lesser within the first week itself, and I saw a beautiful glow the moment I took it off my face for the first time. Not sure about long term benefits, but I am certainly happy with what I am seeing until now.”

  • “I have used the Orogold Wrinkle Solution and it really does work. It has actually reduced some of my fine lines and they haven’t come back after a week. The product does seem to offer benefits unlike any other skin care product that I have used.”

    “The packaging itself tells you to use this product before giving into invasive therapies. I tried the tightening solution as a last resort after giving up on my wrinkles and thankfully, I haven’t had to go under the knife. The product actually worked wonders in reducing fine lines and wrinkles from my face. If you’re desperate for something that works, you’ve come to the right place.”

  • “This is a brilliant cream for anyone dealing with lines and wrinkles. After using the cream for a fortnight, I couldn’t have asked for anything else. My lines have diminished, my loose skin feels taut and the results have been amazing. I think my face has also started to glow!!”

    “I have been using this firming cream for a week and I am completely in love with. It doesn’t leave my skin with an icky sticky feeling like most other creams and I can definitely feel a firming effect in the areas where I applied this product. A bit expensive but well worth the money.”

  • “This serum is absolutely light, absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. It has helped my skin firm and tighten. I prefer applying the serum and topping it with the DMAE cream. Applying makeup after using these two products becomes so easy because the makeup literally glides over my skin.”

    “I love using Orogold products. This line is absolutely fantastic and I am delighted with how my fine lines have diminished over time. The best part is that you need very little product for each application which somehow makes you feel less guilty about the steep price. After all, the products last for a long time!!!”

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