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Will Your Acne Be Worse This Summer?

Most people are aware of the changes they need to make when it comes time to take care of their skin for winter. They switch to heavier moisturizing products to deal with the dry air. It is a relatively simple rule to remember overall. Summer also has particular rules when it comes to appropriate skin care. These generally center around the fact that summer is full of sun and heat. Not accounting for these differences will make things far more difficult on one’s skin than they need to be. In fact, you will likely find that you’re be far more prone to breakouts if you don’t pause to consider the necessary changes that must be made. So let’s try to take the eternal question of whether your acne will be worse this summer out of the picture by going over a handful of changes and considerations you can make to make the answer a definitive “No.”

Remember to Wash Up
Consider the heat of summer and remember that you’re going to be sweating more whether you like it or not. This leads to the fact that you’ll be wanting to clean up a little more frequently than you might otherwise. Pause and consider yourself after any outdoor activity and determine if you feel you’ve ended up sweating a lot. Any time you’ve sweated enough that you might think you participated in exercise is a time that you should go bathe. This is crucial to keeping breakouts to a minimal. Sweat isn’t the problem so much as excess sweat can impact your skin natural moisture barriers and oil buildup. An excess will very quickly lead to a breakout. Keeping this habit up after summer is a good idea as well if you have the time to shower and then apply again makeup during your daily routine. Remember that clean, moisturized skin is healthy skin.

Stock Up
There is no perfect solution when it comes to trying to fight off acne. The larger goal is to do your best to prevent and minimize outbreaks in the first place. With this in mind, budget time to stock up on your favorite breakout fighting products before summer. It is a good idea to incorporate them into your usual routine at least occasionally for the duration of the summer. You should be very aware of the kinds of products you choose to use though. Try to avoid using products prone to drying out your skin as they can lead to exacerbated sun damage over the course of the summer. Those products also require you to use moisturizers frequently to help offset the dryness. This, in turn, can end up leading to an excess of natural oils and thereby end up causing a breakout.

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Cleanse and Exfoliate Carefully
By no means should you give up on parts of your standard routine over the summer, but you should alter them. Find lighter,gentler products than you usually use to help safeguard your skin over the course of the summer. Cleansing products can easily contribute to dry, sun damage skin if you’re not careful. This is far from ideal and easily compounded if you’re not staying aware of your skin. You should likewise find a gentle exfoliating product that is capable of doing the job without putting excess stress on your skin. Dry, damaged skin tends to produce far more oil than healthy skin. Your goal is to maintain adequate oil control all summer to avoid breakouts without accidentally causing them. Noncomedogenic products are particularly good to look into to further increase the likelihood of maintaining clear skin.

Summer doesn’t have to be an assured time of year for more breakouts. Like every time of year, summer has its quirks that you need to account for when trying to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. You shouldn’t have any trouble doing just this as long as they remember these simple tips. Product choice and good habits can make all the difference.

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