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What’s Red, Blue and Glittered

Beauty has always been a colorful industry. Even Cleopatra enjoyed the benefit of a little-added color here and there to call attention to her favorite features. We’ve refined the process a great deal since her time, and that has given us all a much wider palette of hues to work with when trying to cultivate our best selves. Most of the time, winter is considered as a time for somber hues that don’t call much attention to themselves, but support a subtle emphasis. Spring, in turn, is the time when we started seeing colors all over again that leap out and catch the eye. Designers broke this pattern with the last fall and winter fashion week including some brilliantly colored lips and other sights, but that doesn’t change that this spring still means it is time to leap back into a broader color palette. We’ll be looking at some of the more vibrant looks as spring progresses.

Berry red lips are one of the few colors that survived through the depths of winter. The designers made copious use of its and its popularity doesn’t seem to be fading with the turning of the seasons. It makes for a vibrant, eye-catching look. Spring means you’re likely to see even more vibrant shades as well as the potential for shades of red in eye shadow. Red’s vibrancy is full of the life returning to the fashion world and existence in general as spring progresses. Consider accessorizing with something red to act as a counterpoint to an outfit or complement another part of your outfit. The main thing to remember is that the shades you opt to use should be eye-catching and seem to leap out at people. Fortunately, red is actually one of the best colors for doing just that.

There’s an interesting dichotomy when it comes to the different uses of blue and red. Red is, psychologically speaking, known to instantly get people’s attention. It serves as a way to make an immediate impression. Blues often play a more supporting role whether it’s in makeup or accessories. The key to getting a noticeable blue is to select shades that have a powerful look to them. Cobalt blue is a deep yet incredibly striking shade when used appropriately. It is particularly potent when used appropriately as an eyeshadow, but the when and how of using the color vary depending on skin tone and the individual. You need to determine how best to make use of blues in the spring. Lighter shades will give you a playful and youthful feeling while the darker shades add a distinct dramatic flair that can give you a refined look.

Interestingly enough, spring 2016 appears to be shaping up to be the season of glitter. More and more products are appearing that cater to people trying to harness the eye-catching properties of glitter. It crosses all boundaries in fashion and beauty. People are applying glitter to the eyebrows at the same time glittering ankle boots are appearing in stores. Others are incorporating it into more direct makeup options such as eyeliners and shadows. Glitter can actually be a tasteful addition to a look when handled properly. The key thing to remember with glittering options is that there is such a thing as too much. Don’t use too many products with them in it. Glitter product exist to make things just a bit more interesting. This rule is a bit more negotiable when it comes to accessories, but you’ll want to carefully test what works for you. The end result should be subtle, but shining.

Spring’s return brings with it everyone else’s desires to indulge in the full range and beauty of life. Forget all the subdued winter elegance. Focus on breathing life back into your look that befits the turning of the season. Experimentation and joy are the main feelings to remember when trying to refine a spring look. You should have little problem with this tactic. Do keep taking proper care of your skin though as you experiment with some of the newer products coming out to work with the new trends.

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