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What You Should Know About Eyebrow Tinting

There is always something new under the sun that promises to provide you with the perfect look that you’ve always desired or some novel way of presenting yourself to the world. Eyebrow tinting is a surprisingly popular option right now. People use to it simply improve their natural color or to truly stand out with bold colors that can match or clash with whatever color they’ve given their hair. There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of these options. As yet another way of making your own look, they are the natural extension of hair dyes and other methods of customizing our appearance.

Unfortunately, eyebrow tinting isn’t as safe as people claim it is. The colors in eyebrow tinting haven’t been properly approved at the federal level, but remain popular at the local level of the world where the local government is expected to deal with the issue. Eyebrow tinting isn’t approved for a number of very good reasons that could potentially hurt your health. We’ve got a quick overview so that you can be the knowledgeable one the next time someone brings up tinting to you.

Simple Problems
One of the potential problems that you might face is infection. This doesn’t come about directly from the tinting itself, but can be a result of the application of the product. Care needs to be taken when using any product that is close to the eyes. Tint applicators that aren’t appropriately cleaned can transfer infections between tinting clients or end up creating an environment wherein bacteria can flourish. Their proximity to the eyes means the bacteria can jump to an easily infected area and become a problem before anyone actually notices. The level of the threat posed by this problem tends to vary depending on the bacteria. You can generally be sure that any place practicing eyebrow tinting that is otherwise safe will likely not fall into this trap. Non-professionals at the most likely to forget these basic rules. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem that can come up from trying eyebrow tinting and is actually the least severe.

Reacting Poorly
Allergic reactions are a very real problem when dealing with any product. That’s why most of our products require testing before they ever reach us. The lack of approval for many eyebrow tints means that there is a very real chance that the product you’re using might not meet the necessary safety standards that a dye for scalp hair might have. This in turn raises the chance for experiencing an allergic reaction all on its own. As we highlighted above, the area around the eyes itself tends to be more susceptible to issues than others. Compounds can accidentally run down into the eyes to cause issues, yes, but your bigger danger comes from the fact that the skin around your eyes is thinner. Thin skin is less robust and more likely to react negatively to products applied in the general area as well as being less able to block any ill effects. Itching, redness, and even hives can become a problem if you run into the wrong tinting agent. This brings us to the most potentially devastating problem: blindness.

Woman getting eyebrows tinted

Darkened Lights
Infections, allergic reactions, and physical damage all open up the potential for a myriad of problems associated with eyebrow tinting. The worst possible outcome you might face is blindness. While there is nothing inherently wrong with being blind, adapting to such a state can be hard on anyone used to navigating a world which they can clearly see. There are varying levels of blindness that could result from the problems we’re discussing. Most people are more likely to experience a basic level of damage that causes legal blindness where it is extremely difficult to function even with glasses or a similar product aiding sight. For most, the worst and most extreme outcome is an infection of reaction that permanently damages the eyes in such a way that it leaves one totally blind. Once again, tinting can be comparatively safe if performed by professionals in a salon or similar setting that has people who know what they’re doing and know to test for allergic reactions and shield the eyes. There is no controlling every factor though and until eyebrow tints are subjected to the same standards as other dyes you will continue to face potential issues.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to get a particular look through eyebrow tinting. It is a technique that the beauty industry is still working to understand the best way to use it. However, this also means it is an area where less scrupulous people are trying to make a quick bit of money regardless of the results for other people. We recommend waiting until there is full approval of eyebrow tinting as a safe option before trying it out. If you’re set on trying it regardless of these warnings, try to find reputably people to do the tinting and go into it knowing the risks.

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