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The Perfect Winter Morning Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin in winter can be a difficult thing. The elements themselves turn against you and make it difficult to keep your skin healthy. It is doable, but it seems far more taxing than it needs to be at any given point. The constant stress that your skin is put through when dealing with winter air should never be underestimated. You can do a lot to work against it through if you know what you’re doing. This does entail making adjustments to your skincare routine to make it suitable for the winter. Learning these tricks will let you craft as close to the elusive “perfect” winter morning skincare routine as you can though. Let’s go over a few specific concerns you need to have for your morning routine to ensure that your skin is prepared for the winter air. The good news is that none of this is particularly complex and is easy to remember.

Rinse and Cleanse
The basics don’t change in winter. You still need to make sure to get your skin properly clean before you do anything else. Rinsing barely changes at all. You will need to keep reminding yourself that the water doesn’t need to be hot. Hot water will hurt your skin and lead it to dry out faster than it did before. Lukewarm is still enough and it won’t hurt your skin. You are going to need to shift the actual kinds of products you’ll be using for cleansing though. If you’re used to using harsher cleansers that utilize ingredients like salicylic acid, try to find gentle products. These are typically readily available and advertise themselves as such. Look for products marked for sensitive skin if you’re not certain though. Gentle cleansers will avoid stripping too much away from your skin. You want whatever barrier your skin can provide you with for keeping your skin healthy.

Woman exfoliating
This is one of those touchy subjects in the winter. You’re never quite certain how your skin is going to react to your exfoliate regularly. Dry air makes things a little bit touchier than it needs to be most of the time and you’re left a little on edge when trying to find a happy median. The key here is to remember that the dry air, in many ways, makes most people’s skin act like it is sensitized. That means needing to continue with the theme of being overall gentler with your skin. It cannot and will not take as much as it normally does. Try dropping to exfoliate once a week if you’re doing it twice a week or once every two weeks if you were already spreading out the exfoliating. Watch your skin carefully for redness or tenderness from exfoliating and reduce the amount you’re exfoliating if you see these symptoms. You need to keep exfoliating so your skin doesn’t end up dull and flaky, but you can’t exfoliate too much or your skin will be unhappy.

Moisturizing is the big necessity of winter. Your skin simply can’t keep up with the effects of the cold dry air. It is constantly losing moisture to the air and that makes your skin suffer. It becomes dull and more susceptible to damage than usual. Fortunately, most of us know the right kinds of moisturizers to use. Things just get a little more intense in winter and you’ll likely want to reach for a more potent moisturizer than normal. People with oily skin will want to keep using a toner or try out water-based lotions to keep their skin healthy. The lotion is the best bet as it is a bit stronger than toner. By contrast, people with dry skin are going to want to reach for heavy, oil-based moisturizing creams to help their skin make it through the winter. You want to try as much moisture as possible in your skin. The good middle of the road option is to use a lighter water-based cream if you’re not sure about your skin type.

Winter skin care is more or less the same as skin care at any other point in the year. The changes are simply overall being kinder to your skin. It needs this extra consideration too. Your skin isn’t going to stay sensitized all winter and failing to take care of it properly can mean months of uncomfortable skin issues. Skin care is a serious concern for the beauty conscious in winter and you’d do well to remember that.

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