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De-stress For Better Skin

Stress is one of those things we can never fully escape. Life seems to conspire to make sure that we’re experiencing some level of it fairly regularly. If we’re lucky, the stress we experience is rather mild and something we can easily control with stress management techniques. That’s typically what we’re dealing with most of the time in our lives. Things can start to get out of control before we know it though. It becomes all too easy to accept an excess of stress as part of our lives and not recognize when it begins to move beyond our ability to manage. That’s when our health begins to suffer. The effects of stress on the body are myriad, but the basic idea is that your body is being made to run at a higher rate than usual that ends up burning through a lot of energy and diverting it from caring for the body. Staying stressed for long enough will mean that stress will gradually become plain for all to see as your energy and all of your body, including your skin, suffers. That’s why it is in your best interest to de-stress.

Lack of Repairs
What tends to add up the most quickly is the simple fact that your body simply doesn’t have the energy or resources to spare to care for your skin when you’re stressed. A gradual visual degradation begins to set in. Most of us are acquainted with it and remember the times when we can tell we’ve looked worse than usual due to high levels of stress. Remember that your skin, as far as organs go, has comparatively low priority next to your vital organs. Stress focuses on keeping your insides running at peak and ends up neglecting your skin. As a result, your body simply doesn’t have the resource to repair the day to day damage. Skin becomes thin and/or dull, and generally, begins to look unhealthy as the regular maintenance is allowed to fail. None of this helps us look our best. Furthermore, thinning skin from regular wear and tear means those areas become even more susceptible to damage. Stress, in essence, sensitizes your entire skin.

Extra Oil
Another problem that stress causes is the fact that stress hormones actually stimulate oil secretion by the skin. As an organ, your skin has a regular set of instructions it goes through to help maintain its overall health and thereby the overall health of the human organism that is you. Oil production and secretion represent some of those cellular instructions. You secrete oil to help ensure that your skin seals in moisture and is overall more resilient. The process isn’t without issues as some of us end up with oily or dry skin, but on whole many of us have average skin that isn’t too dry or too oily. Stress hormones push us towards having oily skin thanks to increased oil secretion. This, in turn, begins to create an environment where our skin becomes more susceptible to breakouts. All that extra oil catches more dirt and debris that can, in turn, end up clogging your pores when mixed together. Avoiding this is in your skin’s best interest.

Woman de-stressing via bath

Triggering Issues
Some of us suffer from chronic skin conditions that can be frustrating to deal with at the best of times. Conditions such as eczema and rosacea tend to leave us wondering what we do to trigger them. Stress can actually be one of those triggers and cause a flare up for these and other conditions. The exact reason isn’t quite known but is believed to be connected to the changes in the body brought about by the release of stress hormones. These flare ups can make a stressful time even worse as then one has to manage the condition on top of everything else happening in one’s life. Yes, we all have different compounds that can help us reduce the severity or get things under control, but as long as the stress is ongoing the threat of further flare ups will continue. As a result, it is always in your best interest to keep stress under control to avoid such problems.

Stress is incredibly bad for your skin and the damage can show up relatively quickly. That makes it important to remember to take the time to de-stress regularly. This means setting aside time for your hobbies and the people you care about. Remember that these will help you vent and keep stress manageable. Taking up meditation or any similar practices can also help. Just don’t let stress run away with your body or your skin will pay for it in the long run.

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It’s All About Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the most often requested cosmetic procedures. It tends to be simple, relatively painless, and have an overall low recovery time with obvious results. This is a clear win for most of us wanting to see an immediate fix to a problem area. Almost everyone has an area they’d prefer there was no hair; where this is depends on the individual though. Making the most of these services can help remove some of the frustrating maintenance associated with shaving in exchange for the fact that many laser hair removal treatments require many sessions to have a full effect. We’re getting ahead of things though as we all need to have a clearer understanding of what laser hair removal is and the potential variations on it. After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method and different factors can make laser hair removal easier on a person or make this set of hair removals methods entirely unsuitable for a given person. Let’s start by taking a closer look at what laser hair removal is though.

Defining Laser Hair Removal
A simple summary of most of these treatments is that they utilize lasers to heat up the hair follicles. This is possible thanks to the pigment in the hair readily absorbing the light of the laser. As the follicle heats, that heat passes downwards to the root of the hair and physically damages the area. This damage, in turn, reduces the ability of the root to grow new hair or prevents it from returning entirely based on many individual factors that are hard to account for in every patient. The use of heat can mean there is moderate discomfort during the process, but most people experience it as being within tolerable levels. It does need to be stressed that laser treatments need to be performed regularly for up to a year in areas of thick hair growth as only hairs in the current growth cycle can be targeted at a given time. Each new set must be “burnt” to ensure that that the hair growth is truly stopped or drastically reduced. As a result, a single treatment may result in some thinning, but it will not necessarily be the most pronounced. There are also limits on the treatment’s utility.

The Limits
Any reliable professional will immediately inform you that there is, in fact, an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. People with light skin and dark hair will actually get the most reliable results from this treatment. This is due to how the laser works. Remember that technically the lasers are targeting pigmentation. People with light skin have comparatively little pigment in their skin while dark hair has a lot of pigment in it. This allows the treatment to target the desired problem without harming the skin. People with light hair tend to have issues with almost every form of laser hair removal because their hair simply doesn’t have the necessary pigmentation for the treatment to function effectively. This is similar to the reason that laser isn’t terribly effective for people with darker skin since the laser will end up targeting their skin more and as a result is more likely to cause unwelcome skin damage. The treatment is still being refined and there have been recent advances that allow some forms of laser hair removal to actually work for people with darker skin, but this is still a comparatively rare option.

Woman getting facial hair removed via laser therapy

The Experience
We touched on this earlier by noting that some people do experience a level of discomfort when undergoing laser hair removal. This can become an outright pain in some bases, but most people offering laser hair removal apply a numbing agent to the overall area to minimize any overt pain. Most of your time will simply be spent allowing the technician to pass the device emitting the laser or lasers over the treated area until the treatment is done. Many laser treatments are relatively quick and last less than a half hour depending on the size of the area being treated. After the treatment, patients are expected to leave the hairs be and allow for them to be naturally shed over the course of the next three to four weeks. Temporary irritation of the treated are is relatively common with tenderness, redness, and itching being the most common side effects. These tend to fade relatively quickly. We do need to note that damage to skin pigmentation can occur and result in hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation depending on the nature of the damage. This is worth remembering when considering laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal’s nature as a comparatively quick, effective, and safe method of hair reduction is what makes it so popular. The technology is being refined regularly to try to overcome its shortcomings and as a result the current limitations may be overcome in the near future. For now, remember to discuss the viability of using it as a treatment with a professional. This is especially necessary if you’re not an ideal candidate. By the end of the discussion, you should know the best treatment to use to achieve your desired cosmetic goals.

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5 Skincare Tips You Wish You Knew in Your 20s

Good skincare takes a lifetime. This doesn’t mean that perfecting one’s skin will take that long but that it is a process of continual learning. We start out with basic concepts and then slowly build up as we learn more about how our skin works and what techniques and habits will help it stay healthy. It is almost necessarily a thing of regrets as a result of this. We always run into things we wish we knew at a particular point to help avoid problems later. Unfortunately, no one has invented a device for sending a brief message to yourself back in time. The most we can do with such regrets is to remember such tips and tricks going forward to avoid any problems becoming worse. It certainly doesn’t hurt to warn younger people about the things they’ll likely want to take care of while they’re still young either. Let’s review a few of the skincare tips that many of us wish we knew in our 20s.

Moisturize Regularly
Yes, most of us knew to moisturize back then, but not all of us were aware of how regularly we should moisturize. When we’re infants, our skin is capable of trapping and holding on to moisture with supreme ease. That’s why an infant’s skin is so soft and smooth. That ability degrades over time and by the time we’re in our 20s we’ve already hit a point where making up for our skin not being able to trap enough moisture is a viable habit. Regularly moisturizing one’s skin keeps it healthier, more resilient, and better able to resist damage from all sources. So find the right moisturizer and stick with it.

woman applying sunscreen

Sunscreen is A Must
There is an air of invulnerability that we carry around with us in our 20s. That subconscious knowledge that somehow we are untouchable and the rules don’t necessarily apply to us. Many of us end up neglecting our sunscreen for this and other reasons. After all, sunscreen makes it harder to get the perfect tan, right? Thinking in this way just ends up hurting one’s skin. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that offers broad spectrum protection any time they are going to be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. Yes, this includes sitting by a window. Failing to do this will mean long term damage to your skin that will show up later and lead to premature aging.

Bad Habits, Bad Skin
Our 20s tend to be a continuation of the time of experimentation that our teens represented. Many people are getting away from their relatives for the first time in their early to mid-20s and simply want to try out things they’ve never tried before. There’s no shame in exploring one’s options, but sometimes it leads us to bad habits such as smoking or drinking in excess. Neither of these is healthy for your skin. Each contributes to the destruction of supportive tissues within the skin that the body then needs to repair. These bad habits are the two major culprits for premature aging with smoking being the biggest contributor. Quitting smoking and drinking reasonable amounts is the ideal route to go for keeping healthy skin.

woman in mirror

Protect Vulnerable Areas
Some areas of our skin tend to be more vulnerable to various kinds of damage than others. These are the areas that have thin skin or are consistently exposed to the sun. Any combination of those traits is bad news for skin. That’s why we generally want to have invested in an eye cream at some point in our 20s to help protect the area around our eyes to minimize wrinkling. Similarly, you’ll want to extend facial routines down to cover your neck as well as remembering to exfoliate and moisturize your decolletage. Don’t forget to use a hand cream either. All of this will help highly visible and exposed areas age gracefully.

Early Anti-Aging
Many people erroneously feel that using anti-aging products is a surrender and an admission to growing age. No one should feel this way. Anti-aging products are useful from your 20s onwards thanks to the various compounds in them that support your skin’s health. This is especially true of the rich antioxidant nature of such products that help offset the free radicals introduced into the skin from sun damage and other sources. Furthermore, the high concentration of vitamins A, C, and E in these products helps the skin stay on top of repairs at all ages.

We will keep learning new skincare tricks for as long as we live. That’s because there is always something new to learn or adjustment to make to our routines to make the best of our current situation. Trying to learn from an earlier part of our lives is the best option available to many of us. So keep these tips in mind and examine your own skincare routine and habits. You might just find something to improve.

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Four Minimally Invasive Treatments That Can Improve Skin

We all enjoy finding ways to help take care of our skin more effectively. Most of these tend to take the form of specific products though. New ingredients and ideas filter into the skincare industry and gradually make their way to the rest of us. Making the most of these goes a long way towards helping to keep our skin a healthy as possible. There are other options out there though that can help our skin as well. Various cosmetic procedures exist that can help fix particular issues and make us feel more confident in our appearance. Unfortunately, a lot of these are surgical procedures meant to fix particularly notable changes to our skin. There are an increasing number of minimally invasive options that offer good results though. They can offer a wide range of possible benefits that can improve overall skin appearance and health. Let’s take a quick look at four of the more prominent options.

Laser Resurfacing
This procedure is more often recognized under the brand name Fraxel, but the principle is the same regardless of the name. Laser resurfacing treatments utilize handheld devices that are passed over the skin to achieve varying results. The most common goal is the stimulation of collagen production within the skin. Your skin gets a boost towards repairing various kinds of damage in this way. More often than not the treatment helps to fill in some finer wrinkles and overall create a smoother appearance in the skin. More potent versions of this style of treatment can actually help reduce the appearances of some scars as well. Notably, these laser treatments can also reduce uneven pigmentation in the skin and help minimize the appearance of sun spots or entirely remove them. This makes them a good anti-aging treatment option.

Chemical Peels
These treatments are fairly familiar with anyone interesting in skincare. Many of us have less potent peels for at-home use that help keep our skin healthy and smooth. Medically supervised peels are more potent though and more often than not have more immediately noticeable results. The principle of the treatment is relatively simple. An acidic mixture of varying potency is applied to the face to help exfoliate the skin. It is allowed to stay in place for a set amount of time before it is neutralized and rinse away. This results in peeling of the skin that reveals healthier skin beneath while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone. The main thing to keep in mind with peels is that there is aftercare you’ll want to discuss with the professional performing the treatment beforehand.

Woman receiving botox injection to her cheek

Almost everyone has heard of this treatment. It doesn’t deserve the bad reputation that some cheap jokes gave it at one point though. Botox treatments are both highly effective and long lasting. It is a simple procedure performed with an injection that will let you get back to your day relatively quickly. The injection carries a particular bacteria with a paralytic effect. It is typically applied to the forehead for the purpose of specifically paralyzing the muscles there. This allows the skin time to naturally repair any forehead wrinkles over the roughly four months the muscles are paralyzed. The forehead becomes smoother and this results in an overall more youthful appearance. The treatment can be easily renewed when it begins to wear off with next to no complications.

This treatment, like the others, is relatively simple in practice but can have a pronounced effect. The person performing the treatment rolls a device with countless tiny needles attached to it over your skin. These needles create countless tiny barely-there wounds in your skin that are just deep enough to tell your skin to repair itself without being so deep that they cause any permanent damage. Damaging the skin in this controlled way stimulates it to produce more collagen and repair itself. It doesn’t take much effort for the skin to repair the needle damage and as a result, it ends up repairing the damage that isn’t even related to the needles. In this way, the treatment helps to smooth out skin and create an overall more even appearance.

Each of these treatments bypasses the seeming requirement of surgery for a potent skincare treatment. They help the skin to help itself by focusing on stimulating natural processes that rejuvenate it. Each of them is also repeatable to get further beneficial effects over time. This allows you to try out the treatments and find which works best for you. Doing so may just give you a better idea on how to take even better care of your skin.

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Skin Care Ingredients For A Summer Glow

Trying to make the most of skincare during summer is a skincare tradition. Summer is when we’re the most comfortable with enjoying our bodies thanks to the simple fact that it is warm and bright outside. The sudden downpours of spring and cool winds of fall and winter aren’t going to ruin our day with an ill-timed arrival. Figuring out how to make the most of things can be a bit difficult though. We tend to have a fairly clear idea of what amounts to good skincare, but we can all do better. Learning what ingredients to look for in products can give our skin the subtle boost we’ve been looking for without changing our routine that much. For summer, we typically want to cultivate glowing skin. It is healthy, attractive, and keeps us looking and feeling our best. There are a few specific ingredients that can help you focus on cultivating that glow all while keeping your skin as healthy as possible.

Aloe Vera
The odds are we’re going to end up using this at some point during the summer whether it is in a sunburn product or another. Interestingly enough, it is a surprisingly good ingredient for helping your skin look glowing all summer long. The core way it can help is by acting as an anti-inflammatory. This is the exact same aspect of it that makes it so good for soothing sunburn. It is very easy for our skin to get inflamed during the summer through one thing or another. Dryness, exposure to irritating substances, and sun exposure tend to be the most common summer woes though. The redness and irritation disrupt your skin’s natural glow and can make it dull. Regularly utilizing aloe vera guards against outside inflammation as well as moisturizing the skin. This makes it a highly effective way to counteract a lot of summer skin woes. There are even plenty of antioxidants in it as well for an extra-healthy skin boost for the summer.

Woman in jacuzzi filled with orange slices

Vitamin C
As one of the big three skincare vitamins, it isn’t that surprising to see vitamin C on this list. It can be particularly useful in summer for a number of reasons though. One of the major ones is that vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant. Our skin is continually exposed to UV rays in summer thanks to the longer days and our tendency to embrace sun exposure during the summer whether we think about it or not. Vitamin C helps counteract the damage done by free radicals that can diminish your skin’s apparent health by eating away at the collagen keeping your skin filled out. The vitamin is also known for helping to lighten skin and evening out tone. This helps to give you a relatively even and healthy skin. Lastly, there are several studies that show vitamin C helps to ease inflammation in the skin. This will cut back on summer redness and let your natural glow shine on without worry.

Green Tea Extract
Anyone interested in skincare has likely seen green tea extract being used in a variety of products. It is a simple yet effective ingredient with a number of benefits. It also caters directly to the skin’s needs when it comes to maintaining a healthy glow in summer. Green tea extract is one of the many ingredients that are absolutely packed with antioxidants. It makes it incredibly useful for keeping the skin healthy and encouraging its natural beauty. This on its own makes it a useful thing to see in any skincare product, but it becomes particularly potent when you find out that it shares anti-inflammatory properties with aloe vera. Green tea extract is also often used in a wider variety of products by comparison to aloe vera. This allows you to ensure that you can cater to your skincare routine while still getting a useful ingredient for helping your skin look its best.

These ingredients offer ways of counteracting the major issues with summer sun exposure. Protecting your skin like this is one of the true keys to get and keep a healthy summer glow. Damage done to your skin and the ensuing inflammation will make your skin look duller and disrupt your complexion. Ensuring your typical skincare routine has these ingredients will give you some extra support for resisting the rigors of summer.

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Cooling Beauty Rituals for Hot Summer Days

Looking and feeling one’s best during summer is a common goal. After all, summer is the perfect time to show off the results of all the hard work good skincare represents. Many of us get plenty of opportunity to go out and about while carefully enjoying the sun and good company. There is a problem though. Sometimes all that work for healthy skin can end up feeling a little oppressive in the summer heat. We can feel sweat beneath our makeup or have our skin left feeling greasy by a product we otherwise like thanks to the heat. It often feels like there’s no way to bring a bit of cool to our skincare routines because of product temperature requirements. Don’t worry though. There are some cooling beauty rituals available to you for those hot summer days. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more readily available options that you can seek out from a professional or indulge in the privacy of your own home.

Cold Facial
Getting a facial is a fairly common skincare experience. The exact kind of facial tends to vary by preference, but European facials tend to be a fairly universal option for cleaning and nourishing the skin. Some spas offer a variation on the facial known as a cold facial. These facials, true to their name, tend to use cooling and chilled products to help deliver a relaxing and cooling experience that remains good for your skin. Sometimes these facials do engage in different techniques as well. These can use known principles of cryotherapy to help the skin or otherwise relax a given area of the face. Regardless of the exact composition of a cold facial, these treatments can do a lot to help you cool down while helping you look your best. That makes them absolutely perfect for the long, warm days of summer or as a treat when vacationing in a warmer climate. You’ve got other options though.

Smiling woman applying cream at mirror

Chilled Masks
Many of us like to indulge in masks as part of our at-home skincare. These are typically reserved for the times we can set aside to truly pamper ourselves. Taking care of our skin this way gives us that little extra push between professional sessions that keep our skin looking happy and healthy. There are some mask products that can be very easily chilled and used without impacting the product in the least. It is worth looking at the labels on some of your favorite masks to see if this can be the case. You’ll likely find the most success with gel or cream masks, but it is worth noting that chilling these products will stiffen the product most of the time. This will make them a little harder to spread when you’re applying them, but the cooling touch of the product will certainly be worthwhile when the sun is climbing high into the sky. You can try this with some disposable paper masks as well, but there is no guarantee they’ll hold a chill as well as other products, and the pleasant cooling feeling will likely fade faster.

Ice Roller
These beauty tools are an interesting addition to your skincare at any point, but they’re particularly wonderful to have during the summer. Ice rollers are more or less what the name says. The devices have a cylinder with a mixed compound meant to retain a chill. These devices can make a wonderful summer ritual specifically because they’re meant to help counteract and minimize potential skin inflammation. They can settle inflammation from breakouts and flare-ups as easily as they can help to calm an area of skin that’s gotten just a little bit too much sun. Applying it to skin that isn’t showing any signs of either of those sources of inflammation doesn’t hurt either. A good session with an ice roller helps to calm inflammation you can’t see and thereby helps reduce the speed at which certain signs of aging begin to appear, thanks to it minimizing potential sources of chronic inflammation. All of these just make an ice roller invaluable during summer.

Woman in bikini by the pool

Staying cool while looking your best doesn’t have to be a heroic feat in summer. There are plenty of options available to you to help keep yourself looking your best while also staying cool enough to actually enjoy the summer. Using any of the suggestions above can help you with that, but don’t hesitate to look for other options. There are products available that are designed to be chilled. Other skincare treatments that use the cold are out there too. All you have to do is look for them.

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Make Up Tips That Help You Look Younger

Looking our best takes a lot of effort. It often seems like an uphill battle if we have problem skin or inherited a frustrating skin condition. On the plus side, there’s no denying that the results we can end up with for making the effort leave us feeling confident. That confidence is something that we try to hold onto throughout our lives. Everyone wants to be able to look at themselves in the mirror, recognize themselves, and be able to accept themselves. Life just puts some stumbling blocks in the way sometimes. Self-esteem issues, hormonal problems, and age itself can all do various things that make it difficult to see who we want to see in the mirror. The good news is that good skincare and the right makeup tricks can help a lot in restoring one’s confidence. This is a particularly important thing for us to remember as we mature. We may not be able to turn back time, but we can certainly use a few tricks to make the markers of its passage less apparent.

Avoid Excess
One thing we need to stress is that part of the problem with ensuring one looks younger often comes from being overzealous with makeup. More mature skin can actually look just fine without every bit of it being covered up. You want your mature skin to show the majority of the time so that it provides a good match to the rest of your skin. Looking too flawless, strangely enough, can end up drawing more attention to your makeup and thereby make you seem older than you’d like. Focusing on problem areas is the best approach here. Crows feet, blemishes, and other obvious imperfections can be covered with relative ease without using too much makeup. This will let you feel more confident without making things obvious. Do remember to take good care of your skin to ensure this natural look is as appealing as it can be though. Touching up problem areas tends to be a relatively easy task. The main issue is focusing on the most revealing areas first.

Woman applying make up with brush

Eye Support
Concealer is one of the best choices for looking younger. This is thanks to its overall versatility as long as one is willing to use the right color as necessary. Most of us have the unfortunate experience of dark circles around our eye or bags below them long before we start manifesting any other signs of aging. It becomes far easier for these problems to become apparent as we age though. A good night’s rest can help offset things some, but in the thinness of the skin can be the problem. Three small dots of concealer creating a rough triangle between the nose and the inner corner of a given eye can do a lot to help conceal the problem when smoothed in properly. Don’t forget to color match to neutralize the darker tones of the circle though. Additionally, crow’s feet can be disguised in a similar way. The key to disguising them effectively is to use the ring finger to gently pat the concealer in in an upwards motion to properly cover the crows feet with concealer for later sealing with another product.

The Secret on Your Lips
As another high visibility area, your lips, just like your eyes, can end up revealing more about your age than you might like. This can be countered relatively simply though. The lips tend to manifest maturing skin by losing color and definition as they shrink. Offsetting these problems is your main goal. Most lip plumping options don’t last very long as they rely on temporary irritation being done to your lips. The ideal here is remembering to protect your skin with lip balm that includes SPF and to find a youthful shade to wear on your lips. A good lip shade will complement your natural tone while having that distinct glow one’s lips have when they’re younger. People with lighter skin, for instance, tend to be complemented by shades of pink while darker skin tones use gradations of mauve to achieve similar result. Don’t go heavy on the color, but ensure enough is there to give you lips a health look while the makeup looks just barely there.

Woman applying lipstick on the street

Makeup can only go so far on its own when you’re trying to look younger. Good skincare and lifestyle habits will take you the rest of the way by keeping your skin healthy. Working to maintain that healthy look is the key to being able to use makeup to offset the things that good health alone can’t counteract. When in doubt, focus on using makeup to hide readily visible areas of aging. This will let you guide attention other places with further makeup or outfits to keep you looking the age that you feel.

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One Step Closer To Slowing Aging?

Most industries are continually looking ahead to try to find the next big thing. This tends to give them a jump on the next big thing as well as having an idea of what goals might be possible in the immediate future of a given industry. It can be a difficult task to pin down what exactly is going to prove to be invaluable and what’s going to be worthless in the long run though. That’s what makes it so difficult to make any perfectly accurate predictions on where a given industry is going at any given point in time. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes all it takes is one seemingly potent factor to make it feel like it is all too easy to predict where a given industry is headed. People are currently anticipating a new paradigm in anti-aging skincare for this reason. A study on a medical compound known as methylene blue appears to be the perfect mix of promise and utility to capture people’s imaginations.

The Promise of Tomorrow
Despite its rather chemical-sounding name, methylene blue is a medical compound that’s been used for years to treat various conditions. These treatments have restored people’s health and helped them otherwise live healthy lives. The catch is that methylene blue has typically only been focused on when it comes to such treatments. A recent study expanded the potential applications of methylene blue by studying how it reacted to a human skin model made up of skin cells from various donors. The study resulted in highly promising results that indicated that methylene blue actually seems to cause permanent, beneficial changes to the skin that lead it to look and behave younger. All of this sounds incredibly good for anti-aging skincare and actually works under the same principles as many of the products we’re already familiar with in skincare. It turns out that methylene blue is an incredibly potent antioxidant and that it may just be several steps ahead of the ones most commonly used in skincare today.

Woman at mirror

Antioxidants and Anti-Aging
Not everyone knows why antioxidants are so good for fighting the signs of aging and that’s okay most of the time. However, we all need to understand these benefits to grasp why methylene blue looks so promising. Antioxidants are compounds that, once introduced into the body, help to nullify free radicals roaming around the body. These are particles introduced from UV rays, certain food sources, and other factors that constantly work against our body. They bond and break away from various components of our body and thereby lead to a constant baseline level of cellular degradation. This most commonly manifests as destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin, but manifests in other ways throughout the body. A constant level of degradation reduces the body’s ability to heal itself and can eventually outpace that rate at which we heal. Methylene blue’s potency seems to promise a powerful way to help counteract this problem in the skin and give skin that extra push it needs to stay healthy.

Coming Down to Earth
There are certain elements that need to be stressed about all of this so that we have a realistic assessment of the situation. At the moment, this potential for use of methylene blue in skincare has been established by a single study. The fact that it is a single study, even if it has been peer-reviewed, means that the effects recorded by the researchers need to be tested again to prove their viability before they can move on to a larger scale of testing. The use of a credible human skin model using actual human cells is an important aspect of this study as well. That model is one of the best predictors we have available for seeing how a given product will react with skin, but it isn’t the same as living, human skin. Human trials will have to happen before we can truly confirm the effects of methylene blue on skin. All of this puts the use of methylene blue in skincare a few years out at least and that’s assuming the observed effects hold true for further studies.

Miracle compounds surface every year with people singing their praises for the time that the compounds are on stage. This doesn’t really help those of us who want to take proper care of our skin. It is a distraction from being able to know what will help and what will simply vanish by the same time next year. Methylene blue has yet to show which of these it will be, but for the time being it is simply a potentially promising avenue for further skincare research. We all have to wait a little while longer before we know if it will be the future of anti-aging skincare.

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