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These Celebs Prove That Beauty Knows No Age

Many of us take some pride in our appearance. We spend a lot of time cultivating the perfect look through style and makeup to show ourselves to the world and feel confident with engaging in day-to-day life. Our own appearance matters to ourselves at the very least. That’s why age can often feel like it is stealing us from ourselves no matter what we do to help defy the signs of aging. The truth is that there are plenty of celebrities who remain active, alive, and beautiful even past their so-called prime. This is a good way for those of us looking at the age of 60 or higher to remind ourselves that beauty isn’t exclusively the realm of the young. Beauty is what we make of it.

Meryl Streep
Generations of people have now gotten to know Streep’s particular talents as an actress. She has played roles in movies, television, and theater. Her skill and grace have shown through in all these venues and helped her make herself into the household name that she is without her showing any signs of stopping. At 67, she continues to show up for red carpet events looking perfectly poised and untouchable. Streep makes sure to shine in all her public appearances by maintaining a sort of ageless grace that allows her to seem beyond the concerns of time. She’s done this even as the years crept up on her by ensuring to adapt to the time and find a way to be herself at every age. Streep is continuing to do what she does best and everyone can look to her as a clear sign that there is no age limit on looking beautiful. She isn’t the only one with this sort of ageless grace either.

Tina Turner
As an intensely recognizable vocalist, there aren’t very many people who haven’t heard of Tina Turner at least once. Turner has made herself relevant across eras as she grew and experimented as an artist. Her early success as part of Ike and Tina Turner laid the path to her now dominant career as a solo artist. In this way, she continually makes a mark in the world and ensures people keep their eyes on her even when she’s taking the time to do something for herself. There hasn’t been as much music from her in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped Turner from turning up at various events. She remains a vibrant and vivacious woman at 77 without any intent of letting life tell her otherwise. There’s a spark of life that follows her and seems to motivate her to take care of herself while always striving to look like the best her possible. While Turner may change with every era, no one can ever say that she hasn’t been herself.

Jane Fonda

Denis Makarenko /

Jane Fonda
There’s no denying that Fonda has had an impact on plenty of lives. She came into public consciousness as an actress and made her mark in the movies. Admittedly, she never let that constrain her. Jane Fonda has been a political activist for most of the time people have been aware of her as well. This has led her to be at the unfortunate center of controversies where people took the things she has said and twisted them. All of this way done alongside being an obvious advocate for personal fitness for most of the time as well. At 79, Fonda looks fit, happy, and as beautiful as ever. She too has carved out a place at every age to maintain a clearly well-loved look all while refusing to allow people to convince her that age means she has to give up on looking her best.

It really makes no sense that so many people are willing to put an age limit on beauty. There are and have always been powerful, beautiful women who have maintain a distinct grace no matter their age. So there’s no reason any of us should ever feel resigned and like we can’t feel beautiful. All it takes is remembering who you are and making the effort to put the best you out there that you can. After all, confidence is an important part of beauty too and confidence also knows no age.

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Head-to-Toe Vacation Planning

There are so many different factors to take into consideration when planning what to bring on a vacation. From sunglasses to supportive footwear, this guide will help you to prepare for your vacation from head to toe.

Sunglasses and a Sun Hat
When traveling anywhere, sun protection is one of the first aspects that you should consider. In addition to a broad spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat may also be essential if you plan on spending a significant amount of time outdoors, especially if you are heading to a sunny destination.

Hair Care
When on a vacation, you likely have much less time to spend styling your hair than usual, but a few handy hair care products will help to keep your hair in shape throughout your holiday. A dry shampoo is perfect for those days when your hair needs a quick clean, but you do not have the time or resources to wash it, while a sea water spray will give your hair some beautiful texture, and is a great way to create loose, beachy waves.

Cleanser and Moisturizer
If you were intending to purchase travel-sized skin care products for your trip, this is absolutely fine for certain products, but, with others, it would be best to stick to your regular products. Switching cleansers suddenly can really irritate your skin, which is why it would be best to bring along your go-to cleanser and moisturizer, and opting for travel-sized versions of other products, from toners to serums.

Self-Tanning Product
Many people tend to pay a visit to their local tanning salon before heading off on a beach vacation, as they want to give their skin some color before baring it all on the sand. However, tanning beds will not do the health of your skin any favors, so opt instead for a self-tanning product, such as a lotion, which will give your skin a slow build-up of color. This is not only much safer, but also looks far more natural, and will provide your skin with an extra boost of moisture at the same time.

If you are only going to be away for a few days, then you likely will not need to bring an exfoliant with you. However, you should still ensure that you thoroughly exfoliate your skin before traveling, so that you have a smooth and clear complexion while you are away.

The footwear that you take with you on your vacation depends largely upon where you are traveling to. However, if you plan on doing a large amount of walking and exploring, make sure that your footwear is supportive, as you do not want to end up with aching feet at the end of the day. While flip flops and sandals are great for lounging about on the beach, make sure that you also have a sturdy pair of shoes with you for other activities.

Planning for a vacation is never going to be simple, but these tips should help to make it slightly easier for you. From skin care to footwear, make sure that each of these items ends up in your luggage.

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The Relationship Between Mental Health and Your Skin

Taking good care of your skin involves constantly balancing between product choices and good habits. There’s no denying this can end up a little stressful. After all, that one product that you need to help your skin might run out at the wrong moment. Others times you might run into the problem of needing to sort out exactly what product you need to be using to counter a particularly resistant skin condition. None of this ends up being particularly helpful to our moods. That’s an important point to note too. Your mood can actually have a profound affect on your skin’s health. Mental health is, in many ways, a too often forgotten component of skincare. It doesn’t necessarily seem to make sense on the surface, but all it takes is looking a little closer to see how this works. That’s why we’ve got a quick look into this rather important relationship.

The Complexity of Skin Health
Your skin is a surprisingly complex organ. Most of us don’t really notice it unless something is going wrong. Countless little things need to be right for it to remain health. We’re mostly familiar with the idea that we need to be eating right and exercising. This ensures an adequate supply of nutrition and a healthy blood flow that in turn help assure our skin’s overall health. What many of us pay less attention to is the affects that our hormones have on our skin as well. The varying levels of testosterone and estrogen in people are what cause the most pronounced differences in skin between most men and woman. Anything that begins to play with hormone levels necessarily begins to affect the skin as well. There are a lot of conditions that can affect our hormones, yes, but one of the most common ways to start negatively impacting it is to have poor stress management habits or accidentally managing not to notice the lasting impact of depression on your life.

Woman stressed

Stressing The Point
One of the ways we’re most prone to wrecking our body is unaddressed stress. There’s no getting away from the fact that modern life is frequently stressful and tends to demand more of us than we’d like. We can’t change the collective direction of a society by being annoyed at it though. That takes a sustained effort. What we can change is how we handle things on a personal level. Letting stress build up is one way of handling it that tends to wear the body out fast. Stress hormones, in many ways, end up contributing to the fact that stress keeps you body in something similar to “fight or flight” mode fairly constantly. You’re always in a state of being psychologically threatened while stressed. This leads things to begin to wear down faster. Your body lacks the energy for repairs at the same time that it is more prone to damaging itself. In your skin, this tends to look like a loss of healthy tone, increased oil production, and in general other signs of overall ill health in the skin. Stress management is absolutely necessary for great skin.

Managing What Matters
Knowing that your mental health is directly tied to your skin’s health isn’t as much help as we’d all like to pretend. You need something to work off of to get anywhere. Stress management techniques can help a lot for most of us, but things can be much harder for people with depression. We’d like to emphasize that depression is not a temporary case of sadness or a short bout of being dissatisfied. It is a chronic, dangerous illness that removes enjoyment from life. That can make seeking any help difficult. Consequently, one of the best stress management and mental health tips we can suggest is to make time for the people you care about and who care about you. Humans are social creatures and we need one another to be happy. Interacting with our loved ones tends to help our mental health in a number of ways as well as giving us an immediate mood lifter. We also recommend engaging in a hobby your find enjoyable. Try to learn a new skill. The key to good management of things is keeping your mind alert, active, and pleasantly engaged with the world.

Managing your own mental health is a daunting prospect for some of us. Statistics regularly show there are more of us dealing with mental illness than are willing to admit. Our mental health is as important to our appearance as it is to our quality of life though. This makes it important to take care of and address any issues openly. Live your life while making in meaningful and engaging. That should do wonders for both your mental health and your skin.

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Skin Care Devices: What’s Trending Now

Skincare is an industry that is constantly in flux. We’re always looking to find the next thing that will help create an entirely new way of caring for our skin. That’s why we so commonly see people claiming that they’ve found that next big thing. The results tend to be less than perfect though. Some ideas end up hurting our skin, some do nothing, and only a handful of things actually appear to do anything. It is hard to sort out what will actually work from the utter nonsense too. Most of the time the best innovations come in the form of making specialty treatments more available to consumers so that they can directly benefit from things as opposed to needing to worry about appointments. That’s where a lot of our favorite skincare devices originate. This year is promising to be no different in this regard. With that in mind, we’re going to quickly review some of the currently trending skin care devices that you might want to try.

Treating Yourself
One of the frequent barriers to taking the best care of your skin possible is that you don’t have all of the information available to you to help you figure out exactly what your skin needs. The fact of the matter is that most of us need to talk to a professional to get the kind of clear assessment necessary to target issues in a day-to-day fashion rather than from appointment-to-appointment. Some of the more interesting tech available right now strives to solve that. These gadgets come in various forms including apps, free standing devices, and even beauty mirrors. Many of them utilize a camera of some sort to get a reading on your skin and help you identify flaws in your skin or issues you might otherwise not be noticing. The devices often offer a path forward for countering these issues. It is a nice leap forward in personalized care that you can expect to keep expanding simply because it puts control back in your own hands.

Woman receiving facial treatment

Roughing It Up
We’re used to thinking of microdermabrasion as something that we need to make an appointment for to actually get anywhere. The treatment can do wonders for our skin, yes, but in the end having to make those appointments is what tends to make it a less frequent treatment unless we’re preparing for a special occasion. Various companies have started moving forward with helping to put this sort of technology into our hands outside of the the context of a professional. These smaller scale tools are incredibly useful for helping to work on some wrinkles as well as helping to provide a nice even clarity to the skin when used properly. In short, they’re at home microdermabrasion. The downside is that these products are obviously not quite on the same level as a professional treatment. While you can’t expect a perfect treatment, they will make a nice addition to your weekly routine if you want a little help with problems areas whether they’re wrinkles or dark spots.

Staged Lighting
Light therapy is frequently used in professional skincare to achieve numerous results. People have used it to help with acne prone skin, the accelerate healing, and even decrease wrinkling. It all depends on the kind of light used, the method of application, and the overall strength. For a long time these therapies have been mostly in the hands of cosmetic professionals, but smaller scale versions of the treatments are beginning to filter out fairly regularly. These, often handheld, devices use LED to generate the bright light of a particular wavelength necessary for a given kind of treatment. Most of the time these devices are fairly specialized and meant for spot treatments more than anything. Some companies are pushing the limits with more flexible models, but these are less common overall. Much as with personal microdermabrasion tools, this form of light therapy isn’t as effective as its larger scale relative, but offers another way to raise the quality level of personal skincare.

Devices are frequently some of favorite little skincare tricks. A good routine helps a lot at maintaining and improving your skin, but any extra push you can give your skin helps it even more. The hope is always to create a world where flawless skin is at our fingertips. It is debatable if we’ll ever quite get there thanks to all the factors that we need to account for on any given day. Happily, that’s no reason not to strive for perfection.

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Cut Back On These Wrinkle Causing Foods

The foods we eat have a more direct impact on our skin than we’d like to admit. After all, if you have to confront that a particular treat may be harmful to your skin you end up being less interested in the truth than you are enjoying the food. This isn’t the best skincare decision in the world though. There are plenty of rumors and ideas about the foods that can hurt your skin. Many of these mostly unfounded and tend to focus on shaming unpopular or too popular dietary choices. We’re not going to talk about these though. Our goal is to focus on the foods that have a legitimate negative impact that support premature aging and the overall formation of wrinkles. We can keep our skin healthier by cutting out these foods and maintaining the look we desire longer. Don’t worry though. If you like any of these foods, you can just cut back on them instead and minimize the potential problems as long as you have a good skincare routine.

Sugary Treats
Okay, this is less a food and more an entire category of food. The fact is that we need to confront that almost every sugary treat available isn’t doing our skin any favors. It isn’t necessarily because the sugars themselves are hurting our skin, but instead because it causes a particular issue in our bodies that does the damage. Spikes in blood sugar aren’t that good for your body. They cause an inflammatory response that is meant to protect your body, but when these spikes occur regularly the mechanism for help can turn against you. In fact, it can lead to a fairly consistent low level of inflammation around your skin. This makes it harder for your skin to get anything done and as a result damaged collagen in the skin doesn’t get repaired or replaced. This makes it easier for wrinkles to form in your skin. As a result, you generally want to avoid indulging in your favorite sugary treats too often.

Everyone’s favorite poison isn’t doing your body any good either. Alcohol, when used in moderation, may have health benefits, but people tend to have issues with the “in moderation” part. That or you’re simply not aware of the proper way to deal with a night of alcohol. Alcohol actually dehydrates your body. Each glass of alcohol you imbibe deprives your body of hydration all across the body. People who drink regularly tend to experience the symptoms the most often, but people with drier skin can also suffer from this aspect if they’re not careful. That dehydration adds up eventually. It makes it more likely that your skin will damage itself from even routine movements while decreasing the elasticity of your skin. In more medical terms, it supports circumstances that make it hard for your skin to maintain adequate collagen production to heal your skin and reduces the effectiveness of elastin in your skin all while blocking some of the compounds necessary for the production of both proteins. So remember to keep your drinking at healthy levels.


Frozen Solutions
It’s hard to admit that many of us fall back on frozen meals occasionally. After all, we all like to believe we have the time for normal meals every day. Life doesn’t really work out like that in this hectic modern era though. All those times that we reach for a frozen meals of some sort don’t help our skin or our health. This is generally because of the astronomical sodium content of the foods. Why is the high sodium a problem though? It leads to overall higher blood pressure that brings with it numerous health problems. These on their own can have a negative effect on your skin, but even people who don’t experience the other effects tend to wrinkle just a little bit faster when their blood pressure starts to rise. The exact mechanism of action is currently evading doctors, but it remains an interesting area of study. For us it is simply a reminder to make the time to prepare our own foods more often.

No food directly causes wrinkles. However, they do directly create the circumstances that end up hurting our skin. The complex interplay of the systems in our body needs to be carefully tended to with a good diet and exercise to keep everything healthy. When we don’t make the effort, our bodies begin to suffer. So treat this as a reminder to work on eating a healthy diet. Your skin and the rest of your body will thank you.

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It May Be Possible to “Over-Shower”

A good shower feels better than almost everything in the world after a long, cold day. This feeling of quiet pleasure from hot water is generally what drives so many of us to proclaim how much we like the habit. That pleasure does come at a cost though as it is actually possible to over-shower if you’re not careful. What does that mean though? It doesn’t seem to make any rational sense that you could somehow shower too much. After all, it is the simple act of running water of your body. It is true that showering is simple, yes, but there are factors to it that most of us never think about in the context of a shower. This hygiene habit is doing much more than removing clinging bits of grime and the like that are stuck to our skin. We’re going to take a closer look at the idea of over-showering so that you know the limits of cleanliness.

The Cost of Cleanliness
Interestingly enough, most of us already know the risks of over-showering even if we don’t think about them. Cleaning ourselves too much tends to damage our skin in several ways. The water actually strips away our natural oils alongside the grime that we’re trying to get rid of when we shower. Your skin needs these oils as they help form a natural barrier around your skin that protects it and helps to seal in moisture. Continually stripping them leads to dry skin that is more susceptible to all forms of damage. Sun damage in particular becomes far more easy to inflict on your skin. A good skincare routine can offset this issue somewhat, but over-showering will strip away the protection your products offer you as well. The key when it comes to overs-showering is preventing the situations that lower the number of times you need to shower to inflict this damage.

Controlling Your Temperature
There are two prominent factors in play that can increase the likelihood of us over-showering. Temperature is often the biggest threat in this regard. It is a relatively common bit of skincare wisdom that you need to favor warm water over hot water. We all understand there is a subtle distinction there Hot water is the biggest offender when it comes to damaging your skin. The heat allows the water to strip natural oils from your skin at a far greater rate. This means even a single shower can end up causing issues for your skin if you’re not careful. The sense of dryness and discomfort will often set in almost immediately. Fortunately, the fix is as simple as making sure to keep the temperature a little lower. Warm or lukewarm water are better for your skin. They’ll be warm enough to be relatively enjoyable without the temperature necessarily being enough to harm your skin.

Woman showering

Frequency Frustrations
You honestly don’t need to shower that often either. Once or twice a day is often frequently enough for most people. It all depends on the amount of time you wish to give your skin to recover from the last time you bathed. Our society is frequently caught up in the idea that we must shower several times a day to remain clean, but this is potentially doing our skin more harm than good. It damages our skin through repeated exposure to the various products we use for cleanliness. All of them are meant to break up our natural oils and grime. Even if you have the temperature under control, this act of repeated exposure to products designed to strip your skin of oils and other things will end up drying your skin out as well. Some people also believe showers taken too frequently hurt the microbiome of your skin and lower your skin’s ability to defend your body by disrupting the friendly bacteria on your skin.

Over-showering isn’t actually joke no matter how much it may sound like one. It is a real problem with consequences. You don’t need to experience it though. Simply keep the temperature of your showers at a lower level and try not to shower more than three times a day. Try to shower only when you need to rinse off excess sweat or grime such as after exercise or a long day. Balancing these two factors will typically mean you won’t need to worry about over-showering.

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Try A 21 Day Skin Care Challenge

Sometimes you need to experiment to find a way to move forward with your skin care. After all, it is easy enough to get stuck in a rut and gradually see that your skin isn’t thriving quite like it once did. That’s when you need to start trying to figure out what you need to change about your routine to try and improve your skin’s health. There are a bewildering number of options out there to do just that. It leads to a situation where a lot of us are left paralyzed and uncertain on what we should do to go forward. One thing you need to be aware of is that to truly test any changes you’ll need to stick with them for at least 3 weeks to see the results. This is especially true if you’re changing products or using a new one. With that in mind, we’ve got a 21 day skin care challenge for anyone who wants to do well by their skin, but isn’t sure where to start.

Live Well
If you aren’t already, start eating well and figure out a basic exercise routine to follow. You can generally approach this in fairly simple terms when it comes to this initial challenge though. Start by cutting out some of the more sugary aspects of your diet and putting healthier options back in. Maybe don’t get that dessert every evening, but do consider having a salad with your lunch. Try having oatmeal for breakfast as well if you’re used to eating something less healthy. Whole grains and dark, leafy greens are good additions to make to your diet while you try skipping on the sugars and excess fats. For exercise all you really need to do is find a place to take a brisk walk for half an hour to an hour three or four times a week for the next three weeks. A park with public walking or hiking trails is a good location, but a boardwalk, mall, or other location with sufficient space can work too. All you really need is the space to walk briskly and enough scenery to keep you happy for the length of the walk. Healthy eating and exercise should help improve your color and leave you feeling a bit more energetic as well.

Double Cleanse
Since you’ll be working up a slight sweat from exercise, you might want to look into cleaning your skin that much more thoroughly as sweat will make the chance for clogging your pores a little greater. Double cleansing has become fairly popular due to how well it helps to keep your skin healthy and clean when used appropriately. True to its name, it involves washing your face twice in a row to be as thorough as possible. The trick is that it starts out with the use of a cleansing facial oil. These are comparatively gentle on the skin while still helping to remove that initials layers of built up grime and dead skin cells that end up on the surface of your skin. After the oil, you splash lukewarm water on your face to do the actual rinse in your routine. All that you need to do after that is use a normal cleanser to follow up and complete your usual routine. In general, this routine helps to clear away makeup and grime in a highly effective way that help improve skin clarity and helps minimize breakouts.

Woman with face mask
Most of us have more than our share of products designed to help us with one skin issue or another. There are the products we use when our skin is healthy, the ones we use when fighting a breakout, and still others we use if our skin is getting too dry or too oily. All of this depends on the exact nature of our skin. No one’s skin is exactly the same and factors around us constantly change how it acts. Despite all this, most of us go on treating our skin as if a single product used all over it will help it properly. Products meant to counter dry skin aren’t going to help an oily area of skin and may make things worse. Get to know your skin. Figure out where it is dry, oily, average, starting to break out, or any of the other states that our products help us control. Applying the products meant to treat a particular kind of skin just in that area will help the skin without accidentally causing issues for the rest of it. This is multi-masking and it is a good technique to try for those 21 days we’ve been talking about. Showing this much care for your skin will show relatively quickly.

The three techniques we’ve highlight each need time to do their work. One of the biggest skin care sins we’ve all committed is not being patient enough to let new products or techniques have the time they need to have a clear effect. Make the commitment to the full 21 days in this case and you’re sure to see improvement in your skin. Be mindful though. Keeping those benefits will mean continuing on past the initial three weeks and sticking with these changes. The end results will be worth it though.

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2017 Exercise Trends for Healthy Skin

A lot of us get stuck in a way of thinking where skincare is taken to simply mean the products that you’re using. Skincare is a lifestyle though. All that we do feeds back into our skin’s health and appearance. This includes what we eat, what we do for fun, how active we are, whether we protect our skin, and countless other little factors. Remembering that there is so much you can do to influence your skin’s health is part of growing in your skincare knowledge. Your products are a good thing to focus on managing to help maintain and improve your skin, but you can potentially get a clear boost by doing something as simple as taking up a new form of exercise. Why does exercise help you skin though? Let’s take a quick look at the answer to this and then into some of the upcoming exercise trends for 2017 so that you can have your choice of new options to help you finally figure out the exercise that suits you.

The Beauty in Exercise
Missing that exercise is good for your skin is a forgivable mistake. After all, it isn’t as if exercise comes in a package that tells you the benefits you’ll be looking for as you stick to your routine. The primary focus is always on broader health trends instead of the smaller factors. Your skin tends to benefit in two main ways from exercise due to blood flow and stress management. Blood flow is a big factor when it comes to your skin’s health. Despite being your largest organ, your skin has comparatively low priority in circulation as your body is focused on keeping your vital organs healthy and working instead. Exercise boosts overall blood flow and that in turn ensures your skin is getting a little more attention. More nutrients reach it and your tend to have a healthier look when you exercise. The stress management part of exercise helps in many ways, but it particularly helps in that stress hormones tend to play havoc with your skin by increasing oil production or otherwise messing with the “normal” behavior. Exercise helping in both these respects boosts your skin’s overall health.

Classes for All
While exercise/ fitness class are nothing new, 2017 is going to see the continuation of a broader shift in how we look at them. One of the major ones is that there is an increasing prominence to “mixed” fitness classes. These classes, rather than focusing on one form of exercise, try to incorporate several over the course of the class to give you a thorough workout that targets several sections of the body. The approach is likely to end up sticking around simply due to the overall effectiveness of this approach and is expected to only keep growing in 2017. Another kind of class that is expected to grow are streaming classes available online. The services offering these and the companies putting them together vary, but the idea is the same: the convenience and direction of a changing weekly class delivered right to your digital account. It lets you choose when and where you want to participate. This particular trend is expected to grow even bigger in 2017 due to the convenience that it provides for our busy lives.

Woman in dance class

Dance Off
The downside to a lot of exercise is that it can be utterly formulaic and boring. Certain people take well to going through the same motions every routine and focusing on the feeling that comes with the solidity of repetition. Not all of us are like that though. It can become boring and stale quickly and leave us craving something more. Some of us respond by reaching for random exercise that might not be suitable for us in the long run. Fortunately, some fitness instructors are working towards solving this problem through the promotion of cardio intensive dance workouts. These are, for the most part, exactly what they sound like. You can expect to sweat as you learn comparatively intensive ways to dance that can help you burn more calories. Not only do you end up getting to listen to lively music, but the movement is seldom as rigid as it is in traditional exercises. You’re going to need to live in a city or do a lot of hunting for a good stream for this though as they aren’t the most common thing yet even though they appear to be set to be highly popular in 2017.

Exercise ties right back into your complexion whether you realize it or not. Keeping up a healthy amount of blood flow throughout your entire body, including your skin, and managing your stress will keep your skin looking its best. We’ve highlighted a couple of the trends that look ready to explode into major levels of public awareness in the coming year, but there are others. Stay aware of trends and you just might find something else that suits your tastes if nothing we highlighted does.

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