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Fashion Week Inspired Makeup Trends

The fashion week for each set of seasons always sets the stage to what to expect in fashion and beauty. Designers do their best to capture distinctive looks and feelings to create a brand new way to look each season. You can always see the echoes of the past in these trends, but they are almost always forward-thinking and doing their best to create the best that has yet to come. This year the outfits captured people’s eyes a lot, but perhaps not as much as the bold makeup styles that accompanied the models down the runway. This year it seems that designers have moved towards striking a note for individuality and self-empowerment in the face of the world. This manifested in a number of ways. All of them are things that most of us can make our own with a little effort. Let’s take a quick look at some of the defining makeup trends to expect as the year progresses.

Color The World
One of the defining features of the makeup trends this year was the use of seemingly out of place bold colors. They were used to help set and define a look even if they were out of keeping with the season. Bright colors in particular were favored by many designers. Most of the time these various bits of color were focused around the eyes with only a few deviations. This is particularly notable as a few times the makeup used created a distinctly sharp and geometric shape to help isolate and highlight the eyes of the model. Combining this with a bold color resulted in stunning looks that could do nothing beyond capture the attention of anyone looking their way. Some designers did still favor the traditional softer approach, but the colors used to highlight the eyes remained vibrant. Occasionally there seemed to be a two-toned trend going with eyeshadow, but it was not as dominant as the use of color itself.

Woman with bold eyeshadow

Lighting Your Eyes
We all know that a little color in the right place can go a long way towards highlight our eyes, but strangely enough designers went the exact opposite way as well. They appear to be favoring using light tones to highlight the inner and outer corners of the eye in many cases. This is particularly pronounced among lighter-skinned models where white eyeliner and similar products were used to distinctly highlight the eyes. Some went so far as to use similarly toned light colors to achieve the same results. There is no perfectly unifying aspect to this trend beyond the highlighting itself. It is interesting though considering the other notable eye trend. There’s room to play with this look as, while eyeliner proved to be a reliable option, so designers opted to use powders and similar products to create a more expansive look. Some of them even trailed the lighter color down the face for a slightly dramatic look without using bold colors.

You Do You
In the end, perhaps the most prevailing trend was the strive towards an individual look and freedom. The makeup trends we have highlighted were used multiple times, but the look was always matched to the model. All of the makeup played to emphasize natural features and take advantage of who the models were rather than who designers might have wanted them to be. This stunning trend toward embracing the beauty of the individual seems to promise an era of makeup trends where the goal is simply to use the ideas rather than the exact looks to achieve what you desire. This trend towards individual empowerment in makeup is the natural outgrowth of the “no makeup” look that strove to teach us to emphasize our natural beauty without obvious makeup. Here the makeup has become more obvious, but it serves our features rather than being a means to hide something we don’t like. This has generated many bold looks for makeup that we can expect to see evolve over the year. So keep an eye out as people take this trend and play with it.

The refreshing trend of makeup and beauty moving towards an overall more personalized approach as a whole continues this year. It has changed away slightly from the pure no makeup look that embraced natural beauty with minimal overhead to one where it embraces both natural beauty and boldly accenting it in various ways. These trends allow you to define a style that is truly your own from bright colors to smudged looks to distinct geometric designs. This freedom to boldly set your own style is, at heart, the essence of beauty and fashion. We hope that this trend continues for years into the future.

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What You Should Know About Eyebrow Tinting

There is always something new under the sun that promises to provide you with the perfect look that you’ve always desired or some novel way of presenting yourself to the world. Eyebrow tinting is a surprisingly popular option right now. People use to it simply improve their natural color or to truly stand out with bold colors that can match or clash with whatever color they’ve given their hair. There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of these options. As yet another way of making your own look, they are the natural extension of hair dyes and other methods of customizing our appearance.

Unfortunately, eyebrow tinting isn’t as safe as people claim it is. The colors in eyebrow tinting haven’t been properly approved at the federal level, but remain popular at the local level of the world where the local government is expected to deal with the issue. Eyebrow tinting isn’t approved for a number of very good reasons that could potentially hurt your health. We’ve got a quick overview so that you can be the knowledgeable one the next time someone brings up tinting to you.

Simple Problems
One of the potential problems that you might face is infection. This doesn’t come about directly from the tinting itself, but can be a result of the application of the product. Care needs to be taken when using any product that is close to the eyes. Tint applicators that aren’t appropriately cleaned can transfer infections between tinting clients or end up creating an environment wherein bacteria can flourish. Their proximity to the eyes means the bacteria can jump to an easily infected area and become a problem before anyone actually notices. The level of the threat posed by this problem tends to vary depending on the bacteria. You can generally be sure that any place practicing eyebrow tinting that is otherwise safe will likely not fall into this trap. Non-professionals at the most likely to forget these basic rules. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem that can come up from trying eyebrow tinting and is actually the least severe.

Reacting Poorly
Allergic reactions are a very real problem when dealing with any product. That’s why most of our products require testing before they ever reach us. The lack of approval for many eyebrow tints means that there is a very real chance that the product you’re using might not meet the necessary safety standards that a dye for scalp hair might have. This in turn raises the chance for experiencing an allergic reaction all on its own. As we highlighted above, the area around the eyes itself tends to be more susceptible to issues than others. Compounds can accidentally run down into the eyes to cause issues, yes, but your bigger danger comes from the fact that the skin around your eyes is thinner. Thin skin is less robust and more likely to react negatively to products applied in the general area as well as being less able to block any ill effects. Itching, redness, and even hives can become a problem if you run into the wrong tinting agent. This brings us to the most potentially devastating problem: blindness.

Woman getting eyebrows tinted

Darkened Lights
Infections, allergic reactions, and physical damage all open up the potential for a myriad of problems associated with eyebrow tinting. The worst possible outcome you might face is blindness. While there is nothing inherently wrong with being blind, adapting to such a state can be hard on anyone used to navigating a world which they can clearly see. There are varying levels of blindness that could result from the problems we’re discussing. Most people are more likely to experience a basic level of damage that causes legal blindness where it is extremely difficult to function even with glasses or a similar product aiding sight. For most, the worst and most extreme outcome is an infection of reaction that permanently damages the eyes in such a way that it leaves one totally blind. Once again, tinting can be comparatively safe if performed by professionals in a salon or similar setting that has people who know what they’re doing and know to test for allergic reactions and shield the eyes. There is no controlling every factor though and until eyebrow tints are subjected to the same standards as other dyes you will continue to face potential issues.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to get a particular look through eyebrow tinting. It is a technique that the beauty industry is still working to understand the best way to use it. However, this also means it is an area where less scrupulous people are trying to make a quick bit of money regardless of the results for other people. We recommend waiting until there is full approval of eyebrow tinting as a safe option before trying it out. If you’re set on trying it regardless of these warnings, try to find reputably people to do the tinting and go into it knowing the risks.

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Choosing the Perfect Lipstick Color

Getting color right on any piece of makeup is one of the more important things you can do when assembling a look. After all, you want to ensure that everything works together without becoming so unnatural that you aren’t able to work with your own beauty. How important getting the color right is does tend to vary depending on the actual kind of makeup you’re working with though given some are more subtle than the rest. Lipstick color isn’t one of those though. It is always out in the open and clearly presented to the world. That can make you want to ensure that you’re picking the perfect lipstick color. How do you manage perfection? None of us will ever quite get there, but by setting your goals you can work to pick the shade that suits your needs for the moment. You just need to decide on what you want out of your look.

A Light Touch
The “no-makeup” look continues to be relatively stylish in the world of fashion and beyond it. This emphasis on mostly natural beauty is providing us all with a greater appreciation for ourselves and helping us to overcome the feeling that we have to use a large amount of makeup to be presentable. Getting this looks does require the skill to pick the right shades for it, but applying it tends to be quicker and lighter than most other options. Lipstick color is particularly easy by comparison to normal. All you need to do is find a lipstick at most a shade lighter or darker than your lips. This will provide a natural, healthy look with the a subtle highlighting effect. It makes for an excellent way to look your best without needing to fuss over constant shade matching or worrying if something is too dark. Focusing on lip color allows you to ensure that the color matches the natural flow of your appearance while offering the kind of subtle enhancement that the “no-makeup” look is all about.

Red lipstick

Brightening Things Up
If you’re not trying to emulate the “no-makeup” look, you’ll probably be looking for a brighter tone. These tend to be best suited for daylight hours when the full depth of the color will be visible. That’s an important distinction as you likely want the shade to look its best after application. Brighter shades are also matched to your lip color, but this matching is done in a different way. Instead of trying to make as little distinction as possible, you’re looking for shades that will meld well with your natural lip color for a healthy look. For instance, people with darker lips will benefit from deeper colors such as a brilliant brick red while those with paler lips will want to look for a berry red or similar. These brighter colors will add a distinct look to your appearance without seeming out of place. They make for a good go-to selection when you’re unsure about the kind of shade to wear.

Picking an on-trend lipstick color tends to be a much more difficult proposition than the other options we’ve covered. These frequently depend on the vision of a designers and the season more than anything else. This can end up meaning that unnatural shades of lipstick have a popularity. A high contrast look can easily be one of the most striking looks you ever wear, but you need to ensure that you’re following the intent of the trend clearly in such cases. We can’t really give you specific guidance in this matter given it will vary from season to season. Keep an eye on the fashions gurus to know what shades are popular though. All else failing you can break away from everyone else and experiment with your own look. Not only will you be memorable, but you could end up being the one to set a trend instead of following it.

We all want to look our best when we head out. There’s no shame in it. It does end up being a little bit of work to figure out your “look” though. Each part of it is something we carefully craft for ourselves to make the most of our appearance. The care goes into everything right down to the color of lipstick that we’re wearing. Perhaps we’ll never quite reach perfection, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

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New In Skincare Mania

Skincare is a constantly evolving industry. It reaches out and looks for novel ways to help improve your skin and prolong the apparent youth of your skin. This generally works out with its share of failures along the way as false hopes come up and legitimate new sources of skincare are found. Most of the time it isn’t something we actively pay much attention to as the real work goes on out of view of the public with only some of it appearing in the news. Admittedly, that doesn’t stop there from being skincare and beauty trends every year when the barest hint of a new technique might have been discovered. Some of these are inherently appealing. Others are…a bit strange. Sometimes these latter ones don’t get the time they deserve in the spotlight. We’re going to take a quite look at some of this year’s odd, but effective skin care treatments. It is entirely up to you whether you try some of these or not.

Wait, don’t go yet! That’s “urea” not “urine”. Admittedly, urea is in urine for mammals and actually is part of what gives it its particular scent in some cases. Products that uses urea though aren’t pulling it directly from urine. We can make urea in labs and it is actually a surprisingly good ingredient to include in some products. Surprisingly, it is really good at storing moisture for use later. That’s why you’ll generally see it in lotions and creams more than anywhere else. It simply works to help the product deliver the moisture effectively. Admittedly, it is also a surprisingly decent exfoliant as well when used appropriately. It isn’t particularly harsh either. This has led some companies to incorporate it into cleansers for just that extra boost. The combination effect of helping to exfoliate and moisturize the skin means it works well with other products by clearing the way and ensuring the skin is healthy. You should probably expect to see more of it even if it won’t exactly be advertised.

woman getting face treatment
Snails aren’t exactly everyone’s idea of good company. Admittedly, not everyone thinks of them as good cuisine either and yet they are. The snail itself isn’t actually the important part of the equation, though. Their mucus is. That rather icky feeling residue they leave behind them is actually surprisingly good for your skin. It needs to be in the right concentration to do you much good though. When used appropriately, though, it is a nourishing antioxidant rich compound capable of providing light exfoliation like urea. That makes it really quite good for anyone working on utilizing a good anti-aging product. You can expect the compounds that make up mucin to help boost your skin’s repair function as it helps clean up the skin. There really are no downsides beyond the origin of this compound and we can overlook that for better skincare, right?

There are only a handful of people in the world who could honestly say that getting hit with pepper spray to experience it is a life goal. Even fewer people would be willing to spray themselves with it. Interestingly enough, capsaicin, the compound primarily responsible for the burn in peppers and pepper spray, is actually useful to your skin. It is a little bit more appealing than some of your other options, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting. The entire purpose of the compound is to burn. It just happens to increase blood flow because of this effect. Capsaicin products aren’t the most widespread but are generally used to help give a healthy, natural glow to the skin from stimulated blood flow. The concentration of the compound also isn’t typically high enough to do much more than tingle on contact, but you’ll want to be careful with any product that actually dares to use capsaicin in a spray. You’re better off sticking with a lotion or cream. Some lip glosses and similar products also use it to temporarily plump the lips and improve color.

Skincare is an… interesting industry. There’s a reason we don’t hear about every potentially useful ingredient in skincare: we don’t always want to know. These ingredients are just a bit out there are far as standard skincare goes. It isn’t something we’d necessarily think of on our own as being good, but it turns out they can be used in products we enjoy. Let’s just agree to not think about it too much?

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No More Beauty Boredom

Beauty trends shift from year to tear, but there are often reliable standards that always appear. Somber colors are for fall and winter while brilliant colors are for spring and summer. These are reliable, yes, but rather boring when it comes down to it. There’s no room for innovation and expression. What if you want to wear bold colors whenever you want? What if a touch of somber mystery will complete a dazzling new summer look? A willingness to experiment is key to avoiding beauty boredom. If you get bored trying to find your best self, then you’ll eventually give up. Fortunately, designers and normal people are increasingly embracing the quest for expression. This is leading to some particularly vibrant beauty trends. We’ll be covering some of the most interesting beauty trends right now that you might want to try to get yourself out of a slump.

Bold Makeup
This year is proving to be an interesting time for makeup. There’s a dichotomy between the pull towards natural makeup and people embracing clear, vibrant colors. Eye makeup is the most affected by the colorful parts of these trends though. Brilliant blues are particularly popular and being constantly shuffled amongst other colors. Lips are still remaining relatively neutral with strong, if subtle, nudes being quite popular to bolster a natural look. The eye makeup, in particular, is meant to help highlight and draw out color from your eyes to make them stand out more. Finding a way to strike a balance between these two trends can be a good way to help you find just the right new look for yourself. Just be careful not to stray into unconventional lip colors as those aren’t favored at the moment.

Braided headband

Twisted Innovation
There are a few trends in hair right now. The most visible is the tendency towards wearing hair short, but that isn’t the most stunning trend. Braids and twists are becoming particularly popular in atypical ways. Almost everyone knows how to do these in a traditional way, but people are becoming increasingly experimental and ornate. This is where there is a lot of room for building your own style. Even small, decorative braids used to complement a less elaborate hairstyle can offer a new way to set yourself apart. Importantly, these are often a rebellion against the trend towards short hair as well. Keep an eye out for hairstyle that improves on old standbys like the ponytail in particular as many of the emerging styles make them both more elaborate and beautiful without too much extra work.

Accessories Abound
Going hand in hand with bold makeup and elegant hairstyles, there is a trend towards wearing beautiful accessories to help accentuate one’s looks. This is currently leaning heavily on adding the accents to hair. In general, the styles of accessories being advocated aren’t gaudy, but they are eye-catching. These includes various styles of hairband and accessory that play a functional role in addition to a decorative one. Some accessories, like subtle crowns, are proving popular that are purely decorative. The goal here is to coordinate with your outfit without overwhelming it. A good accessory continues the look upwards while helping to frame your face and draw attention to your hairstyle. Properly done this opens up a wide realm of versatility for you to experiment with to find a novel look.

You don’t have to stick with the stable favorites in fashion. In fact, doing that almost flies against what fashion itself is meant to be. It is the visual flow of our expression in the world. Designers continually strive to find the next big things in fashion. Why shouldn’t you allow yourself the same freedom?

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What’s Red, Blue and Glittered

Beauty has always been a colorful industry. Even Cleopatra enjoyed the benefit of a little-added color here and there to call attention to her favorite features. We’ve refined the process a great deal since her time, and that has given us all a much wider palette of hues to work with when trying to cultivate our best selves. Most of the time, winter is considered as a time for somber hues that don’t call much attention to themselves, but support a subtle emphasis. Spring, in turn, is the time when we started seeing colors all over again that leap out and catch the eye. Designers broke this pattern with the last fall and winter fashion week including some brilliantly colored lips and other sights, but that doesn’t change that this spring still means it is time to leap back into a broader color palette. We’ll be looking at some of the more vibrant looks as spring progresses.

Berry red lips are one of the few colors that survived through the depths of winter. The designers made copious use of its and its popularity doesn’t seem to be fading with the turning of the seasons. It makes for a vibrant, eye-catching look. Spring means you’re likely to see even more vibrant shades as well as the potential for shades of red in eye shadow. Red’s vibrancy is full of the life returning to the fashion world and existence in general as spring progresses. Consider accessorizing with something red to act as a counterpoint to an outfit or complement another part of your outfit. The main thing to remember is that the shades you opt to use should be eye-catching and seem to leap out at people. Fortunately, red is actually one of the best colors for doing just that.

There’s an interesting dichotomy when it comes to the different uses of blue and red. Red is, psychologically speaking, known to instantly get people’s attention. It serves as a way to make an immediate impression. Blues often play a more supporting role whether it’s in makeup or accessories. The key to getting a noticeable blue is to select shades that have a powerful look to them. Cobalt blue is a deep yet incredibly striking shade when used appropriately. It is particularly potent when used appropriately as an eyeshadow, but the when and how of using the color vary depending on skin tone and the individual. You need to determine how best to make use of blues in the spring. Lighter shades will give you a playful and youthful feeling while the darker shades add a distinct dramatic flair that can give you a refined look.

Interestingly enough, spring 2016 appears to be shaping up to be the season of glitter. More and more products are appearing that cater to people trying to harness the eye-catching properties of glitter. It crosses all boundaries in fashion and beauty. People are applying glitter to the eyebrows at the same time glittering ankle boots are appearing in stores. Others are incorporating it into more direct makeup options such as eyeliners and shadows. Glitter can actually be a tasteful addition to a look when handled properly. The key thing to remember with glittering options is that there is such a thing as too much. Don’t use too many products with them in it. Glitter product exist to make things just a bit more interesting. This rule is a bit more negotiable when it comes to accessories, but you’ll want to carefully test what works for you. The end result should be subtle, but shining.

Spring’s return brings with it everyone else’s desires to indulge in the full range and beauty of life. Forget all the subdued winter elegance. Focus on breathing life back into your look that befits the turning of the season. Experimentation and joy are the main feelings to remember when trying to refine a spring look. You should have little problem with this tactic. Do keep taking proper care of your skin though as you experiment with some of the newer products coming out to work with the new trends.

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Beautiful Eyebrow Trends

There are always new trends in beauty. Most of the time people tend to focus on makeup, clothes, and hairstyles as the big three components of a trendy look. There are others though. Eyebrows also have their trends and the right shaping or additions can ready make your eyebrows stand out and help highlight your eyes as one of your favorite features. This year’s trends are beginning to become apparent as spring approaches and people begin to feel more inclined to experiment with style instead of staying safely tucked away in their homes. If you’re looking to breathe a little new life into your eyebrows, we’ve picked out the clearest few trends emerging from brows in 2016. After all, staying on-trend is important and sometimes it is difficult to pin down the exact trends circulating at a given time.

Glitter is Forever
Anyone feeling particularly daring might want to look no further than the current trend towards eyebrow glitter. Yes, that does read glitter. This year people are beginning to combine specialized products to add that extra level of eye-catching to their brows. They just aren’t approaching it from a pure styling perspective. You do need to be careful if you decide to look into this glittering trend. Find glue that is water soluble if you’re intent on trying to stick the glitter firmly to your brows. Using non-water soluble glue may just lead to a lot of pain, or at least, a fair bit of annoyance when it comes time to remove the glitter. As with most of these early-year trends, things are still coming together when it comes to the exact look and many people are trying various methods. If you’re not sold on experimenting, there are sure to be products in a few months to help you try out the look then.

Upshot eyebrows

An interesting trend is emerging that focuses less on the full brow and more on the innermost sections of them. The “sprouts” of your brows above your inner eyes are becoming a point of fashion. People are slicking them and carefully combing them to point upwards. The trick is it only applies to a small amount of the inner parts of your brow before continuing into the typical gracefully combed look that many of us use frequently. It may seem like a puzzling trend, but it is actually in keeping with the broader “no-makeup” trend in providing a way to accent and lift features that aren’t obvious while remaining highly effective. For most, the look adds a slightly youthful cast to the features by emphasizing a controlled wildness to the brows. You can potentially use products you already have for the look, but there are also likely to be more products becoming available throughout the year that will help as well.

Feathery Arches
Fortunately, not all of the early trends rely on new products or trying out somewhat inventive new looks. There is support for natural, feathered looking brows that keeps anyone seeking to maintain a more classic look on trend. In this case, the brows are largely kept in the expect arch, but the flow of the hairs trends in a subtle swoop up and to the side. Thicker brows will work a bit better than most due to the feathering of the brow providing a wider look to the brows once you’re done. It shouldn’t stop anyone from thinner brows with trying though as we all know little tricks to filling in brows less thick than we’d like. Just remember that this trend is about casual emphasis and maintenance rather than direct and apparent styling.

Eyebrows often get ignored by many people when it comes to staying on trend. It is relatively easy for us to get used to the maintenance we typically fall into to maintain the shape we think looks best. This quick look at the emerging trends in 2016 is your chance to change that. If your brows have been a bit static, then consider trying something new. It will slowly help you build you a new look to add further emphasis to your cultivated beauty.

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Removing Glam Makeup & Eyelashes

Makeup does wonders for us routinely. It helps cover up the things we don’t like and draws out the things we like the most about ourselves. How much makeup to use typically depends on individual temperament though. The prevailing trend is fashion at the moment is to favor “barely there” or “natural” makeup. It takes the philosophy that you should use as little makeup as possible and focus on basic refinement and highlighting to create a look of perfectly natural beauty where the makeup is all but unnoticeable. Not everyone follows this idea. Glam makeup, by contrast, is about using as much as you want to create stunning looks without a care as to whether it’s clear you’re using makeup. It is, naturally, a good deal thicker than natural makeup and sometimes includes the use of lash extensions. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to remove both glam makeup and lashes those who’ve opted to try glam makeup and are having a bit of trouble afterwards.

Woman cleansing makeup

In The Thick Of It
The biggest issue that comes with removing glam makeup is the thickness. You build on layers to create a glam look and as a result, it doesn’t come off easily or all in one go. Ideally, you need to focus on removing it in stages. Ignore the eyes for now as that will be dealt with along with lashes. You need a decent quality makeup remover to make much progress. You can generally use whatever product you prefer, but it needs to be able to remove most of the makeup on your face. If you’ve used any waterproof makeup at all, make sure the remover can handle it. Additionally, you should consider looking into a remover with skin fortifying ingredients as well. Thick makeup is beautiful, but doesn’t do your skin any favors. An extra boost to your skin’s health will ensure that you’re not fighting breakouts soon after you used glam makeup.

A Gentle Touch
Removing false eyelashes depends on the kind that you’re wearing. If you got professionally done, semi-permanent ones, then stop reading this section as you need a professional to remove them. Trying to removing professionally done ones could result in the loss of eyelashes or damage to the skin around your eyes. However, the ones you do yourself are relatively easy even if you’ve done makeup around them as well. Full lashes should be grasped carefully between your fingers and then carefully peel the band of the lashes downward so the band disconnects from the skin. Remember to make sure you’re not holding any of your real lashes along with the fact ones. This is doubly true if you opt to use clusters instead as a more subtle way of accenting your lashes. You should remember to wash any lashes that you use, if you intend to use them again. Lash glue and makeup will set within a relatively short amount of time and make reusing them difficult at best. You can remove your eye makeup at this point. Try to find a properly formulate eye makeup remover and try to be careful not to put too much pressure on the skin.

Woman washing face

A Final Rinse
The last thing you need to do is a final cleanse and rinse. Heavy makeup has a habit of not quite being gone no matter how thoroughly we try to remove it. It is simply because there’s so much to remove. The final rinse will let you be sure. You should consider using a cleansing product as well to be extra thorough. Glam and other heavy makeup styles tend to trap oils and grime over the course of the time you’re wearing them. This creates an environment ideal for bacteria like the ones that cause acne to grow in. A final cleanse will help clear away any remaining makeup and help guard against you waking up the next day with a breakout from anything else left on your skin too.

Glam makeup is gorgeous when done properly and can add so much to a look. Every evening has to end though and its work to take that kind of makeup off. You can’t avoid that work either or you’ll risk causing problems for your skin. The best thing you can do is carefully remove all the makeup with the right products and make sure both your skin and any lashes you used are clean afterwards. This will let you enjoy an evening of unapologetic beauty and be ready to do it all over again in the future.

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