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Choosing A Hairstyle That Fits Your Face

Trying to look our best involves us taking more than a few steps. Our biggest one is generally investing in a good skincare routine. After all, fashion changes from season to season, but we only have one set of skin…even if it gets continually rebuilt. Good skincare combined with just the right amount of makeup can go a long way to helping us look our best. The same is also true of a good wardrobe. Something timeless or delightfully modern can be equally tasteful depending on how you choose to wear it. It remains something elusive though as some people seem to have a knack for simply assembling perfect outfits that help them stand out in a crowd. All of this is meant to complement our looks properly. The same is true of getting a good hair style. You want something that works with you rather than against you while still retaining that sense of individuality that you want to keep on display. We’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of choosing a good hair style to match your face.

Shape Matters
You’re going to need to figure out your overall facial shape to get a good hair style. Most of us cannot simply pick a random hairstyle and make it look perfect. Some of them will make our face look too long while others will leave our faces looking a bit wider than we’d like. Picking a good hairstyle helps to offset any extremes of your features in such a way that they even out of become complementary. The difficult part in this is that every potential facial shape has at least two different names depending on who you ask. There’s also the fact that it can be difficult in some cases to quite pin down exactly what shape your face is as sometimes we lose track of it based on how we’re already wearing out hair. We recommend talking to your favorite beautician at the salon to be pointed in the right direction if you’re not sure. Once you know your facial shape, you have an idea of the kinds of styles that will work with your face.

Hair health

Hair Health
Another thing that we need to note in this case is how healthy our hair is and how it behaves. The shape of your face is important, but how your hair acts is just as important. Think and coarse hair behave entirely differently from one another. For instance, bangs are a bad idea for anyone with thin hair as the thin bangs will go limp and lose life as they pick up sweat and oil from one’s forehead. Thicker hair can handle it without an issue. However, that hair brings its own issues as no one wants to wear coarse hair too heavily or it will become a burden. We have to balance out these concerns to avoid having a hairstyle that, while capable of framing our face properly, diminishes our appearances in entirely different ways. Talk through the hairstyles available to you thanks to your face shape with your beautician and focus on what will work with your kind of hair specifically to avoid problems.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance
The last big consideration is honestly how much maintenance you’re willing to put into your hair. There are plenty of good hairstyles for every face and hair type combination, but some take a little more effort than the rest. You’ll want to weigh this alongside all other considerations as well. Remember that short hair is almost always easier to take care of even if it isn’t always the look we start out seeking. We recommend trying to find a nice balance. A good hairstyle that works for everyday is a wonderful choice, but you might want it at a length where you can still have something notable done for special occasions. This is all up to you though. You can achieve good results simply from using hair accessories to add that extra splash of color to your appearance as well. Medium length hair can also be comparatively low maintenance in some styles. Once again, discuss your options with a beautician to help you make the best choice.

Choosing the right hairstyle to fit your face has a lot to do with juggling several factors to find what works. That’s why hair styles have so many variations. One version may be suitable for people with a particular type of hair while the other was the solution to make the style work for another type. Figuring out how to manage the mixture of your ideal look with your facial shape and hair type can be a difficult task. Once you find the right style though, you probably won’t care whether it is high or low maintenance.

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Sleek and Straight Hair Trends

Fashion and beauty trends change each season. People are always looking for the next big thing. Many people look for those in a store, but the truth is that part of beauty is almost always with you. Your hairstyle can say a great deal about you. Designers typically favor striking looks and as a result, straight hair has been a bit neglected for a while, but that trend appears to be changing as we’ve seen many fashion designers putting new or subtle twists on straight hairstyles lately. Spring’s approach is the perfect time to look at some of these looks and start selecting what kind of new look might suit you as the season gets well and truly underway. This will let you get a little ahead of everyone.

Beauty in Symmetry
Straight hair is often derided as being on the blander side due to a lack of expression. Some people have taken this as a challenge. Models and others have taken to wearing starkly symmetrical cuts that revel in the exacting nature of the hairstyle. The hair is clearly cut cleanly along the end and worn with an outfit that helps play up the sharp look. It isn’t about the soft, slight straight cuts people are used to and has a clear personality to it. Generally, the look is done with a clear part along the middle to provide the maximum emphasis on the face and ensure the even spread of the hair. An alternate look is to retain your bangs and cut them cleanly across as well. Simply remember the emphasis is on the symmetrical straightness of the hair.

Woman with a bob hairstyle

Go Shorter
Playing with the supposed blandness of straight hair is very much about defying expectations. Personality comes in a lot of ways and length is one of them. So consider trying a shorter hairstyle for your straight hair this year. Celebrities and models favor at or above the shoulders looks. These are highly varied and play with framing the face of creatively asymmetrical designs. It breaks up the traditional look of long straight hair with a playful sense of rebellion against tradition. Most of the looks are nothing new, but their emerging return to favor means that more people can enjoy them without drawing an eye. Many celebrities favor a bob or shorter cut with any degree of asymmetry even if it is in the part. Those looking to be the most on trend should likely focus their attention here.

Add A Little Texture and Shine
The runways provide another glimpse of ways to add flavor to straight hair. Some models on the catwalk for the upcoming fashion season has incredibly slick and sleek hair that looked almost fresh from a pool. However, the larger trend was towards adding a subtle wave or other layers of texture to the hair that subtly changed how the hair looked and moved. Things like sea salt hair spray and similar texturizing sprays can take even a traditional straight hair look and add an extra layer of trendiness to it that it might otherwise lack. It is possible to mix this high shine with texturing if you know your products well, but most of the time the two have been separate when used on hair. It really depends on the look you ultimately want from your hair.

Straight hair is more on-trend than it has been in a while. It never quite falls out of favor as classic looks are classics for a reason, but sometimes more daring and bold looks are favored. Anyone looking to enjoy less high maintenance hairstyles should capitalize on the current trends in sleek and straight hair. You’ll likely be able to save at least a little time by using fewer products even if you pick up a few new ones for some of these looks. You should remember that they can still favor their own look if they want as part of beauty and fashion has always been and will always have the confidence to pull something off.

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