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Top 3 Spa Locations of the World

Trying to find a way to get away from it all and be pampered takes more work that one might think. After all, there are countless good options even within one’s own country these days and the list gets even longer when we look at the wider world. Trying to find the best of the best can give one a bit more incentive to get out there and travel though. There are a lot of different ways for people to decide what counts as the “best”, but in general that requires both a specific level of general excellence and a niche appeal of some sort in which the place truly excels. Knowing what you’re looking for can go a long way towards helping to narrow down any personal choices you choose to make. It certainly tends to take a little stress away from the entire affair if you have a short list of some of the better options out there. That’s why we’re taking a quick look at three of the best spa locations in the world.

Amanpuri, Thailand
This spa resort turns up in most conversations of the best spas in the world. The sheer beauty of the natural surroundings tends to be central to the appeal. As a seaside resort, you can be sure of stunning views throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt that the area the spa is built on is also rich in other sources of natural beauty as well. There are plenty of services available from the spa as well. They offer the exact services you’d expect from a spa as well as various other therapeutic options for guests. Amanpuri’s seems to revolve around ensuring that guests can get the care they need for both their mind, their body, and their soul. That’s why you can find everything from meditation to exercise classes available when staying here. All of this is complimented by a distinct level of care and relaxation that ensures people don’t forget about it when discussing some of the best spas in the world.

Yaan Wellness, Mexico
You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t heard of this spa resort tucked away in the Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo. After all, Yaan Wellness does its best to stay comparatively out of the way despite being in a popular tourist area. It does its best to stay out of the way of the main flow of tourists by staying out in the wilderness and maintaining a low profile. That lets you step away from it all when looking to enjoy being pampered. Fortunately, that’s what they do best. Yaan Wellness offers an interesting combination of modern techniques of local traditional wellness practices. This leads to a unique atmosphere where guests can see the influence of a variety of cultures in the treatments available as well as the accommodations. Yaan Wellness does its best to cater to both body and mind as it frequently pairs relaxation therapies with private counseling or meditation in an attempt to increase the overall wellness of guests. The one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll definitely get to enjoy being pampered here.

Woman relaxing by the pool

Anassa, Cyprus
Interestingly enough, Anassa continually impresses people year after year. Few places can actually claim this sort of consistency in service and comfort. That’s probably why it consistently gets so much attention as a resort spa. In many ways, Anassa is the perfect encapsulation of a traditional Mediterranean spa resort. It offers are beautiful seaside getaway where everyone can relax. There are a variety of wellness programs available for guests that allow them to decide the tone of their stay. These allow you to decide what form of wellness you want to focus on at any given point. That’s paired with more traditional spa services that are typically rated as being world class. If there is a reason not to overlook Latchi, the Anassa spa resort is it as it provides a way to escape away from it all while enjoying some of the best treatments in the world. All it takes it a willingness to travel to Cyprus to get to enjoy this option.

There is no way to escape the fact that “best” is and will always remain a subjective assessment. What that means for each of us is just too different. Fortunately, we can get an idea of whether something is of consistently high quality and has a special something to it. Our picks focused on looking for this, but there are plenty of other world class spas out there. Don’t hesitate to do your own research if none of these places seem appealing. You may find your own hidden gem to recommend to others. Regardless of this, you can at least be sure each of our picks has something to offer everyone.

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Stress Can Up Your Health Risks

Stress is such a common fact of modern life that we frequently dismiss it when checking in on our own health. After all, of course we’re stressed, we’ve been that way for a while because we have to get that one thing done and then another thing done and then there is that other thing we’d forgotten about. That’s life for a lot of us and we don’t really have time to pause and think about the long term consequences of operating at high stress levels for so long. This isn’t a good way practice to live by though. In fact, it is entirely counterproductive to anyone wanting to live a long and healthy life. Stress is very clearly connected to increased health risks in multiple ways. Some of these issues can be obvious, but others will lurk and then strike out at you unexpectedly. We’re going to cover some of the major health risks you’re subjecting yourself to to help you understand why you’ll likely want to learn to take a break now and again.

Restlessness Adds Up
Most of us have had difficulty sleeping at one point or another in our lives. This becomes increasingly common when we’re subjected to stress. The hormones released by the stress actually make it harder for your brain to accept the hormones responsible for helping you get to sleep. This issues can start out innocently enough with just a little trouble sleeping now and again, but it may eventually become insomnia if you’re not careful. You need to get that sleep too. Sleep is when your body does a lot of the repairs and general care that helps keep your body healthy. Not getting enough sleep will mean you’re facing mounting damage to your body and mind as the stress just gets worse from your inability to heal from it properly. Difficulty sleeping due to stress is still relatively benign when it first appears though and generally a warning sign of worse factors to come. Try to heed your body’s warning in this cases as the effects don’t get any better.

Woman with headache
Wandering Pains
That inability to properly repair the body means that you’re actually more likely to experience pain. Your body won’t be able to adequately repair the day to day wear and tear effectively. It leads to a situation when you’re likely to experience regular muscle pain around your body. It can be out and out pain or simply an uncomfortable tension in a muscle that makes it hard to rest. Consistent pain and discomfort, in turn, further magnify the stress you’re already experiencing by making it hard to find any time when you can feel a bit better. You’re also likely to start getting stress headaches. These are frequently a form of tension headache that leads the sufferer to feel like pressure is being placed on both sides of the head. Risk factors for such headaches include stress and disturbed sleep and you can expect them to continue on until you make lifestyle changes.

The Weight On Your Heart
Stress is frequently associated with your overall weight. Some people will claim rapid loss of weight is a sign of stress while others will credit rapid weight gain. In truth, both are potential issues for anyone suffering from stress. It depends on how the individual’s body responds to the problem. The stress hormones will likely have an effect on your weight though. It is also worth noting here that too much weight is associated with increased risks of heart disease. Sadly, stress is another major risk factor too due to the strain it will be putting on your body. Your body never gets the chance to come down from the constant stress and your heart begins to feel it over time. So it doesn’t matter if you exercise constantly when stressed. You’re still going to have a drastically higher chance of heart disease over time. This is a big reason that most of us will want to find effective ways to manage our stress over the long term to ensure our lasting health.

Stress ruins your body over time. It gradually makes you unable to do even simple forms of relaxation or sleep properly due to aches and pains as well as other problems. This strain will build up in your body too. You’ll wear out quickly and the potential for it to manifest as something truly dangerous like heart disease will keep going up. There are still other health risks associated with stress that can hurt you too. In the end, the best solution is to learn effective stress management techniques that work for you. Hopefully those will help you lead the healthy life that all of us want.

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Pollution, Stress & Your Skin

As one of the largest organs of your body, your skin technically has a lot of work to do. It needs to keep itself intact in addition to its standard duties. Eating right goes a long way towards helping your skin take proper care of itself over the long term. Good skincare goes even further by ensuring your skin gets the boosts it needs to be healthy any age. Most of us learn to be good about these habits eventually and to provide our skin with what it needs. Providing for our skin isn’t enough for long-term skin health, though. You also need to be aware of the different things that can harm your skin. These issues can be invisible if no one brings them to your attention. Things like pollution and stress are issues, yes, but they always seem bigger than simple skincare. They do have an impact on your skin though and require consideration for just that reason.

This problem has long since earned its place as a generic trouble of the modern world. It is a problem even in otherwise green cities simply because of the demands of the infrastructure on the environment. Things add up and begin to cause trouble. Fortunately, we can offset them and work to make things better. This has lead to modern improvements in urban planning and culture that have helped reduce the potential cities that require regular smog or pollution warnings for their residents. Manageable problems may still be problems, but they are better than one that gets away from you. Pollution is a problem for your skin in several ways. Particulate matter gets stuck in the air or flung about by the passing of vehicles. It impacts on your skin regularly and causes microscopic cuts or contributes to a buildup of grime on the skin. These each have their own particular issues associated with them. Air pollution adds on another problem in the form of ground level ozone oxidizing skin on contact and causing more issues with free radicals in the skin. Stress doesn’t help matters either.

We all swear we’re going to take better care of ourselves this year and find a better work/life balance to reduce how much we’re running around, but it seldom ever happens. Each of us gets caught up in life. It makes it easy to lose track of all the things that we should be doing in favor of all the things we ostensibly need to be doing. Countless obligations and little issues pop up each day that demand our attention. Some things necessarily get crowded off of our schedules. Unfortunately, sometimes what gets crowded off is taking time for ourselves or getting enough sleep. Your mental health is important to your body’s health and, necessarily, your skin’s health. Stress tends to disrupt sleep schedules at the same time that it reduces particular hormones in the body that actually lead to increased oil production as well as other issues. How do you manage all the potential problems of your skin in a modern world of consistent pollution and constant stress though?

woman relaxing
Taking Care of Your Skin
Let’s start with how to minimize stress as that makes helping your skin resist pollution easier in the long run. Plan for and make time for yourself in your schedule. Yes, you may need to dismiss it sometimes, but it shouldn’t be too often. You need to have the time to enjoy yourself so that you can decompress. Set aside time to engage in a hobby or to spend time with your family and friends. It will help you manage your life better and reduce the potential for a disrupted sleep schedule. That will ensure your skin gets the time it needs to repair itself and help bolster its natural defenses to external issues like pollution. We can’t wave our hands and makes the pollution vanish, but we can guard against the effects. A good skincare routine combined with proper sunscreen usage can do a lot to help protect your skin against pollution. This is especially true if you regularly use antioxidant-rich products. Remember to moisturize and nourish your skin while avoiding spending too much time outside in heavily polluted air to protect your skin the most.

Pollution and stress both have profound effects on your skin. You may not be able to solve pollution on your own, but you can work against the effects it has on your skin with a good skincare routine. Stress, happily, is something that you can help by ensuring you make time to do something other than focus on the things you need to do. Effective stress management is one of the best long-term things you can do for your skin and the rest of your body. So try to take good care of your skin, but don’t stress out too much about it as what will be will be.

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Steps To Improving Memory

Memory is supposedly “one of the first things to go” as we age. This isn’t particularly comforting to those of us who never had it in the first place. An inability to remember things well is associated with age, but also various other conditions and lifestyle choices. Your body and mind both need to be healthy to function properly. This does mean that you don’t have to just accept any loss of memory. You can actually take steps to improve your ability to remember things. These steps take a number of forms and yet anyone can use them. We’ll be covering some of the standard steps a doctor would recommend to help improve your memory. None of them are painful or hard. They do take time and commitment though if you want to make the most of them. Happily, you’re already ahead if you’ve made the effort to take proper care of yourself.

Live Well
A major cause of memory trouble is simply the fact that you’re not taking proper care of yourself. Every part of your body, including your brain, requires proper nutrition to ensure that it works properly. Even the parts that don’t directly benefit will get the byproducts of eating the appropriate diet and in turn be better able to function. Try to eat an overall balanced diet that favors dark, leafy greens with only a little meat to get the most nutrients out of your diet. You can easily talk to a doctor to try to determine a more specialized diet for you if you want help or if you have a particular dietary concern. Additionally, you need to get out there move from time to time. Physical activity helps keep both your mind and body sharp. All you need to do is try to exercise for a half hour to an hour each day to get these benefits. All it takes is a brisk walk. Taking better care of yourself will typically help improve your memory.

Woman solving a crossword

Exercise Your Brain
We’re not talking about the brain training fad when we say you need to exercise your brain. Those games and toys have very little clinical backing when it comes to helping improve your brain at all. Instead, you need to do things that keep you thinking. Read more, try to learn a new skill, practice a mentally demanding hobby, and don’t hesitate to try something new. Novelty can do wonders for helping keep your brain in top form. You’ll probably want to favor doing more basic things like simply doing more of a mentally draining task. Continually making your brain work keeps it active and helps improve your memory. You can combine this with socializing for even more benefits. Go out and spend time with people. Talk to them and learn about them. Taking a class to learn a new skill is particularly advantageous in this regard. You’ll all be learning the skill and about one another. It brings people together from multiple walks of life and this, in turn, makes one try to see from different perspectives. All of this keeps your brain active and working.

Manage Your Life
A big source of stress and mental difficulties comes from not managing your life adequately in one way or another. Lack of sleep is typically a big culprit here. Modern living seems to almost necessitate giving up on the ability to get a good night’s rest. Try not to treat it this way though as you can do numerous things to improve your chances at a good night’s sleep. Switching to lower light levels at night and turning off any devices that might interrupt your sleep are two relatively simple approaches anyone can take. You’ll want to try to go to bed at the same time each day though. This will help set up a rhythm to your sleep that your body will pick up on and eventually make it far easier to sleep. Try to remember to jot notes down on things you need to do as well. Keeping your life organized on paper in a day planner or a similar option will ensure you’re not worrying you forgot something. You’ll already have the appointment on hand. That will make it easier to remember other things as you won’t be nearly as stressed about appointments anymore.

Trendy games and quizzes aren’t actually the way to improve your memory. It improves when you take the steps necessary to take proper care of yourself by remaining healthy. This includes being both physically and mentally active. Ensuring you minimize the sources of stress in your life will also go a long way towards improving your memory as a whole. Remember that memory is linked to your overall health. You can improve your memory no matter what age you are if you take the time to try.

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The Adult Coloring Book Craze

There are always interesting trends going on in the world. They lead people to do things they wouldn’t normally in a quest for health, wealth, or simply finding peace of mind. We’re used to seeing odd or silly trends and being vaguely amused at them, but sometimes a trend that comes along that has some deep appeal. Right now that trend is adult coloring books. Most of us remember spending a little time with coloring books when we were children. The sense of being able to make an image the way we liked it was empowering to us and, importantly for our guardians, more than a little bit distracting if we’d been being a bit loud. But why are adults now being drawn back to them in droves? It seems like an odd thing to just surface, but right now the adult coloring book market is big and getting bigger. With that in mind, we’re taking a look to understand what is so appealing.

The Beauty in Simplicity
In truth, the appeal of coloring books may be connected to the complexity of modern life. We always have things to do and so many factors to balance that it rapidly becomes overwhelming. Coloring books offer anyone a simple thing to focus on with a clear reward at the end: your handiwork. Not everyone has the time or inclination to practice a form of art of their own, but coloring books allow anyone to experience a sort of creative focus. They need only decide the colors that they want to fill in on the page. It is relaxing and meditative. Stress relief is actually one of the primary reasons so many adults have taken to picking up coloring books again. They offer a way to step away from everything without needing to focus on so many details for a little while. For people who have difficulties with other calming practices like meditation, a coloring book can be just what they need to help manage stress in their lives.

Things Fall Away
Why are coloring books so good for this though? It likely has to do with the very basic rule of a coloring book: stay in the lines. All you need to do is select a color and start filling things in. Most of our daily choices have a constellation of options for every choice and those in turn lead to further choices with yet more constellations of options. It can all become overwhelming. To have such a simple thing to focus on draws the brain into simply working on what is in front of it. The rest of the world gets to fall away as all you focus on is the page and the colors. Basic motions and the rhythmic sound of colored pencils or the feeling of a crayon gliding across the paper is just..simple and takes over everything. It helps to draw people back to a simpler time when the only worries were the pages of a coloring book and when dinner was going to be made (by someone else). Adult coloring books may be surprisingly popular now, but some people are surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

Colorful Therapy
Art therapy has had a place in psychological health for a long time. It has provided people a way to express their emotions when they otherwise can’t. The focus it requires has also been known for offering a calming effect to people as well. It has never mattered if it was simply painting colors on a page or filling in a coloring book. What mattered was the window for expression and the focus it caused. Many therapists are actually pleased the public has realized that coloring books can be a good way to enjoy themselves. It offers a simple, socially acceptable way to deal with one’s own feelings that don’t suffer the stigma that some mental health services encounter. Introverts, in particular, may get a lot out of coloring books. The fact that they are less social means that adding an extra method to manage their feelings they can do away from others can be particularly helpful.

Adult coloring books may have started seeming odd, but it is quite clear they have a reason for existing. Stress is too big of a part of modern life for us not to have ways to manage our stress. Not everyone enjoys going out with their friends or otherwise engaging with the public when they’re stressed. The at-home art therapy that adult coloring books reflect means you can reduce the complexity of the world for a little while wherever you go. Happy coloring!

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