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Beauty Tips

Making Your Lips Look Fuller

Full lips do a lot to help make you look both healthy and beautiful. Society has a particular standard though that starts at “movie star” and goes higher. This can make it more than a little annoying to try to match up when your lips aren’t naturally gifted or you don’t have a dedicated team of makeup artists to make you look your absolute best at all times. There are procedures you can undergo for fairly long-lasting results that need to be refreshed now and again, but not everyone wants to consider cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, there are plenty of small, quick tips that almost anyone can use to help make their lips look fuller than they actually are. It turns out that one of the best ways to help make your lips fuller is to simply remember to take care of them properly.

Exfoliate Your Lips
Let’s take a brief moment here and quickly highlight that this doesn’t mean applying an exfoliating product to your lips. There are tools available that can gently exfoliate your lips for you. You can also use a light scrubbing with your toothbrush to achieve somewhat similar results if you’re traveling and don’t have access to your full beauty kit. Why does this make your lips look fuller? A lot of people forget to take proper care of the skin of their lips for one reason or another. This leads to flaky skin that diminishes the natural color of your lips and fades them a bit. Your lips standing out less actually makes them appear smaller than they actually are. Occasionally exfoliating your lips will keep them clean and actually help promote blood flow in the area which will give your lips a plumper look as well as promoting a more noticeable natural color.

Make Your Own Lines
A good trick for thinner and uneven lips is to set the rules for your own appearance by correcting nature’s oversight. You can actually use a good lip liner to to trace just outside your lips to give yourself fuller, even lips than nature intended. You need to be careful with this though. This is especially true around the cupid’s bow to ensure you keep the look consistent. Practice a few times before actually committing to a look using this trick. Once you’ve got the lip liner in place as a guide, all you need to do is fill in the space between the lines. Consider using a lighter, matte shade that works with your natural lip color to make the most of this kind of look. The key here is to ensure the outer line is thin enough to be usable as a guide, but not so thick that it is obvious. Getting it right will be an easy way to fuller lips whenever you want them.

Use a Product
When all else fails, there are products designed specifically to plump your lips up for a little while to help them look fuller. These are typically fairly clear in their packaging to ensure you know what you’re looking for and give a noticeable boost for a short window of time. These are particularly good if you’re simply looking to get a brief boost for a picture or when greeting people. You can then simply allow other tips to help maintain the look for the rest of your outing. It should be noted that many of these products work for a window of ten to fifteen minutes at absolute most. You can try other alternatives to these though. Mint oil-based products have been known to have a positive effect on blood flow when applied topically. This could give you a longer, natural boost to lip fullness that gives you both fuller lips and better color.

Full lips don’t have to be something you’re at the mercy of genetics for anymore. These tricks and others can all help to give you the look you want without the need for a cosmetic procedure or massive amounts of makeup know-how. All it takes is a little time and effort. A natural makeup look will work best with all of these tips, but some can be used for a more dramatic look quite easily. Just take your time when putting any new ideas into practice to make sure your skin remains happy and healthy during the experiment.

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No More Beauty Boredom

Beauty trends shift from year to tear, but there are often reliable standards that always appear. Somber colors are for fall and winter while brilliant colors are for spring and summer. These are reliable, yes, but rather boring when it comes down to it. There’s no room for innovation and expression. What if you want to wear bold colors whenever you want? What if a touch of somber mystery will complete a dazzling new summer look? A willingness to experiment is key to avoiding beauty boredom. If you get bored trying to find your best self, then you’ll eventually give up. Fortunately, designers and normal people are increasingly embracing the quest for expression. This is leading to some particularly vibrant beauty trends. We’ll be covering some of the most interesting beauty trends right now that you might want to try to get yourself out of a slump.

Bold Makeup
This year is proving to be an interesting time for makeup. There’s a dichotomy between the pull towards natural makeup and people embracing clear, vibrant colors. Eye makeup is the most affected by the colorful parts of these trends though. Brilliant blues are particularly popular and being constantly shuffled amongst other colors. Lips are still remaining relatively neutral with strong, if subtle, nudes being quite popular to bolster a natural look. The eye makeup, in particular, is meant to help highlight and draw out color from your eyes to make them stand out more. Finding a way to strike a balance between these two trends can be a good way to help you find just the right new look for yourself. Just be careful not to stray into unconventional lip colors as those aren’t favored at the moment.

Braided headband

Twisted Innovation
There are a few trends in hair right now. The most visible is the tendency towards wearing hair short, but that isn’t the most stunning trend. Braids and twists are becoming particularly popular in atypical ways. Almost everyone knows how to do these in a traditional way, but people are becoming increasingly experimental and ornate. This is where there is a lot of room for building your own style. Even small, decorative braids used to complement a less elaborate hairstyle can offer a new way to set yourself apart. Importantly, these are often a rebellion against the trend towards short hair as well. Keep an eye out for hairstyle that improves on old standbys like the ponytail in particular as many of the emerging styles make them both more elaborate and beautiful without too much extra work.

Accessories Abound
Going hand in hand with bold makeup and elegant hairstyles, there is a trend towards wearing beautiful accessories to help accentuate one’s looks. This is currently leaning heavily on adding the accents to hair. In general, the styles of accessories being advocated aren’t gaudy, but they are eye-catching. These includes various styles of hairband and accessory that play a functional role in addition to a decorative one. Some accessories, like subtle crowns, are proving popular that are purely decorative. The goal here is to coordinate with your outfit without overwhelming it. A good accessory continues the look upwards while helping to frame your face and draw attention to your hairstyle. Properly done this opens up a wide realm of versatility for you to experiment with to find a novel look.

You don’t have to stick with the stable favorites in fashion. In fact, doing that almost flies against what fashion itself is meant to be. It is the visual flow of our expression in the world. Designers continually strive to find the next big things in fashion. Why shouldn’t you allow yourself the same freedom?

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Making Your Fragrance Last

Fragrances are a wonderful addition to an ensemble. It provides a subtle way to add to your presence. Amusingly, fragrances are actually a good way to make an impression due to scent memory being fairly powerful. There’s also the fact that you can find a scent that simply is you to help express yourself. Whether this is a floral scent or even the scent of a bookshop is entirely up to you and can say as much as your outfit does on an outing. There is a prominent downside to using fragrances though: they fade away. The rate of fading is typically connected to the quality of the fragrances itself, but it will still fall away eventually. You’re stuck either carrying around the bottle to reapply the scent and thereby risking breaking the bottle or simply letting it go. Fortunately, you can take some steps to help make fragrance linger just a little longer then next time you’re heading out.

Hydration Is Your Friend
If you intend to apply fragrance to your skin, then make sure the skin is hydrated. Natural oils and oil-based moisturizing creams are actually very good at helping to capture and hold scents. A common tip passed around in beauty circles is to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to the areas you intend to apply your fragrance to before spraying. This will allow them to assist you in extending the length of the scent itself. Don’t take this as an excuse not to properly treat oily skin though. Do use oil control products, but consider keeping an oil-based cream around for whenever you need to reapply. Doing this will extend the life of the scent and reduce the number of times you need to reapply. In turn, your fragrance will last longer both upon being sprayed and you’ll reduce the number of times you need to reapply as well. Just make sure the moisturizing cream or lotion is unscented.

Pick Your Scent Locations Carefully
You can actually extend the life of your fragrance by spraying it carefully. There are particular points across the body that are very good for sharing scents. Choose how strong you want the scent to be and apply based on this knowledge. Ankles can actually make a good spot for a long wear scent meant to provide you with a subtle fragrance all day. You can improve on this by spraying a hair brush and brushing it carefully through your hair as well to add to the overall scent. If you’re going for a stronger scent, then you might want to follow the traditional upper body pulse point directions. These will keep the scent warm, vital, and slow evaporating throughout the night to maintain the scent. You can entirely skip on targeting if you don’t mind just having a subtle scent. All it takes is spraying some into the air and walking through it. You’ll get a light coverage that will cling to everything and provide a subtle scent. Don’t expect this last option to cut down on applying it again though. The others can reduce how often you need to if you’re careful though.

Store Your Fragrance Responsibly
Fragrances all have particular things to which they are susceptible. Humidity, light, and heat are their worst enemies for maintaining stability and actually being of use to you. That’s why you need to be very particular about where you store them. Keeping them far away from bathrooms is a good start though. Find a cool, dry space in your home to provide them with the best storage. You don’t actually need to keep them entirely out of light, but ideally, they should not be in direct or reflected sunlight. A nice suffused glow around the room through curtains won’t hurt them though. You can generally store them in the open if that area isn’t likely to see anything wet. You can get some bonus points if you work out how to keep them stored in the direction a vent blows though. This will be sure to help prevent them from warming up too much.

The life of a fragrance can be extended through careful storage, yes, but the best way is to learn ways to use it to reduce the amount you need. Techniques to diffuse the scent better and make it last longer are the best ways to achieve longevity with a fragrance as you’ll spend less time re-applying it. However, you can easily combine techniques to do all three and make your fragrance last notably longer. Don’t be afraid to look for others tips either as every little bit helps when you want to keep your favorite fragrance with you for as long as possible.

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Top Makeup Artist Tips

Learning how to appropriately do makeup is often the work of a lifetime. We’re taught some tricks growing up by parents and peers and discover our own over time. These tend to encompass the majority of our makeup knowledge. It can be so much more if we let it grow. Makeup artists take things further than most of us ever do by receiving formal education on how best to make use of the various tones and colors in makeup to draw out people’s natural beauty. Most of us don’t have their dedication to the art of makeup, but we can still learn a few tricks. Why not learn them from those who know best? Top makeup artists have plenty of small tips that can make a large difference in our day-to-day appearances by offering a simple innovation from their years of experience. We’ve assembled a small collection of these tips to give you a few ideas that next time you’re trying to make the most of your appearance.

Making More of Moisturizers
Most of us will finish a skincare routine with moisturizer. Whether we apply makeup afterward is up to personal preference. If you’re one of the exceptions, you might want to consider changing your mind as a common recommendation is to moisturize right before applying your makeup to give you skin a natural glow. It will also help some makeup go on easier. Another suggestion actually involves mixing your foundation and moisturizer. This can slightly lighten the tone of a foundation that you need to be lightened while making it spread easier. The combination of coverage and protection gives you a bit of both worlds in one go. In some ways, it is a do-it-yourself form of tinted moisturizer. Some pro artists actually suggest swapping to tint moisturizers as a person ages to provide color without the crinkling powders can cause in features over the day.

Artist applying makeup

Playing With Color
There are a lot of tricks that professional makeup artists have access to that most of us don’t as we have to do our own makeup. That doesn’t stop there from still being things we can use. A simple one that many makeup artists swear by is to use a white or otherwise lighter toned eye pencil and use it to line the lower eyelid. The lighter color helps eyes to stand out in most circumstances and can work with other eye makeup to highlight your natural eye color. Similarly, some suggest layering your eyeliner for a longer laster and cleaning look. Drawing a line with a pencil and following it up with a liquid eyeliner can create a dramatic look without the messiness you typically expect from using liquid eyeliner. Another good suggestion is for layering your blush by using products of a similar color, but utilizing a gel or similar product for the base while setting it with a powder. The result will be a lasting splash of color.

Defining Beauty
Giving ourselves more defined features is one of the key parts of utilizing makeup. Color and care are important, but they don’t always create quite the look we want. Brows can be particularly problematic for some of us without naturally full brows. Top makeup artists generally suggest utilizing a brow brush or brow pencil to fill in brows with thin strokes in the direction of your natural hairs. Finishing with a decent brow gel can give your brows the fuller look that is gaining popularity even if they’re not naturally ready for that look. A combination of lip moisturizer and appropriately matched lip color can also go a long way towards maintaining a natural makeup look while still adding that extra bit of color that speaks to your own health and beauty. For anyone with trouble keeping the color only on their lips, a lip-toned liner carefully applied around the lips can keep you in the literal lines while giving your fuller appearing lips if you have ones that are naturally thinner.

Makeup artists can easily make people look as good as possible by being able to look directly at a person and apply the makeup carefully. The rest of us need to use a mirror, our own hands, and maybe a little bit of luck to find the beauty we’re looking for when applying makeup. These tips might be just what some need to perfect the look they want though. Confidence can’t be bought, but in some cases, it can be carefully applied. A little makeup can make anyone walk a little taller.

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Finishing Powders and Setting Sprays

Learning to use products appropriately is part of beauty culture. The order of skin care products is particularly important if you want to get the most out of the products you’re using. There are relatively easy rules for determining how to use your skin care products though. Makeup guides can be a little less than forthcoming with some of the information you need to make proper decisions about application. This leads to the occasional question on what sets finishing powders and setting sprays apart from people newer to makeup. People often assume they’re the same thing, but the truth is that while they get used at a similar point in a makeup routine they are separate products. Thoe who are just beginning to experiment with makeup or trying to polish their skills might want to have a quick read through this guide to all you need to know on the subject.

Finishing Powders
Most of us know how to apply and uses foundations and other makeups. The liquids and cream glide on relatively easily, but they often need a final finish touch to help set in their appearance the way you want them to look. This is typically where a finishing powder comes in. Its color helps finish blending your other products together while reducing their shine to make it into a healthy overall glow. You can use the finishing powder to try to bake in the makeup with the right techniques, but that isn’t the actual intention of a finishing powder. Think of it as the last touch before you protect the makeup from being disturbed for the rest of the day. Protecting the makeup is done with setting products that help solidify or “set” the other products to prevent smudges and other common issues from wearing makeup all day.

Setting Sprays
A setting spray is a quick and easy way to set your makeup. It is a product designed to be lightly spritzed over the face the help draw moisture out of makeup or otherwise interact with the compounds to make them harder to disrupt. In most cases a setting spray is perfectly usable by most people and will be the actual last thing you do in a makeup routine. However, you should pay close attention to the last two sentences. The fact that some setting sprays draw out moisture can actually be a problem for people. Lower quality ones, in particular, may use alcohols or similar compounds that are tough on skin to achieve their goal. This is far from ideal and chronic use of a low-quality setting spray can lead to you fighting skin problems without truly knowing their origin. This is why setting powders exist.

Setting Powders
True to their name, setting powders are the powder equivalent to setting sprays. These are what you actually want to bake makeup with if you’re going to try such techniques. Notably, setting powders will give you a far longer wear than finishing powders will, given that this is their actual purpose. Baking your makeup isn’t expected or necessary with a setting powder though so you don’t need to worry about it being necessary even if it is a trend. Setting powders are a bit gentler on the skin than sprays as they are less prone to getting past your makeup and simply offer a transparent or translucent upper layer to protect your makeup. Most favor being completely transparent to preserve the look you’re going for, but some companies do have hybrid finish/setting powders. Not every product is a hybrid though. Make sure to read your makeup product carefully before using so that you know what each product is meant for so that you get the look you want.

It is relatively easy to confuse finishing and setting products given the names seem to imply similar things. It is a tad misleading to call finishing powders “finishing” though, but we can’t really expect the beauty industry to just change their names conventions when it has worked thus far. If you’ve had trouble separating the two in your head, then try to remember “Finishing powders as I’m finishing and setting sprays/powders as I’m setting out”. This may help you keep the differences in your head until it becomes second nature and ensure your makeup stays fresh all day.

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Every Lady Needs a Toolkit

Travel can happen unexpectedly. Something comes up and you need to get moving immediately and don’t have the time to pack appropriately. A few professions and organizations suggest having bags known as “go bags” for when you need to move. The organizations are generally disaster readiness groups, but the principle remains the same: have something ready to grab. If you need to leave quickly, you won’t have time to pick out the products you want to take or the particular tools you want with you. You can work against this sort of inconvenience by having a personal beauty toolkit ready to put in your luggage for those unexpected travel plans. We’ll go over some of the things you should consider for the toolkit so that you can work on figuring out what you need on their own.

Keep Tool Choice Simple
We all have our own particular beauty tools that we like. A toolkit should focus on the things the most crucial to helping maintain your appearance while traveling. Focus on things with a lighter weight though. A curling iron or straightener may be tempting, but you want things that won’t take up much space. Nail clippers, if you don’t keep them in your bag, are a good choice alongside tweezers for helping maintain basic levels of appearance and personal hygiene. An emery board is also good to keep in such a toolkit. If you have problematic skin, then you might also want to carry a blackhead extractor to help deal with any particularly stubborn ones that crop up while traveling. Your overall goal when picking beauty tools should be to keep things as simple and light as possible so you can stow your toolkit without a second thought.

Only Essential Products
The heaviest parts of a beauty toolkit are likely to be your product choices. Two of them should always be a good moisturizer for your skin type and a strong sunblock. You’ll need these regardless of where you’re going. You should also remember to pack a quality cleanser at the very least. A good cleanser can help keep your skin clean and make up for the lack of specialized products for at least a little while. Consider favoring an AHA cleanser as this is gentle enough to thoroughly clean the face while still offering a little chemical exfoliation and reducing what you need in your toolkit. You can pack your choice of exfoliators if you need more specialized care in your cleanser and exfoliating options though.

The Touch of Home
Lastly, a good addition to any beauty toolkit for travel is to include a towel and washcloth of your own. Some people favor using whatever is available when traveling, but including your own products means that you can know the quality and feeling of them ahead of time. This is crucial to those of use used to patting our face dry with particular kind of fabric. Your skin needs you to be gentle with it whenever possible and needing to use a rough towel from wherever you’re staying can lead to irritation. This is especially true if you need specialized bath towels due to a topical allergy or sensitive skin. You don’t need to take anything out of your linen closet for this if you don’t want though. All you need to do is buy a towel and washcloth for your toolkit and remember to wash them occasionally when the kit isn’t in use.

A traveling beauty toolkit can reduce the hassle of both unexpected and expected travel if you prepare it correctly. The keys are to keep it relatively light and easy to pack in luggage. You can even use the toolkit when you’re not traveling if you’re trying to simplify your skincare routine. You may want to keep their larger product choices available though as it never hurts to pamper your skin now and again.

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What’s Red, Blue and Glittered

Beauty has always been a colorful industry. Even Cleopatra enjoyed the benefit of a little-added color here and there to call attention to her favorite features. We’ve refined the process a great deal since her time, and that has given us all a much wider palette of hues to work with when trying to cultivate our best selves. Most of the time, winter is considered as a time for somber hues that don’t call much attention to themselves, but support a subtle emphasis. Spring, in turn, is the time when we started seeing colors all over again that leap out and catch the eye. Designers broke this pattern with the last fall and winter fashion week including some brilliantly colored lips and other sights, but that doesn’t change that this spring still means it is time to leap back into a broader color palette. We’ll be looking at some of the more vibrant looks as spring progresses.

Berry red lips are one of the few colors that survived through the depths of winter. The designers made copious use of its and its popularity doesn’t seem to be fading with the turning of the seasons. It makes for a vibrant, eye-catching look. Spring means you’re likely to see even more vibrant shades as well as the potential for shades of red in eye shadow. Red’s vibrancy is full of the life returning to the fashion world and existence in general as spring progresses. Consider accessorizing with something red to act as a counterpoint to an outfit or complement another part of your outfit. The main thing to remember is that the shades you opt to use should be eye-catching and seem to leap out at people. Fortunately, red is actually one of the best colors for doing just that.

There’s an interesting dichotomy when it comes to the different uses of blue and red. Red is, psychologically speaking, known to instantly get people’s attention. It serves as a way to make an immediate impression. Blues often play a more supporting role whether it’s in makeup or accessories. The key to getting a noticeable blue is to select shades that have a powerful look to them. Cobalt blue is a deep yet incredibly striking shade when used appropriately. It is particularly potent when used appropriately as an eyeshadow, but the when and how of using the color vary depending on skin tone and the individual. You need to determine how best to make use of blues in the spring. Lighter shades will give you a playful and youthful feeling while the darker shades add a distinct dramatic flair that can give you a refined look.

Interestingly enough, spring 2016 appears to be shaping up to be the season of glitter. More and more products are appearing that cater to people trying to harness the eye-catching properties of glitter. It crosses all boundaries in fashion and beauty. People are applying glitter to the eyebrows at the same time glittering ankle boots are appearing in stores. Others are incorporating it into more direct makeup options such as eyeliners and shadows. Glitter can actually be a tasteful addition to a look when handled properly. The key thing to remember with glittering options is that there is such a thing as too much. Don’t use too many products with them in it. Glitter product exist to make things just a bit more interesting. This rule is a bit more negotiable when it comes to accessories, but you’ll want to carefully test what works for you. The end result should be subtle, but shining.

Spring’s return brings with it everyone else’s desires to indulge in the full range and beauty of life. Forget all the subdued winter elegance. Focus on breathing life back into your look that befits the turning of the season. Experimentation and joy are the main feelings to remember when trying to refine a spring look. You should have little problem with this tactic. Do keep taking proper care of your skin though as you experiment with some of the newer products coming out to work with the new trends.

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Beautiful Eyebrow Trends

There are always new trends in beauty. Most of the time people tend to focus on makeup, clothes, and hairstyles as the big three components of a trendy look. There are others though. Eyebrows also have their trends and the right shaping or additions can ready make your eyebrows stand out and help highlight your eyes as one of your favorite features. This year’s trends are beginning to become apparent as spring approaches and people begin to feel more inclined to experiment with style instead of staying safely tucked away in their homes. If you’re looking to breathe a little new life into your eyebrows, we’ve picked out the clearest few trends emerging from brows in 2016. After all, staying on-trend is important and sometimes it is difficult to pin down the exact trends circulating at a given time.

Glitter is Forever
Anyone feeling particularly daring might want to look no further than the current trend towards eyebrow glitter. Yes, that does read glitter. This year people are beginning to combine specialized products to add that extra level of eye-catching to their brows. They just aren’t approaching it from a pure styling perspective. You do need to be careful if you decide to look into this glittering trend. Find glue that is water soluble if you’re intent on trying to stick the glitter firmly to your brows. Using non-water soluble glue may just lead to a lot of pain, or at least, a fair bit of annoyance when it comes time to remove the glitter. As with most of these early-year trends, things are still coming together when it comes to the exact look and many people are trying various methods. If you’re not sold on experimenting, there are sure to be products in a few months to help you try out the look then.

Upshot eyebrows

An interesting trend is emerging that focuses less on the full brow and more on the innermost sections of them. The “sprouts” of your brows above your inner eyes are becoming a point of fashion. People are slicking them and carefully combing them to point upwards. The trick is it only applies to a small amount of the inner parts of your brow before continuing into the typical gracefully combed look that many of us use frequently. It may seem like a puzzling trend, but it is actually in keeping with the broader “no-makeup” trend in providing a way to accent and lift features that aren’t obvious while remaining highly effective. For most, the look adds a slightly youthful cast to the features by emphasizing a controlled wildness to the brows. You can potentially use products you already have for the look, but there are also likely to be more products becoming available throughout the year that will help as well.

Feathery Arches
Fortunately, not all of the early trends rely on new products or trying out somewhat inventive new looks. There is support for natural, feathered looking brows that keeps anyone seeking to maintain a more classic look on trend. In this case, the brows are largely kept in the expect arch, but the flow of the hairs trends in a subtle swoop up and to the side. Thicker brows will work a bit better than most due to the feathering of the brow providing a wider look to the brows once you’re done. It shouldn’t stop anyone from thinner brows with trying though as we all know little tricks to filling in brows less thick than we’d like. Just remember that this trend is about casual emphasis and maintenance rather than direct and apparent styling.

Eyebrows often get ignored by many people when it comes to staying on trend. It is relatively easy for us to get used to the maintenance we typically fall into to maintain the shape we think looks best. This quick look at the emerging trends in 2016 is your chance to change that. If your brows have been a bit static, then consider trying something new. It will slowly help you build you a new look to add further emphasis to your cultivated beauty.

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