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Fidgeting and Other Unexpected Activities that Burn Calories

Being overweight can lead to so many different health issues, but keeping in shape is often far easier said than done. However, when it comes to burning calories, there are actually a number of unexpected activities that can help you with this, and they do not require much effort at all.

While some may find fidgeting annoying, those who fidget are actually burning ten times more calories a day than those who do not, because even though you are sitting down while doing so, this constant motion is still a form of cardio. Whether you tend to tap your foot, shake your leg, or let your fingers restlessly wander around your desk, a study carried out in 2005 showed that fidgeting has the potential to burn around 350 calories a day, which would amount to between 30 and 40 pounds over the course of the year.

Saunas and Sweat Lodges
Spending some time relaxing in a sauna or sweat lodge causes your body’s resting temperature to rise, and scientists believe that this could aid in burning significant calories. The fact that sweating burns calories is not anything new, but there are now claims that a 45 minute sauna session can burn as much calories as a three to four mile run can. Alternatively, wrapping your body up in an infrared blanket for just under an hour will help you to burn between 800 and 1600 calories.

Woman cleaning

Cleaning the House
While cleaning your house may not be as relaxing as lounging around in a sauna, this is still another great way to burn a few extra calories. Simple household tasks, when carried out one after the other, can soon amount to quite the calorie loss. For example, washing and drying dishes burns around 100 calories an hour, while spending half an hour cleaning your bathroom can be the equivalent to a 30 minute walk on a treadmill. To make your routine more interesting, try spending 15 minutes each on different tasks, such as sweeping the floors, which would burn 40 calories, washing the windows, which would burn 35 calories, and tidying up, which would burn 26 calories.

Drinking Green Tea
While consuming more of something is not usually the way to burn calories, green tea might just be an exception to this. Green tea contains polyphenols, which are high in antioxidants and greatly aid the body in breaking down fat, which will then have quite the impact on your overall body fat percentage. When it comes to the numbers, green tea has the potential to help you to burn around 183 calories a day, but you would need to drink around three to eight cups of it each day for this to occur.

If you need some extra help burning a few stubborn calories, then these methods are all definitely worth a try. However, it is important to keep in mind that your body would still hugely benefit from other forms of regular exercise, so be sure to not rely solely on these methods when it comes to keeping in shape.

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Choosing A Hairstyle That Fits Your Face

Trying to look our best involves us taking more than a few steps. Our biggest one is generally investing in a good skincare routine. After all, fashion changes from season to season, but we only have one set of skin…even if it gets continually rebuilt. Good skincare combined with just the right amount of makeup can go a long way to helping us look our best. The same is also true of a good wardrobe. Something timeless or delightfully modern can be equally tasteful depending on how you choose to wear it. It remains something elusive though as some people seem to have a knack for simply assembling perfect outfits that help them stand out in a crowd. All of this is meant to complement our looks properly. The same is true of getting a good hair style. You want something that works with you rather than against you while still retaining that sense of individuality that you want to keep on display. We’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of choosing a good hair style to match your face.

Shape Matters
You’re going to need to figure out your overall facial shape to get a good hair style. Most of us cannot simply pick a random hairstyle and make it look perfect. Some of them will make our face look too long while others will leave our faces looking a bit wider than we’d like. Picking a good hairstyle helps to offset any extremes of your features in such a way that they even out of become complementary. The difficult part in this is that every potential facial shape has at least two different names depending on who you ask. There’s also the fact that it can be difficult in some cases to quite pin down exactly what shape your face is as sometimes we lose track of it based on how we’re already wearing out hair. We recommend talking to your favorite beautician at the salon to be pointed in the right direction if you’re not sure. Once you know your facial shape, you have an idea of the kinds of styles that will work with your face.

Hair health

Hair Health
Another thing that we need to note in this case is how healthy our hair is and how it behaves. The shape of your face is important, but how your hair acts is just as important. Think and coarse hair behave entirely differently from one another. For instance, bangs are a bad idea for anyone with thin hair as the thin bangs will go limp and lose life as they pick up sweat and oil from one’s forehead. Thicker hair can handle it without an issue. However, that hair brings its own issues as no one wants to wear coarse hair too heavily or it will become a burden. We have to balance out these concerns to avoid having a hairstyle that, while capable of framing our face properly, diminishes our appearances in entirely different ways. Talk through the hairstyles available to you thanks to your face shape with your beautician and focus on what will work with your kind of hair specifically to avoid problems.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance
The last big consideration is honestly how much maintenance you’re willing to put into your hair. There are plenty of good hairstyles for every face and hair type combination, but some take a little more effort than the rest. You’ll want to weigh this alongside all other considerations as well. Remember that short hair is almost always easier to take care of even if it isn’t always the look we start out seeking. We recommend trying to find a nice balance. A good hairstyle that works for everyday is a wonderful choice, but you might want it at a length where you can still have something notable done for special occasions. This is all up to you though. You can achieve good results simply from using hair accessories to add that extra splash of color to your appearance as well. Medium length hair can also be comparatively low maintenance in some styles. Once again, discuss your options with a beautician to help you make the best choice.

Choosing the right hairstyle to fit your face has a lot to do with juggling several factors to find what works. That’s why hair styles have so many variations. One version may be suitable for people with a particular type of hair while the other was the solution to make the style work for another type. Figuring out how to manage the mixture of your ideal look with your facial shape and hair type can be a difficult task. Once you find the right style though, you probably won’t care whether it is high or low maintenance.

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Fashion Week Inspired Makeup Trends

The fashion week for each set of seasons always sets the stage to what to expect in fashion and beauty. Designers do their best to capture distinctive looks and feelings to create a brand new way to look each season. You can always see the echoes of the past in these trends, but they are almost always forward-thinking and doing their best to create the best that has yet to come. This year the outfits captured people’s eyes a lot, but perhaps not as much as the bold makeup styles that accompanied the models down the runway. This year it seems that designers have moved towards striking a note for individuality and self-empowerment in the face of the world. This manifested in a number of ways. All of them are things that most of us can make our own with a little effort. Let’s take a quick look at some of the defining makeup trends to expect as the year progresses.

Color The World
One of the defining features of the makeup trends this year was the use of seemingly out of place bold colors. They were used to help set and define a look even if they were out of keeping with the season. Bright colors in particular were favored by many designers. Most of the time these various bits of color were focused around the eyes with only a few deviations. This is particularly notable as a few times the makeup used created a distinctly sharp and geometric shape to help isolate and highlight the eyes of the model. Combining this with a bold color resulted in stunning looks that could do nothing beyond capture the attention of anyone looking their way. Some designers did still favor the traditional softer approach, but the colors used to highlight the eyes remained vibrant. Occasionally there seemed to be a two-toned trend going with eyeshadow, but it was not as dominant as the use of color itself.

Woman with bold eyeshadow

Lighting Your Eyes
We all know that a little color in the right place can go a long way towards highlight our eyes, but strangely enough designers went the exact opposite way as well. They appear to be favoring using light tones to highlight the inner and outer corners of the eye in many cases. This is particularly pronounced among lighter-skinned models where white eyeliner and similar products were used to distinctly highlight the eyes. Some went so far as to use similarly toned light colors to achieve the same results. There is no perfectly unifying aspect to this trend beyond the highlighting itself. It is interesting though considering the other notable eye trend. There’s room to play with this look as, while eyeliner proved to be a reliable option, so designers opted to use powders and similar products to create a more expansive look. Some of them even trailed the lighter color down the face for a slightly dramatic look without using bold colors.

You Do You
In the end, perhaps the most prevailing trend was the strive towards an individual look and freedom. The makeup trends we have highlighted were used multiple times, but the look was always matched to the model. All of the makeup played to emphasize natural features and take advantage of who the models were rather than who designers might have wanted them to be. This stunning trend toward embracing the beauty of the individual seems to promise an era of makeup trends where the goal is simply to use the ideas rather than the exact looks to achieve what you desire. This trend towards individual empowerment in makeup is the natural outgrowth of the “no makeup” look that strove to teach us to emphasize our natural beauty without obvious makeup. Here the makeup has become more obvious, but it serves our features rather than being a means to hide something we don’t like. This has generated many bold looks for makeup that we can expect to see evolve over the year. So keep an eye out as people take this trend and play with it.

The refreshing trend of makeup and beauty moving towards an overall more personalized approach as a whole continues this year. It has changed away slightly from the pure no makeup look that embraced natural beauty with minimal overhead to one where it embraces both natural beauty and boldly accenting it in various ways. These trends allow you to define a style that is truly your own from bright colors to smudged looks to distinct geometric designs. This freedom to boldly set your own style is, at heart, the essence of beauty and fashion. We hope that this trend continues for years into the future.

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Skin Care Devices: What’s Trending Now

Skincare is an industry that is constantly in flux. We’re always looking to find the next thing that will help create an entirely new way of caring for our skin. That’s why we so commonly see people claiming that they’ve found that next big thing. The results tend to be less than perfect though. Some ideas end up hurting our skin, some do nothing, and only a handful of things actually appear to do anything. It is hard to sort out what will actually work from the utter nonsense too. Most of the time the best innovations come in the form of making specialty treatments more available to consumers so that they can directly benefit from things as opposed to needing to worry about appointments. That’s where a lot of our favorite skincare devices originate. This year is promising to be no different in this regard. With that in mind, we’re going to quickly review some of the currently trending skin care devices that you might want to try.

Treating Yourself
One of the frequent barriers to taking the best care of your skin possible is that you don’t have all of the information available to you to help you figure out exactly what your skin needs. The fact of the matter is that most of us need to talk to a professional to get the kind of clear assessment necessary to target issues in a day-to-day fashion rather than from appointment-to-appointment. Some of the more interesting tech available right now strives to solve that. These gadgets come in various forms including apps, free standing devices, and even beauty mirrors. Many of them utilize a camera of some sort to get a reading on your skin and help you identify flaws in your skin or issues you might otherwise not be noticing. The devices often offer a path forward for countering these issues. It is a nice leap forward in personalized care that you can expect to keep expanding simply because it puts control back in your own hands.

Woman receiving facial treatment

Roughing It Up
We’re used to thinking of microdermabrasion as something that we need to make an appointment for to actually get anywhere. The treatment can do wonders for our skin, yes, but in the end having to make those appointments is what tends to make it a less frequent treatment unless we’re preparing for a special occasion. Various companies have started moving forward with helping to put this sort of technology into our hands outside of the the context of a professional. These smaller scale tools are incredibly useful for helping to work on some wrinkles as well as helping to provide a nice even clarity to the skin when used properly. In short, they’re at home microdermabrasion. The downside is that these products are obviously not quite on the same level as a professional treatment. While you can’t expect a perfect treatment, they will make a nice addition to your weekly routine if you want a little help with problems areas whether they’re wrinkles or dark spots.

Staged Lighting
Light therapy is frequently used in professional skincare to achieve numerous results. People have used it to help with acne prone skin, the accelerate healing, and even decrease wrinkling. It all depends on the kind of light used, the method of application, and the overall strength. For a long time these therapies have been mostly in the hands of cosmetic professionals, but smaller scale versions of the treatments are beginning to filter out fairly regularly. These, often handheld, devices use LED to generate the bright light of a particular wavelength necessary for a given kind of treatment. Most of the time these devices are fairly specialized and meant for spot treatments more than anything. Some companies are pushing the limits with more flexible models, but these are less common overall. Much as with personal microdermabrasion tools, this form of light therapy isn’t as effective as its larger scale relative, but offers another way to raise the quality level of personal skincare.

Devices are frequently some of favorite little skincare tricks. A good routine helps a lot at maintaining and improving your skin, but any extra push you can give your skin helps it even more. The hope is always to create a world where flawless skin is at our fingertips. It is debatable if we’ll ever quite get there thanks to all the factors that we need to account for on any given day. Happily, that’s no reason not to strive for perfection.

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What You Should Know About Eyebrow Tinting

There is always something new under the sun that promises to provide you with the perfect look that you’ve always desired or some novel way of presenting yourself to the world. Eyebrow tinting is a surprisingly popular option right now. People use to it simply improve their natural color or to truly stand out with bold colors that can match or clash with whatever color they’ve given their hair. There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of these options. As yet another way of making your own look, they are the natural extension of hair dyes and other methods of customizing our appearance.

Unfortunately, eyebrow tinting isn’t as safe as people claim it is. The colors in eyebrow tinting haven’t been properly approved at the federal level, but remain popular at the local level of the world where the local government is expected to deal with the issue. Eyebrow tinting isn’t approved for a number of very good reasons that could potentially hurt your health. We’ve got a quick overview so that you can be the knowledgeable one the next time someone brings up tinting to you.

Simple Problems
One of the potential problems that you might face is infection. This doesn’t come about directly from the tinting itself, but can be a result of the application of the product. Care needs to be taken when using any product that is close to the eyes. Tint applicators that aren’t appropriately cleaned can transfer infections between tinting clients or end up creating an environment wherein bacteria can flourish. Their proximity to the eyes means the bacteria can jump to an easily infected area and become a problem before anyone actually notices. The level of the threat posed by this problem tends to vary depending on the bacteria. You can generally be sure that any place practicing eyebrow tinting that is otherwise safe will likely not fall into this trap. Non-professionals at the most likely to forget these basic rules. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem that can come up from trying eyebrow tinting and is actually the least severe.

Reacting Poorly
Allergic reactions are a very real problem when dealing with any product. That’s why most of our products require testing before they ever reach us. The lack of approval for many eyebrow tints means that there is a very real chance that the product you’re using might not meet the necessary safety standards that a dye for scalp hair might have. This in turn raises the chance for experiencing an allergic reaction all on its own. As we highlighted above, the area around the eyes itself tends to be more susceptible to issues than others. Compounds can accidentally run down into the eyes to cause issues, yes, but your bigger danger comes from the fact that the skin around your eyes is thinner. Thin skin is less robust and more likely to react negatively to products applied in the general area as well as being less able to block any ill effects. Itching, redness, and even hives can become a problem if you run into the wrong tinting agent. This brings us to the most potentially devastating problem: blindness.

Woman getting eyebrows tinted

Darkened Lights
Infections, allergic reactions, and physical damage all open up the potential for a myriad of problems associated with eyebrow tinting. The worst possible outcome you might face is blindness. While there is nothing inherently wrong with being blind, adapting to such a state can be hard on anyone used to navigating a world which they can clearly see. There are varying levels of blindness that could result from the problems we’re discussing. Most people are more likely to experience a basic level of damage that causes legal blindness where it is extremely difficult to function even with glasses or a similar product aiding sight. For most, the worst and most extreme outcome is an infection of reaction that permanently damages the eyes in such a way that it leaves one totally blind. Once again, tinting can be comparatively safe if performed by professionals in a salon or similar setting that has people who know what they’re doing and know to test for allergic reactions and shield the eyes. There is no controlling every factor though and until eyebrow tints are subjected to the same standards as other dyes you will continue to face potential issues.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to get a particular look through eyebrow tinting. It is a technique that the beauty industry is still working to understand the best way to use it. However, this also means it is an area where less scrupulous people are trying to make a quick bit of money regardless of the results for other people. We recommend waiting until there is full approval of eyebrow tinting as a safe option before trying it out. If you’re set on trying it regardless of these warnings, try to find reputably people to do the tinting and go into it knowing the risks.

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2017 Exercise Trends for Healthy Skin

A lot of us get stuck in a way of thinking where skincare is taken to simply mean the products that you’re using. Skincare is a lifestyle though. All that we do feeds back into our skin’s health and appearance. This includes what we eat, what we do for fun, how active we are, whether we protect our skin, and countless other little factors. Remembering that there is so much you can do to influence your skin’s health is part of growing in your skincare knowledge. Your products are a good thing to focus on managing to help maintain and improve your skin, but you can potentially get a clear boost by doing something as simple as taking up a new form of exercise. Why does exercise help you skin though? Let’s take a quick look at the answer to this and then into some of the upcoming exercise trends for 2017 so that you can have your choice of new options to help you finally figure out the exercise that suits you.

The Beauty in Exercise
Missing that exercise is good for your skin is a forgivable mistake. After all, it isn’t as if exercise comes in a package that tells you the benefits you’ll be looking for as you stick to your routine. The primary focus is always on broader health trends instead of the smaller factors. Your skin tends to benefit in two main ways from exercise due to blood flow and stress management. Blood flow is a big factor when it comes to your skin’s health. Despite being your largest organ, your skin has comparatively low priority in circulation as your body is focused on keeping your vital organs healthy and working instead. Exercise boosts overall blood flow and that in turn ensures your skin is getting a little more attention. More nutrients reach it and your tend to have a healthier look when you exercise. The stress management part of exercise helps in many ways, but it particularly helps in that stress hormones tend to play havoc with your skin by increasing oil production or otherwise messing with the “normal” behavior. Exercise helping in both these respects boosts your skin’s overall health.

Classes for All
While exercise/ fitness class are nothing new, 2017 is going to see the continuation of a broader shift in how we look at them. One of the major ones is that there is an increasing prominence to “mixed” fitness classes. These classes, rather than focusing on one form of exercise, try to incorporate several over the course of the class to give you a thorough workout that targets several sections of the body. The approach is likely to end up sticking around simply due to the overall effectiveness of this approach and is expected to only keep growing in 2017. Another kind of class that is expected to grow are streaming classes available online. The services offering these and the companies putting them together vary, but the idea is the same: the convenience and direction of a changing weekly class delivered right to your digital account. It lets you choose when and where you want to participate. This particular trend is expected to grow even bigger in 2017 due to the convenience that it provides for our busy lives.

Woman in dance class

Dance Off
The downside to a lot of exercise is that it can be utterly formulaic and boring. Certain people take well to going through the same motions every routine and focusing on the feeling that comes with the solidity of repetition. Not all of us are like that though. It can become boring and stale quickly and leave us craving something more. Some of us respond by reaching for random exercise that might not be suitable for us in the long run. Fortunately, some fitness instructors are working towards solving this problem through the promotion of cardio intensive dance workouts. These are, for the most part, exactly what they sound like. You can expect to sweat as you learn comparatively intensive ways to dance that can help you burn more calories. Not only do you end up getting to listen to lively music, but the movement is seldom as rigid as it is in traditional exercises. You’re going to need to live in a city or do a lot of hunting for a good stream for this though as they aren’t the most common thing yet even though they appear to be set to be highly popular in 2017.

Exercise ties right back into your complexion whether you realize it or not. Keeping up a healthy amount of blood flow throughout your entire body, including your skin, and managing your stress will keep your skin looking its best. We’ve highlighted a couple of the trends that look ready to explode into major levels of public awareness in the coming year, but there are others. Stay aware of trends and you just might find something else that suits your tastes if nothing we highlighted does.

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You Can Have Better Skin

There’s a frequent lament among those that come to skincare later in their life. They almost always think there is nothing they can do to make up for all the harm they did to their skin in the past. This belief that they’re stuck with unhealthy skin and how helping your skin to recover is a long process tends to drive more people away from healthy skincare than we’d like. Not only is the idea wrong-headed, but it ignores the simple fact that you can have better skin if you’re putting in the effort. There are a lot of things you can do that will improve the clarity, overall health, and feeling of your skin. It is going to take time and a concentrated effort to change any bad habits that you may have though. Let’s go over some of the skincare tips that can definitely help anyone improve their skin. Don’t worry. They’re far simpler than you might think.

Wear Sunscreen
The biggest skincare “sin” that people regret is not properly protecting their skin. Depending on your generation, you may have been raised in a time when sun tanning was still a regular part of everyone’s beauty routines. This was long before we found out the potential hazards it presented to our skin. As a result, those of us in those generations tend to have a lot more accumulated sun damage done to our skin. It can be disheartening if you’re seeing signs of aging earlier than you’d like, but you can turn this around. The best place to start is protecting your skin properly. You’ll want to find a sunscreen that uses a physical blocker like zinc oxide in its active ingredients to give you the best protection. Additionally, the sunscreen should offer you broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30, but you may want to go as high as 40 or 50 if you have a history of going without sunscreen in the sun. Taking this simple step will do worlds to help improve your skin when combined with other tips.

Live Well
A lot of us don’t pause to think about how our overall health is necessarily intertwined with our appearance. This extends beyond “looking sick” when you’re sick though. Your skin, as your largest organ, is necessarily tied into the health of the rest of your body as well. Failing to take good care of your health will mean that your skin will be in less than ideal shape. This is probably one of the hardest changes to make though as living a healthy life involves changing so many factors in our lives that it can feel overwhelming. Diet is typically a good place to start though. You can gradually phase out less healthy things in your diet for healthier foods until you’re eating a better diet. Exercise can also be started as something as simple as a brisk half hour walk three to four times a week and be gradually increased into a more complex routine over time. Start small, but stick to these changes to improve your skin.

Be Patient
Patience is, in essence, the true unspoken key to good skincare. You have to give every product, no matter how well picked, time to actually do its work before you can determine if you should swap to another one. Your skin also needs time to adjust to each product in turn before racing ahead to new ones or you’ll hurt your skin. Patience is especially crucial if you have a history of doing less for your skin than you could have in the past. Caring for your skin properly will take time to get right and for the care to show fully. Yes, you will experience some immediate results, but the damage of years will not be undone by suddenly adopting a good routine. It will take months to get your skin back to its new, healthier baseline. Once you get there though, you can be sure that your skin will keep being healthy as long as you stay ahead of any shifts you need to make to your routine. Healthy skin will also be fit to receive higher grade treatments to help the skin to further improve your appearance. So try to be patient when you’re trying to move towards healthier skin.

Good skin isn’t solely the domain of the people who have had the chance to work on it from a young age. Yes, skincare advice has varied over the years and many of us got poor advice when we were younger, but it is possible to come back from that. It takes a lot of patience and dedicated to helping your skin though. That means leading a better lifestyle and protecting it in the ways that you can to help it heal properly. Making the effort will result in revealing better skin than you knew you had.

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A Simple Holiday Exercise Plan

Most of us gain weight over the holidays. We’re not shocked by this simply because we all know all the food and drink that go into celebrating the extended holiday season. This is especially true if you have friends from various groups that celebrate different traditions. You can end up with invitations to seemingly countless celebrations. All those foods and sweets are going to be delightful, but most of wince a little when we think about the weight we’ll gain. Estimates vary, but in general people typically gain between 1 and 6 pounds over the holidays. Some studies suggest we permanently gain that minimum of 1 pound too. What do you do if you want to try to avoid the problem or at least minimize it despite social obligations? Consider adopting a simple holiday exercise plan since you can be sure that dieting isn’t in the cards.

Walk or Run
Let’s be honest, we do take our vehicles places more often than is actually necessary. You could walk to that corner store, but the effort is very unattractive. Try to ignore the part of you that encourages you to take your vehicle everywhere. Walk to nearby stores to get things. This walking is a good way to help ensure you get in a little exercise that you might not otherwise do. A brisk walk will get you there relatively quickly and is typically quite doable for most of us. The best part of this is that most of us can walk as a form of exercise will little difficulty. In general you’re going to want to take brisk walks of at least 30 minutes to ensure you’re getting the actual benefits. Don’t forget to factor in if this is viable where you live. Places with milder falls and winters can get away with walking outside as a form of exercise when the rest of us need to find a gym.

Woman doing pushups
This is one of the old stand-bys of exercise. Push-ups are both universal and doable anywhere you have the space. They’ll also help you take care of you build that upper body strength for helping to carry the platters around during the holidays. A push-up is incredibly simple. You carefully lower yourself to the ground so that your hands are square with your shoulders as you straighten your body out along its length and go into a resting position on the balls of feet. Carefully push yourself up until your arms are straight below your while keeping your body in alignment. After that, lower yourself again. In general, you’ll repeat this anywhere from 10 to 15 times in a given set of push-ups before taking a brief break and doing it again one or two more times. Talk to your doctor before performing this kind of exercise though as it is a bit more taxing than simply walking and ensuring there are no health concerns when beginning to exercise is important.

Squats, like push-ups, help to build and maintain muscle in the body. This is important to any weight management routine as muscle mass increasing your resting metabolic rate. In short, your body needs more energy to maintain muscles even when you’re just sitting. That makes it just that much harder to gain all that extra holiday weight. Squats, like push-ups, are actually relatively simple and easy to do anywhere that you have the space and the time. All you need to do is place your feet roughly even with your shoulder while holding your arms out to help you keep balance as your progress in the exercise. You will then need to act like you’re going to sit down, but focus on allowing only your hips and knees to the do the bending until you feel you can go no farther comfortably. Simply return to your start position after this part and do the exercise another 9 to 14 times depending on your physical fitness. Repeat this process two to three times.

A holiday exercise routine is generally going to be more about maintenance for most of us. The exercises we’ve highlighted a good basis for an actual routine after the holiday thoughts. They are all simple, easy to do, and can be done in many places. It makes them useful to almost everyone. Don’t forget that you will need to do your best to ensure that you’re exercising for at least a half hour, if not longer, if you want to have a true effect on your health. Start slow and talk to your doctor the whole way to get the best results.

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