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Summer Shower Tips

Things change when summer rolls around. Most of us start changing our skin care routines and our wardrobes get fully changed out for lighter, airier clothing. It is only natural. We don’t always think of other things that might need changing…like how often we shower. Remember that we bathe to help remove grimes and oils from the body routinely. This requires the use of soap. It helps to break up areas where things build up, yes, but it does this by working against your natural oils. Soap literally is working against your skin’s natural methods for taking care of itself. This actually means the vast majority of us are showering too often by default before we even consider summer. It may seem a bit confusing, but it is quite obvious once it has been explained.

How Often You Should Shower
Try not to panic, but most experts agree we should only be showering one to three times a week at most. Many suggest lowering the number to one to two in actuality. Your body can take care of itself on this pattern, but there are certain concerns that come up for most modern people. Yes, you would be smelling fairly routinely if you followed this pattern, but this isn’t an endorsement of welcoming body odor. This fact is simply based on how often your skin actually needs washing to keep it clean. In truth, most professionals concede the smell wouldn’t be welcoming and simply argue to make sure you rinse your armpits and the pelvic area with soap if you’re going to bathe daily. This will neutralize most smells and the water will rinse it away from the rest of your body. A full body scrub with soap isn’t as necessary as we culturally think it is.

How Often You Should Shower in the Summer
We all sweat in the summer and there is no getting away from that. This leaves us feeling dirty and nasty when it goes on for long enough. Taking care of your skin means that we also need to not let all that sweat mixed with natural oils sit on our skin for too long. If we let it go unanswered, then you can be sure breakouts and other issues will be happy to turn up soon. Summer might require you to use soap on the previously mentioned areas a bit more frequently than the “natural” recommendations of professionals, but that doesn’t mean you should lather up fully more. You might want to try to back away from that some given you’ll be losing your natural oils in various ways throughout summer. You want those in place to give you protection from the sun. So don’t stop showering after you’ve exercised or gotten particularly sweaty, but be mindful of whether you’re using soap or not to keep your skin healthier.

Why Do We Bathe So Much?
Given all this, it may make you wonder why the Western world bathes so much. Most of us are raised to do it every day without question. It makes intuitive sense because we’re told it is good for us. Nobody likes to stink either as it makes everyone uncomfortable. Frequent showers are a cultural thing though. How popular it is to clean oneself has varied across the ages by both culture and individual ability. We just value it more than others right now. There is a growing trend towards taking care of ourselves as nature intended though. People are changing how often they wash their hair already and it might not be long before people start to shift their showering habits either. This doesn’t mean you can expect more body odor in the future though… just slightly healthier skin.

The actual amounts that everyone should be showering don’t necessarily change that much in summer. Most of us are going to keep up the habit of showering far more often than actually necessary. We can gradually learn how to take better care of our bodies by listening to the cues that nature has given us though. It will just take time to break unhealthy habits and figure out the best ways to keep ourselves happy, healthy, and clean.

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