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Stress Less About Dessert

While many people try their best to be healthy, they can really end up stressing themselves out when it comes to deciding whether or not to eat a slice of cake after dinner. Even if you have been on a strict diet, here are a just a few reasons as to why you should stress less about dessert.

Dark Chocolate is Good for You
Chocolate is often a key part of many desserts, and if the one you have your eye on is made from dark chocolate, then this is perfect, as dark chocolate actually has a number of different health benefits. From being packed with antioxidants to having the ability to prevent a stroke, to being able to regulate blood pressure, dark chocolate is one of those ingredients that could actually benefit you if you were to have some every day.

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Save Yourself From Wanting It Even More
Once you have placed restrictions on certain foods, such as desserts, this will only leave you wanting it so much more. Eventually, you may end up binge eating, which is so bad for your health for several reasons. Rather than restricting yourself from eating desserts completely, try exercising portion control instead. Once you have taken your portion, put the rest of the dessert away, so that you do not end up tempting yourself to over-eat.

Desserts Can Be Healthy
While a healthy dessert may not initially sound as though it will satisfy your sweet tooth, desserts can definitely be decadent and delicious while also being healthy. A yoghurt pound cake makes use of Greek yoghurt and olive oil, rather than butter, while a fruity sorbet will contain all of the benefits of fruit, with none of the downsides of ice cream. A pumpkin cake is also a great option, especially since pumpkin itself is known for being quite the aphrodisiac, while avocado brownies swap out the butter for avocados, but are just as creamy. Baked fruit is another way to go, and can be topped with a variety of delicious sauces, such as baked pears with salted caramel, or baked apples stuffed with pecan, and served up alongside a coconut milk ice cream.

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Having Dessert for Breakfast Can Help You to Lose Weight
While this may seem absurd, a study carried out by the Wolfsori Medical Center at Tel Aviv University found that eating desserts for breakfast could potentially help non-diabetic overweight people to lose weight. This has been the only credible study done on the topic so far, but its results are still impressive, discovering that, in a period of four months, those who ate a large, high-calorie breakfast, including a slice of cake or some cookies, were able to lose around 30 pounds. While the reason for this is not conclusive, researchers believe that it has something to do with cutting back on cravings for sweet treats throughout the day, preventing snacking and keeping the subjects feeling fuller for longer.

No matter how much you are trying to control your diet, stressing about dessert is never a good idea. Instead, by practicing portion control and sticking to desserts that are as healthy as possible, you will be able to satisfy your cravings without having to feel too guilty.

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