Stress Can Up Your Health Risks

Stress is such a common fact of modern life that we frequently dismiss it when checking in on our own health. After all, of course we’re stressed, we’ve been that way for a while because we have to get that one thing done and then another thing done and then there is that other thing we’d forgotten about. That’s life for a lot of us and we don’t really have time to pause and think about the long term consequences of operating at high stress levels for so long. This isn’t a good way practice to live by though. In fact, it is entirely counterproductive to anyone wanting to live a long and healthy life. Stress is very clearly connected to increased health risks in multiple ways. Some of these issues can be obvious, but others will lurk and then strike out at you unexpectedly. We’re going to cover some of the major health risks you’re subjecting yourself to to help you understand why you’ll likely want to learn to take a break now and again.

Restlessness Adds Up
Most of us have had difficulty sleeping at one point or another in our lives. This becomes increasingly common when we’re subjected to stress. The hormones released by the stress actually make it harder for your brain to accept the hormones responsible for helping you get to sleep. This issues can start out innocently enough with just a little trouble sleeping now and again, but it may eventually become insomnia if you’re not careful. You need to get that sleep too. Sleep is when your body does a lot of the repairs and general care that helps keep your body healthy. Not getting enough sleep will mean you’re facing mounting damage to your body and mind as the stress just gets worse from your inability to heal from it properly. Difficulty sleeping due to stress is still relatively benign when it first appears though and generally a warning sign of worse factors to come. Try to heed your body’s warning in this cases as the effects don’t get any better.

Woman with headache
Wandering Pains
That inability to properly repair the body means that you’re actually more likely to experience pain. Your body won’t be able to adequately repair the day to day wear and tear effectively. It leads to a situation when you’re likely to experience regular muscle pain around your body. It can be out and out pain or simply an uncomfortable tension in a muscle that makes it hard to rest. Consistent pain and discomfort, in turn, further magnify the stress you’re already experiencing by making it hard to find any time when you can feel a bit better. You’re also likely to start getting stress headaches. These are frequently a form of tension headache that leads the sufferer to feel like pressure is being placed on both sides of the head. Risk factors for such headaches include stress and disturbed sleep and you can expect them to continue on until you make lifestyle changes.

The Weight On Your Heart
Stress is frequently associated with your overall weight. Some people will claim rapid loss of weight is a sign of stress while others will credit rapid weight gain. In truth, both are potential issues for anyone suffering from stress. It depends on how the individual’s body responds to the problem. The stress hormones will likely have an effect on your weight though. It is also worth noting here that too much weight is associated with increased risks of heart disease. Sadly, stress is another major risk factor too due to the strain it will be putting on your body. Your body never gets the chance to come down from the constant stress and your heart begins to feel it over time. So it doesn’t matter if you exercise constantly when stressed. You’re still going to have a drastically higher chance of heart disease over time. This is a big reason that most of us will want to find effective ways to manage our stress over the long term to ensure our lasting health.

Stress ruins your body over time. It gradually makes you unable to do even simple forms of relaxation or sleep properly due to aches and pains as well as other problems. This strain will build up in your body too. You’ll wear out quickly and the potential for it to manifest as something truly dangerous like heart disease will keep going up. There are still other health risks associated with stress that can hurt you too. In the end, the best solution is to learn effective stress management techniques that work for you. Hopefully those will help you lead the healthy life that all of us want.

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