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Skin Care Devices: What’s Trending Now

Skincare is an industry that is constantly in flux. We’re always looking to find the next thing that will help create an entirely new way of caring for our skin. That’s why we so commonly see people claiming that they’ve found that next big thing. The results tend to be less than perfect though. Some ideas end up hurting our skin, some do nothing, and only a handful of things actually appear to do anything. It is hard to sort out what will actually work from the utter nonsense too. Most of the time the best innovations come in the form of making specialty treatments more available to consumers so that they can directly benefit from things as opposed to needing to worry about appointments. That’s where a lot of our favorite skincare devices originate. This year is promising to be no different in this regard. With that in mind, we’re going to quickly review some of the currently trending skin care devices that you might want to try.

Treating Yourself
One of the frequent barriers to taking the best care of your skin possible is that you don’t have all of the information available to you to help you figure out exactly what your skin needs. The fact of the matter is that most of us need to talk to a professional to get the kind of clear assessment necessary to target issues in a day-to-day fashion rather than from appointment-to-appointment. Some of the more interesting tech available right now strives to solve that. These gadgets come in various forms including apps, free standing devices, and even beauty mirrors. Many of them utilize a camera of some sort to get a reading on your skin and help you identify flaws in your skin or issues you might otherwise not be noticing. The devices often offer a path forward for countering these issues. It is a nice leap forward in personalized care that you can expect to keep expanding simply because it puts control back in your own hands.

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Roughing It Up
We’re used to thinking of microdermabrasion as something that we need to make an appointment for to actually get anywhere. The treatment can do wonders for our skin, yes, but in the end having to make those appointments is what tends to make it a less frequent treatment unless we’re preparing for a special occasion. Various companies have started moving forward with helping to put this sort of technology into our hands outside of the the context of a professional. These smaller scale tools are incredibly useful for helping to work on some wrinkles as well as helping to provide a nice even clarity to the skin when used properly. In short, they’re at home microdermabrasion. The downside is that these products are obviously not quite on the same level as a professional treatment. While you can’t expect a perfect treatment, they will make a nice addition to your weekly routine if you want a little help with problems areas whether they’re wrinkles or dark spots.

Staged Lighting
Light therapy is frequently used in professional skincare to achieve numerous results. People have used it to help with acne prone skin, the accelerate healing, and even decrease wrinkling. It all depends on the kind of light used, the method of application, and the overall strength. For a long time these therapies have been mostly in the hands of cosmetic professionals, but smaller scale versions of the treatments are beginning to filter out fairly regularly. These, often handheld, devices use LED to generate the bright light of a particular wavelength necessary for a given kind of treatment. Most of the time these devices are fairly specialized and meant for spot treatments more than anything. Some companies are pushing the limits with more flexible models, but these are less common overall. Much as with personal microdermabrasion tools, this form of light therapy isn’t as effective as its larger scale relative, but offers another way to raise the quality level of personal skincare.

Devices are frequently some of favorite little skincare tricks. A good routine helps a lot at maintaining and improving your skin, but any extra push you can give your skin helps it even more. The hope is always to create a world where flawless skin is at our fingertips. It is debatable if we’ll ever quite get there thanks to all the factors that we need to account for on any given day. Happily, that’s no reason not to strive for perfection.

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