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Red Carpet 2016: Top Accessories

The outfits often receive the most attention on the red carpet. It’s hard for them not to when everyone’s effectively wearing someone important in their own right. The great fashion houses and independent designers sometimes even go out of their way to ensure that some celebrities have a unique outfit just for that occasion. The core clothes aren’t the only things that make a look though. Just as important as a dress from a famous designer is the choice in accessories. These allow celebrities to truly customize their look and give a clear idea of how they want to be seen that evening. The 2016 red carpet events were no different from any other year’s events in this case. Many of you are sure to recognize some names that kept coming up as being the pieces to make an outfit.

Ashlee Simpson wearing a Chanel necklace

Everett Collection /

The Glitz
Over the course of recent red carpet events, a few names kept coming up whenever jewelry was brought up. Neil Lane and Lorraine Schwartz pieces seemed to be the most popular across multiple events. Rings, necklaces, and earrings were all present that helped guide the eye and crown the ensembles of the women wearing them. There was little to unify the selection of pieces across so many celebrities though. The jewelry ranged from simple yet refined to a wild array of beautiful colors. Regardless, they were all suitable for the event. There were other sources of jewelry represented. Dior and Chanel were seen on a few celebrities while Forevermark seemed to be competing for third place infrequently. There was not a huge emphasis on large jewelry as was expected by trends, but it didn’t diminish anyone’s beauty.

Jada Pinkett-Smith wearing a Herve Leroux gown and holding a Judith Leiber clutch

Everett Collection /

The Glamor
A variety of clutches swam along the red carpet with their owners as per usual. There weren’t many of note as many celebrities valued simply coordinating the colors with the outfit over noticeable names. Not all of them eschewed keeping a name close by though. When recognized, Judith Leiber clutches were the ones most commonly in the hands of many of the women of Hollywood. As with the jewelry selection, there were few commonalities beyond the name of the designer. Each celebrity had one that fit perfectly and added that extra layer of detail to her outfit. Though Judith Leiber’s seemed to dominate among the recognizable clutches, there were a few designed by Elie Saab spotted on the red carpets as well.

Jimmy Choo shoes.

Phil Stafford /

A Well-Worn Path
Unlike sometimes in the past, much of the footwear in the recent events was largely there simply for its function. The sandals and other shoes were, of course, beautiful, but very few ever stood out from the rest. They were there to ensure their owners didn’t go barefoot into whatever event they were at the time. Admittedly, bare feet themselves might have been their own statement. There were some recognizable designs from Stuart Weitzman, Roger Vivier, and Jimmy Choo. Each of these sets perfectly complemented the outfit they were worn with and helped add that extra dash of grace and elegance to the entire ensemble without drawing the eye away from the outfit as a whole. This is admirable, but it did feel somewhat lacking in the characteristic flair of celebrity.

Accessories, regardless of the form they take, help finish the look of an outfit. A dress on its own can be a gorgeous affair, but completing with the right additions will leave a look people will remember for years to come. The celebrities walking the red carpet did their best to leave such impressions with varying results. Those for more details can easily find complete breakdowns of outfits and styles in their other favored beauty haunts.

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