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Pros and Cons of Covering Your Grays

Age is something we must all confront eventually. There is only so long we can delay the process, but we can age with varying amounts of grace depending on our level of personal care. That’s really what skincare is about for most of us. It is how we ensure a graceful shift into age by reducing the more obvious signs of aging and maintaining our natural beauty. We do this by minimizing a wide variety of signs, but skincare alone doesn’t stop the advance of signs of age. Our hair eventually begins to change in color. Depending on your personal temperament, this can be a more welcomed feature or one that you wish to do away with as much as other signs of aging. In truth, there are both positives and negatives to cover your grays. Neither approach is for everyone, but hopefully, a quick look into the pros and cons will help you decide what will be best for you.

An Uneven Measure
Before we go into too much detail we need to acknowledge that there are separate standards of appearance for everyone. There is an unequal standard for allowing gray hair to show. Men can get away with it more than women simply due to societal standards. This makes proclaiming any truly universal positives and negatives difficult. There are some that we can highly easily enough for people, but the degree will naturally be affected by these facts. It is worth noting that men can only get away with so much gray in the hair even if they can get away with more than women. We cannot simply wave our hands and change the societal assumptions based on hair color, but what we can do is discuss the potential benefits that can help with confidence and self-perception. That way you can know how it will be useful to you rather than society at large.

The Benefits
Gray hair is naturally associated with age and its appearance necessarily means that you become considered older within a social situation. This social code based on hair color can leave many people feeling alienated. Cover graying hair is therefore a good way to help maintain an appearance of fullness and youth in most situations. It keeps you looking sharp and ready to deal with the world. Covering up gray hair can be an important part of aging gracefully for this very reason. Everyone’s hair loses color at a rate determined by their genetics and grays can end up showing far earlier than you’d like. This can necessarily diminish your own sense of self-worth. Keeping the hair colored keeps you looking like yourself when you look in the mirror instead of an older person you don’t know. This is a particular consideration for people in their 30s with genetics with a strong proclivity towards going gray early.

The Downsides
Gray hair does have its benefits though that you lose by covering it up. For all the times people denigrate those who appear older, they also turn to them for support. A more distinguished look can actually help you have an air of authority in some situations. This is largely true for most men, but some women also gain this benefit. Depending on how gracefully you’re aging, hair coloring can appear unnatural to a degree and only make you appear older than if you’d accepted the gray. This is further by losing access to the sense of personal empowerment many people feel by accepting gray hair. Many actors and actresses are proudly displaying their gray or graying hair these days and maintaining their places in the world. Covering graying hair may actually be becoming off trend.

Graying hair can be a blow to us if it comes sooner than we expect. Covering it can help offset this problem, but there are also problems associated with covering it up for too long. Eventually, the best course of action is to simply allow your gray hair to show. Owning it and flaunting it will style has seldom ever done poorly by anyone. It may be just the thing you need to prove you’ve still got more than enough life in you and you’re not about to let your hair color say otherwise.

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