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Proper Skin Conditioning Before A Facial

When we’re going to get a facial we’re expecting other people to take care of our skin. That’s the definition of getting a facial, right? Someone else takes the times to apply various products to our face while providing specialized treatments that we can’t do ourselves. The end result is frequently spectacular and leaves our skin feeling better than it did before we arrived. You need to take an active hand in making the most of a facial though. You can properly prepare your skin before you go to get a facial to ensure that you make the most of the experience. Part of these steps are for your skin’s health and part of it is time saving for the professional doing your treatment. None of what you need to do is extravagant by any means. All you have to do is adjust your habits slightly in the time leading up to the facial and you can be sure you’ll get the most out of it.

Be Gentle To Your Skin
There are two really important things you can do for your skin before a facial. One of them is ensuring that you don’t spend a lot of time outside in the time leading up to your facial. This is because you don’t want to go into a facial with sunburn or a similar form of skin irritation from overexposure to the sun. In general, all you need to do is remember to apply your sunscreen or other protective product as usual while making sure you didn’t schedule an outdoor event during the week. That is frequently enough to ensure your skin will be happy when you finally show up for the facial. You also want to avoid adjusting your product routine a week or two out from your facial unless a product is causing your skin clear irritation. Changing products can put unnecessary strain on your skin before the facial and make it more prone to reacting poorly. You can freely experiment with products again after your facial.

Skip Exfoliating And Harsh Cleansing
Facials involve deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin. You don’t want to accidentally double-up on these treatments as it can hurt your skin. The rule of thumb is to entirely skip exfoliating in the two weeks leading up to a facial. This will help ensure your skin isn’t being irritated by a product. The professional performing your facial will more than make up for this temporary neglect during your facial and ensure your skin is quite clean by the time you’re done. Additionally, you need to ensure you’re not using a harsh cleanser. If you have a gentler cleanser you swap too when your skin is sensitized, then use that for the two weeks before your facial. Don’t pick up something new though if you’ve only used the harsher cleanser.

Skip The Makeup
If you’ve had a facial before, you’ve already had the professionals remove your makeup before the facial. You can do yourself a favor by entirely skipping makeup that day if you feel confident doing that. It will help ensure your skin is relatively clear of extra layers of debris that need to be removed before the facial can be done properly. Not all of us feel confident without our makeup though. Happily, you can get away with removing it before your facial too. The key it ensuring that you’re thorough. We advise looking for a gentle yet effective makeup remover that you can carry with you to the spa in this case. This will clean your skin without causing it any distress that might make the facial hard on your skin. You are better off entirely skipping makeup if you can though as it will entirely remove this as a possibility.

Preparing your skin for a facial is largely about doing what you can to minimize how irritated your skin is at the time of the facial. Traditional/European facials are multi-step affairs most of the time that will cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin thoroughly. Irritated skin is likely to react poorly to such thorough treatments. That’s why you need to focus on keeping your skin happy. Managing to do just that will ensure you’ll get good results from your facial with minimal issues after the facial.

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