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No More Beauty Boredom

Beauty trends shift from year to tear, but there are often reliable standards that always appear. Somber colors are for fall and winter while brilliant colors are for spring and summer. These are reliable, yes, but rather boring when it comes down to it. There’s no room for innovation and expression. What if you want to wear bold colors whenever you want? What if a touch of somber mystery will complete a dazzling new summer look? A willingness to experiment is key to avoiding beauty boredom. If you get bored trying to find your best self, then you’ll eventually give up. Fortunately, designers and normal people are increasingly embracing the quest for expression. This is leading to some particularly vibrant beauty trends. We’ll be covering some of the most interesting beauty trends right now that you might want to try to get yourself out of a slump.

Bold Makeup
This year is proving to be an interesting time for makeup. There’s a dichotomy between the pull towards natural makeup and people embracing clear, vibrant colors. Eye makeup is the most affected by the colorful parts of these trends though. Brilliant blues are particularly popular and being constantly shuffled amongst other colors. Lips are still remaining relatively neutral with strong, if subtle, nudes being quite popular to bolster a natural look. The eye makeup, in particular, is meant to help highlight and draw out color from your eyes to make them stand out more. Finding a way to strike a balance between these two trends can be a good way to help you find just the right new look for yourself. Just be careful not to stray into unconventional lip colors as those aren’t favored at the moment.

Braided headband

Twisted Innovation
There are a few trends in hair right now. The most visible is the tendency towards wearing hair short, but that isn’t the most stunning trend. Braids and twists are becoming particularly popular in atypical ways. Almost everyone knows how to do these in a traditional way, but people are becoming increasingly experimental and ornate. This is where there is a lot of room for building your own style. Even small, decorative braids used to complement a less elaborate hairstyle can offer a new way to set yourself apart. Importantly, these are often a rebellion against the trend towards short hair as well. Keep an eye out for hairstyle that improves on old standbys like the ponytail in particular as many of the emerging styles make them both more elaborate and beautiful without too much extra work.

Accessories Abound
Going hand in hand with bold makeup and elegant hairstyles, there is a trend towards wearing beautiful accessories to help accentuate one’s looks. This is currently leaning heavily on adding the accents to hair. In general, the styles of accessories being advocated aren’t gaudy, but they are eye-catching. These includes various styles of hairband and accessory that play a functional role in addition to a decorative one. Some accessories, like subtle crowns, are proving popular that are purely decorative. The goal here is to coordinate with your outfit without overwhelming it. A good accessory continues the look upwards while helping to frame your face and draw attention to your hairstyle. Properly done this opens up a wide realm of versatility for you to experiment with to find a novel look.

You don’t have to stick with the stable favorites in fashion. In fact, doing that almost flies against what fashion itself is meant to be. It is the visual flow of our expression in the world. Designers continually strive to find the next big things in fashion. Why shouldn’t you allow yourself the same freedom?

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