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New In Skincare Mania

Skincare is a constantly evolving industry. It reaches out and looks for novel ways to help improve your skin and prolong the apparent youth of your skin. This generally works out with its share of failures along the way as false hopes come up and legitimate new sources of skincare are found. Most of the time it isn’t something we actively pay much attention to as the real work goes on out of view of the public with only some of it appearing in the news. Admittedly, that doesn’t stop there from being skincare and beauty trends every year when the barest hint of a new technique might have been discovered. Some of these are inherently appealing. Others are…a bit strange. Sometimes these latter ones don’t get the time they deserve in the spotlight. We’re going to take a quite look at some of this year’s odd, but effective skin care treatments. It is entirely up to you whether you try some of these or not.

Wait, don’t go yet! That’s “urea” not “urine”. Admittedly, urea is in urine for mammals and actually is part of what gives it its particular scent in some cases. Products that uses urea though aren’t pulling it directly from urine. We can make urea in labs and it is actually a surprisingly good ingredient to include in some products. Surprisingly, it is really good at storing moisture for use later. That’s why you’ll generally see it in lotions and creams more than anywhere else. It simply works to help the product deliver the moisture effectively. Admittedly, it is also a surprisingly decent exfoliant as well when used appropriately. It isn’t particularly harsh either. This has led some companies to incorporate it into cleansers for just that extra boost. The combination effect of helping to exfoliate and moisturize the skin means it works well with other products by clearing the way and ensuring the skin is healthy. You should probably expect to see more of it even if it won’t exactly be advertised.

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Snails aren’t exactly everyone’s idea of good company. Admittedly, not everyone thinks of them as good cuisine either and yet they are. The snail itself isn’t actually the important part of the equation, though. Their mucus is. That rather icky feeling residue they leave behind them is actually surprisingly good for your skin. It needs to be in the right concentration to do you much good though. When used appropriately, though, it is a nourishing antioxidant rich compound capable of providing light exfoliation like urea. That makes it really quite good for anyone working on utilizing a good anti-aging product. You can expect the compounds that make up mucin to help boost your skin’s repair function as it helps clean up the skin. There really are no downsides beyond the origin of this compound and we can overlook that for better skincare, right?

There are only a handful of people in the world who could honestly say that getting hit with pepper spray to experience it is a life goal. Even fewer people would be willing to spray themselves with it. Interestingly enough, capsaicin, the compound primarily responsible for the burn in peppers and pepper spray, is actually useful to your skin. It is a little bit more appealing than some of your other options, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting. The entire purpose of the compound is to burn. It just happens to increase blood flow because of this effect. Capsaicin products aren’t the most widespread but are generally used to help give a healthy, natural glow to the skin from stimulated blood flow. The concentration of the compound also isn’t typically high enough to do much more than tingle on contact, but you’ll want to be careful with any product that actually dares to use capsaicin in a spray. You’re better off sticking with a lotion or cream. Some lip glosses and similar products also use it to temporarily plump the lips and improve color.

Skincare is an… interesting industry. There’s a reason we don’t hear about every potentially useful ingredient in skincare: we don’t always want to know. These ingredients are just a bit out there are far as standard skincare goes. It isn’t something we’d necessarily think of on our own as being good, but it turns out they can be used in products we enjoy. Let’s just agree to not think about it too much?

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