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Low Intensity Workouts and Belly Fat

Eventually we all need to do our best to make the time to exercise. Our bodies just have trouble keeping up if we don’t. Age, diet, and other factors simply mean we start putting on more and more weight without ever realizing it. Belly fat tends to be one of the more common signs of our gradual slide upwards on the scale. It is a telling sign of visceral fat and on top of that a sign that we’re going to have a lot of work cut out for us to get back to a healthy shape and weight. We typically get into this sort of situation by failing to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. That means the healthiest tactic is to start from low intensity exercises and move up from there. What we typically want out of it is something that immediately works to help minimize obvious signs such as belly fat. This isn’t always realistic though. Let’s look into what you need to know.

Defining Low Intensity Workouts
Workouts are separated by their levels of intensity or combine of intensities. Low and high intensity workouts tend to be the ones that most people talk about, but moderate intensity workouts exist as well. Intensity is determined by the overall effect it has on your body during the course of the exercise. High intensity workouts are the ones where you can do nothing beyond the exercise because you are pushing your body to keep up and maintain the exercise for as long as possible. You can’t talk or engage in much of anything outside of the exercise beyond maybe listening to music. Low intensity exercises are the exact opposite. These are the particular exercises, such as casually walking, where you are putting relatively little strain on your body. You’re able to actively engage with others while exercising without it being an undue burden. Yoga tends to fall under this description as well. The intensity of the workout generally determines how well they burn calories and overall fat.

Burning Belly Fat
Low intensity workouts on their own are seldom enough to rapidly burn through belly fat. That’s where interval-based workouts come into play. These are workouts that alternate between high and low intensity sections of exercise that help to support your overall body. They help us to strike a balance between high and low intensity that gives us the time to recover between bouts of high intensity with less taxing exercises.

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A good way of talking about this sort of workout is to look at it in the context of walking and running. You can begin an interval-based workout by walking for a little while to provide you body with a low impact warm up that helps your body get used to moving without any real strain. Ideally, you then pick out a recognizable goal and push yourself to reach it. This means running or sprinting to a location you can see or for a give numbers of minutes before slowing down and returning to walking speed again. These alternating levels of activity are surprisingly good for helping to burn through belly fat without putting too much strain on the body.

Making The Most Of Low Intensity
Not all of us can perform an interval-based workout. These tend to assume we are healthy, have exercised before, and are physically capable of engaging in the two levels of activity. Not all of us are thanks to illness or age. That can make the prospect of trying to lose weight particularly frustrating as you’ll want to make the most of any given exercise. The key to finding a good low intensity workout that works to help you deal with belly fat is to find exercises that help build lean muscles in the target area. Lean muscle around the belly will help to draw the fat out so that the stored calories can be used to keep the muscle healthy. You’ll also need to perform these low intensity exercises for longer than you would an interval-based workout as your body will need more exercise to achieve similar results. Instead of a thirty or forty-five minute workout, you would need to exercise an hour to an hour and a half to get comparable results. The good news is you’ll typically be able to keep up a low intensity level of physical exercise for that long, but it does mean you’ll have to find a way to work it into your schedule.

Low intensity workouts aren’t your best option for burning through belly fat at a quick pace. The best option for that is finding a good interval-based workout that alternates between high and low intensity exercise. You can make the most of low intensity workouts by exercising for longer though. We recommend talking about your fitness goals with your doctor before engaging in any workouts if you’re new to them. Your doctor can help you find what will work for you and help you adjust your exercise routine as you become more physically fit. In the long run, you should be able to meet your fitness goals providing you’re dedicated enough.

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