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Look Out For These Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is rapidly approaching as the weather warms from the depths of winter. It can’t come soon enough for many of us. The chill of winter can feel restrictive after a while and the chance to truly express oneself with variety is something to look forward to with the coming of spring. You’ve probably already seen people walking about in lighter clothing and enjoying the warmer days as fully as they can. You’ve likely engaged in it as well. It is time to settle into making sure that you’ve got your spring look planned and ready. The trends for the season are already quite evident and give you a large freedom of choice when it comes to picking a look. If you missed out on the spring/summer trends from Fashion Week, we can give you a quick overview of some of the ones expected to figure prominently into fashion this spring and beyond. The flexibility of some of these options make them particularly good choices.

Stripes Are Your Friends
Some styles fade in and out of obscurity relatively regularly. Stripes are almost eternally okay, but they don’t always enjoy as much time in the public eye as more daring or innovative looks. This year is shaping up to be a year that defies this trend though. Stripes of every sort are expected to be particularly on trend this spring. You don’t need to worry about the thickness of the lines or the color of them either. Stripes, quite simply, are the trend. Colorful stripes are slightly more favored than their monochromatic relatives though. This is to be expected given spring is often about the return of color to our lives both literally and figuratively. You can expect to see bands, stripes, and everything between this spring regardless of where you go. Some experts are expecting the trend to be slightly more popular when it comes to beachwear and similar, but this remains to be seen.

Accessorizing On Trend
There are few things available that can help you get an on-trend look that you might not expect. Accessories, as ever, are playing their part in defining fashion trends this season. A big one, in more ways than one, are over-sized bags. These bags seem to be as much outfit as they are utility by comparison to the comparatively small and fashionable clutch bags many of us are used to seeing in high fashion. There isn’t a particularly unifying design to these bags beyond their size either. Vertical shoulder bags that run to the knees and exceptionally wide hand-bags have all shown up. In many ways it is a perfect match for the currently on trend pendants. The requirements for these tend to be long chains and fasteners that allows the main body to hang above the stomach and similar lengths. Designs on the pendants themselves are expected to be highly varied despite chain length being particularly long this season.

Woman in casual

Stylish Athleisure
This style of clothing has been particularly popular in recent years. Athleisure combined the practicality of day-to-day outfits with the materials and freedom that allowed it to also double as light athletic clothing. Not everyone was fond of the trend and common criticisms of the style of clothing wear that they were relatively unoriginal and lacked any innovation or style. Designers seem to have set out to fix that for this spring. Various ones created athleisure clothing using many of the same design standards, but injecting their owe sense of taste into the clothing. The result is trendy yet functional athleisure clothing that will let you move through multiple areas of your life all without sacrificing style for practicality. Many designers favored body-hugging designs, but there are plenty of options that favored looser styles as well that emphasized a clear freedom of movement. This trend is expected to continue on into the year and grow more popular as summer gets closer even though it is already becoming prevalent in spring.

Trends shift and change with a fairly high frequency in fashion. The great fashion houses do their best to set an example, but these days the various fashion gurus of the web are just as likely to influence style. What we all need to be on the lookout for are for the style amid them all that speak to us. Only by finding these will we be able to carve out a look that helps us to define ourselves.

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