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Great Ideas for Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful luxury, but coming up with special meal ideas can be tricky, because not only do you want them to be easy to eat in bed, but they also need to be packed with nutrition, plus totally delicious. From innovative pancakes to homemade crumpets, here are a few fantastic ideas to play with the next time you decide to serve up breakfast in bed.

Homemade Crumpets
Crumpets are a popular breakfast item in the UK, and while you can buy them pre-made from the store, nothing beats a homemade version. The batter for crumpets is quite simple and easy to make, but are also perfect for adding your own twist to. Whether you opt for cinnamon and lemon crumpets topped with fresh fruit, or classic crumpets drizzled with a burnt honey butter, crumpets are a great way to start your day. If you really wanted to go all out, you could use homemade crumpets as part of a larger breakfast, serving this with eggs, bacon, and beans.

Top view of blueberry pancakes

Get Creative With Pancakes
Pancakes are another classic, and, just like with crumpets, are so easy to put your own spin on. If you are planning a particularly lazy day, try adding a dash of alcohol to your pancake batter, taking inspiration from cocktails or desserts. A tiramisu pancake is a great example of this, making use of dessert wine and espresso coffee, and being filled with cream and dark chocolate. If you are feeling especially hungry, turn your pancakes into a breakfast sandwich, filling it with eggs, sausages and some avocado, or, if you would like to go in a more plant-based direction, use tofu and summer berries to create vegan pancakes that are just as fluffy and springy as standard ones.

Baked Eggs
There are days when nothing can quite match eggs for breakfast, but if you would like to make your eggs extra special, try cooking up some baked eggs. These are so easy to do and simply requires you to place your desired fillings into ramekins, before cracking some eggs over them and then placing them into a hot oven. When it comes to filling options, you could go with spinach and ham, tomato and basil, mushroom and herb, smoked salmon and chives, or whatever else you happen to be craving.

Berry and granola parfait

Berry and Granola Parfait
A berry and granola parfait is so easy to make, and not only looks gorgeous but is also perfect for those who are trying to eat healthier. While you can serve this up in a bowl, using a jar or a glass makes the presentation even better. Simply layer some berries, Greek yoghurt and granola into the dish that you have chosen, and then serve this up alongside a savoury muffin and some hot coffee or juice.

Having breakfast in bed is always a treat, and these breakfast ideas will make your morning that little bit more special. From vegan pancakes to mushroom and herb baked eggs, each of these dishes can be completely customized to suit your own individual tastes.

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