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Five Great Foods For Glowing Skin

The trend towards natural makeup and bare skin in beauty is helping to encourage people to embrace their own beauty. This can be a bit harder than one would like if you have a family history of poor skin. Dull, blotchy skin is enough to make anyone want to reach for their makeup, but the truth is you can do other things to help improve your skin’s overall quality. Part of it is learning to properly take care of yourself in a number of ways. Your skin is directly tied to your overall health. As a result, learning to eat right will be good for both your overall health and help to boost your skin’s overall potential. There are foods you can eat specifically to help boost your skin and create a beautiful, natural glow. Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all these foods will do though. Their usefulness to your skin will only be a small fraction of their overall usefulness to your body.


These get everywhere in food and that’s actually a good thing for your skin. Various compounds within tomatoes actually make them one of the ideal foods for your skin. These compounds work to help your body regulate itself in such a way as to reduce the chance of acne as well as adding extra layers of protection to your skin. Most importantly, the carotenoids in the pigment of the tomato are antioxidants. This helps to reduce the amount of free radicals in your body by neutralizing them. In turn, your body is better able to repair itself without dealing with constant internal damage.

Almonds and other nuts are potentially powerful components of your skin healthy diet as well. Most nuts contain natural oils that are particularly beneficial to your health. The kind does depend on the particular nut though. Some offer omega-3s while others offer boosts to key vitamins. Almonds are particularly skin healthy as they have a decent vitamin E content. The vitamin is responsible for helping to maintain levels of collagen and elastin in your skin.

baked fish dish

Oily Fish
Speaking of omega-3s, various kinds of fish are excellent sources of these particular fatty acids. They work for your body in a number of ways, but a pronounced one is that they offer anti-inflammatory properties. Skin finds this useful because it helps to soothe problematic areas of the skin to make them easier to repair. Some connect them directly to helping to reduce the speed at which wrinkles form, but many professionals remain a little skeptical of the claim. This anti-inflammatory effect may also help reduce the severity of acne when you get enough omega-3s in your diet.

These treats are sweet, colorful, and typically ready to help you improve your health. Berries are interesting in that, like nuts, their benefits tend to shift from berry to berry. You’ll get the most benefit from berries with a deep, rich color. This is partly because of the same reason that tomatoes are good for your skin and partly due to the contents of each berry. Richly colored berries like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries tend to have plenty of pigmentation on offer that acts as a good antioxidant. However, they also have vitamin C. This is one of the healthier things to include in your diet to ensure you skin glows.

Bread with poached eggs

Believe it or not, eggs can be good for your skin too. The important part is not to skip over anything other than the shell though. White and yolk both have things to offer your skin. You’ll want to avoid going overboard in eating this particular food though. In fact, you really only need to have one. Eggs are rich in two forms of antioxidants that can help maintain your skin’s protections against UV rays. They also have a small secret in that the yolk includes a form of vitamin B known to help people have healthy, glowing skin and hair.

It may seem silly, but in a way we really are what we eat. Eating right can ensure our body has all the nutrients it needs to ensure our health as well as making sure we maintain the appearance we like. Remember that the diet needs to be balanced though. Overdoing it on any of these goods isn’t advised as you’ll find yourself lacking in other areas. Just try to ensure these foods make up part of your diet and things will be fine.

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