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Find Your Inner Aphrodite

Cleopatra was one of the most stunning women of the ancient world. Her beauty was spoken of by countless and its legends later inspired our approach to skin care. There seem to be few that could rival such beauty. The legendary beauty of the goddess Aphrodite supposedly dwarfed that of any mortal woman though. Her commitment to beauty and love meant that she and her family helped inspire the Greeks time and time again when it came to exploring those topics. It seems hard to compare one’s beauty to that of a goddess. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to find your inner goddess. The truth of Cleopatra’s beauty had as much to do with her personality and mind as it did her physical appearance. So why can’t you also channel that sense of composure and find what it means to be your own kind of Aphrodite?

One of the biggest parts about beauty is actually how much confidence you bring with your presence. All the makeup and beauty products in the world won’t do anything if you’re not confident enough in your appearance. The intent of makeup and skin care is to help us find our confidence rather than replace it. Think of what you’re saying when you’re putting on smokey eye makeup for a partner. It’s a visual way of telling them that you are confident in how you feel about them and that you want both them and the world to know you’re invested in yourself in a good way. This confidence is in how you carry yourself and your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone occasionally. Aphrodite’s forceful personality and willingness to seek out what and who she desired is something that many of us can appreciate.

Woman dressed like a Greek goddess.

As a goddess of beauty, it feels impossible to strive towards the standards that seem to imply. The interesting thing to remember is that beauty changes over the years and depictions of beauty shift accordingly. These days, the ideal of beauty is an almost inhumanly thin and digitally touched up model whose photos leave even the original model feeling slightly shameful. Aphrodite’s classical representations are much more human. She’s very clearly a woman with a body type that didn’t require a little aid from Photoshop to create. Her complexion is relatively clean, but a bit rosy due to her good health. In many ways, anyone taking care of their appearance like most beauty fans would likely be able to stand alongside the goddess of beauty and, if not compete, at least not look poor by comparison. Aphrodite is, after all, a goddess of human beauty and not inhuman beauty.

The combination of confidence and beauty is enough to have given Aphrodite her way in the world. Charm, however, adds a further element to getting in touch with your inner Aphrodite. Cleopatra’s eternal allure was partly due to her personality being capable of capturing the attention of those around her as if she were a goddess herself. Wit and intelligence served the former ruler of Egypt to the point that few could resist her. It’s hard to say what role Aphrodite’s personal charms as a person played in her status as the goddess of love because of the many interpretations of legends involving her. The truth is that it ultimately must have played some role simply because of how often kindred spirits end up attracted to one another. So part of embracing your inner goddess should be about allowing who you are to be apparent and gracefully communicating it to the world.

Your inner Aphrodite is a mixture of the many elements that make you a person. You’re not just your confidence, beauty, or charm. All of them working together are what allow you to project yourself to the world with the air of a goddess. The best thing you can do to unleash this is to love yourself for your appearance and quirks. It gives you what you need to feel desirable to yourself and others. Isn’t that really what finding your inner Aphrodite is about? Just don’t forget to use Cleopatra’s beauty secrets to keep your skin healthy. After all, finding your inner goddess doesn’t mean getting divinely flawless skin automatically.

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