Find More Time To Read

Reading is one of those habits that most of us at least say we’d like to find more time to enjoy. It is, after all, about expanding one’s mind and exposing oneself to different ideas. Finding that time often feels harder than it should be though. We run around doing all we can every day until we end up overloaded and unable to find space for anything we truly want to do. That’s not helpful when trying to pick a habit back up. This is even when we really know we should thank the various benefits of reading. These are all things we’ll want to keep in mind when trying to find and set aside the time. We’re going to take a quick look at how you can potentially set aside a little more time to get back to reading and things to consider when it comes to finding motivation and reasons to read more often. With a little bit of luck, this should be all you need to get back to enjoying books again.

Find the Time
It is easier than you might think to find a bit of time to read. Admittedly, you may need to redefine your idea of reading a little in some cases. A good time to get a little bit of reading in is during any daily commute or errands that you might have on a given day. Any time spent traveling, as long as you’re not driving, can be used to read a book on your phone or a tablet. Drivers have options too these days thanks to the ready availability of audiobooks. These lets you “read” while beings entirely hands-free and you can even use them while exercising or doing household tasks. When we look at things this way, there is actually plenty of time for reading in a given day. Additionally, you might want to consider blocking off an hour or two before bed each night for reading as it will give you a calm activity to do as well as potentially improving your overall sleep quality.

Woman reading on bed with cup of coffee

For The Benefit of The Mind
Reading is a mentally stimulating activity and we all need those in our lives. We need some source of activity that helps to keep your mind active and looking around the world regularly. Reading helps you to see the world in a different light at the same time that it helps you to relax. Books are how people translate their experiences into something that everyone can enjoy. That’s why so many of us like to read books about other parts of the world. Admittedly, you shouldn’t just read to expand your mind. The simple fact is that enjoying yourself with anything helps to reduce stress. That’s a good reason why you’ll want to consider embracing a love of any genre fiction you might enjoy. No matter what people think it is still possible for fantasy, science fiction, and similar genres all discuss ideas and concepts important to the human condition while doing it from a different perspective. The key to reading is finding what you love and embracing it.

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Supporting the Habit
There is a certain elitism that goes along with still purchasing physical books. They look and smell nice. e-Reader technology hasn’t really caught up in any meaningful way to emulating that particular experience, but they have gotten to a point where they are easily transportable and can bypass glare issues. That’s worth remembering when you’re trying to figure out how you want to feed your habit. Those of us more aesthetically minded might want to collect series or particular titles to keep on a bookshelf as a quite way of referencing them and enjoying the weight of them. By contrast, some of us more inclined to simply read as much as we can find great use in an e-Reader as they can carry around whole libraries worth of books and accompanying notes. In the end, mixing and matching between the two can give you the best of both options and let you collect and display the books that resonate with you while letting you freely indulge in random novels on a whim through an e-Reader store or service.

Books are a gateway to many things. Television and other means of entertainment have simply done their part to reduce our overall attentiveness to this fact. We’re all too eager to ask why we should read the book when there is a movie. The truth is the book has the soul of the work and often has more nuance to it. Embracing that nuance and reading however you can help you to have more meaningful conversations with others and with yourself over time. That makes it worth a little bit of effort.

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