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Fashion Week Inspired Makeup Trends

The fashion week for each set of seasons always sets the stage to what to expect in fashion and beauty. Designers do their best to capture distinctive looks and feelings to create a brand new way to look each season. You can always see the echoes of the past in these trends, but they are almost always forward-thinking and doing their best to create the best that has yet to come. This year the outfits captured people’s eyes a lot, but perhaps not as much as the bold makeup styles that accompanied the models down the runway. This year it seems that designers have moved towards striking a note for individuality and self-empowerment in the face of the world. This manifested in a number of ways. All of them are things that most of us can make our own with a little effort. Let’s take a quick look at some of the defining makeup trends to expect as the year progresses.

Color The World
One of the defining features of the makeup trends this year was the use of seemingly out of place bold colors. They were used to help set and define a look even if they were out of keeping with the season. Bright colors in particular were favored by many designers. Most of the time these various bits of color were focused around the eyes with only a few deviations. This is particularly notable as a few times the makeup used created a distinctly sharp and geometric shape to help isolate and highlight the eyes of the model. Combining this with a bold color resulted in stunning looks that could do nothing beyond capture the attention of anyone looking their way. Some designers did still favor the traditional softer approach, but the colors used to highlight the eyes remained vibrant. Occasionally there seemed to be a two-toned trend going with eyeshadow, but it was not as dominant as the use of color itself.

Woman with bold eyeshadow

Lighting Your Eyes
We all know that a little color in the right place can go a long way towards highlight our eyes, but strangely enough designers went the exact opposite way as well. They appear to be favoring using light tones to highlight the inner and outer corners of the eye in many cases. This is particularly pronounced among lighter-skinned models where white eyeliner and similar products were used to distinctly highlight the eyes. Some went so far as to use similarly toned light colors to achieve the same results. There is no perfectly unifying aspect to this trend beyond the highlighting itself. It is interesting though considering the other notable eye trend. There’s room to play with this look as, while eyeliner proved to be a reliable option, so designers opted to use powders and similar products to create a more expansive look. Some of them even trailed the lighter color down the face for a slightly dramatic look without using bold colors.

You Do You
In the end, perhaps the most prevailing trend was the strive towards an individual look and freedom. The makeup trends we have highlighted were used multiple times, but the look was always matched to the model. All of the makeup played to emphasize natural features and take advantage of who the models were rather than who designers might have wanted them to be. This stunning trend toward embracing the beauty of the individual seems to promise an era of makeup trends where the goal is simply to use the ideas rather than the exact looks to achieve what you desire. This trend towards individual empowerment in makeup is the natural outgrowth of the “no makeup” look that strove to teach us to emphasize our natural beauty without obvious makeup. Here the makeup has become more obvious, but it serves our features rather than being a means to hide something we don’t like. This has generated many bold looks for makeup that we can expect to see evolve over the year. So keep an eye out as people take this trend and play with it.

The refreshing trend of makeup and beauty moving towards an overall more personalized approach as a whole continues this year. It has changed away slightly from the pure no makeup look that embraced natural beauty with minimal overhead to one where it embraces both natural beauty and boldly accenting it in various ways. These trends allow you to define a style that is truly your own from bright colors to smudged looks to distinct geometric designs. This freedom to boldly set your own style is, at heart, the essence of beauty and fashion. We hope that this trend continues for years into the future.

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