De-stress For Better Skin

Stress is one of those things we can never fully escape. Life seems to conspire to make sure that we’re experiencing some level of it fairly regularly. If we’re lucky, the stress we experience is rather mild and something we can easily control with stress management techniques. That’s typically what we’re dealing with most of the time in our lives. Things can start to get out of control before we know it though. It becomes all too easy to accept an excess of stress as part of our lives and not recognize when it begins to move beyond our ability to manage. That’s when our health begins to suffer. The effects of stress on the body are myriad, but the basic idea is that your body is being made to run at a higher rate than usual that ends up burning through a lot of energy and diverting it from caring for the body. Staying stressed for long enough will mean that stress will gradually become plain for all to see as your energy and all of your body, including your skin, suffers. That’s why it is in your best interest to de-stress.

Lack of Repairs
What tends to add up the most quickly is the simple fact that your body simply doesn’t have the energy or resources to spare to care for your skin when you’re stressed. A gradual visual degradation begins to set in. Most of us are acquainted with it and remember the times when we can tell we’ve looked worse than usual due to high levels of stress. Remember that your skin, as far as organs go, has comparatively low priority next to your vital organs. Stress focuses on keeping your insides running at peak and ends up neglecting your skin. As a result, your body simply doesn’t have the resource to repair the day to day damage. Skin becomes thin and/or dull, and generally, begins to look unhealthy as the regular maintenance is allowed to fail. None of this helps us look our best. Furthermore, thinning skin from regular wear and tear means those areas become even more susceptible to damage. Stress, in essence, sensitizes your entire skin.

Extra Oil
Another problem that stress causes is the fact that stress hormones actually stimulate oil secretion by the skin. As an organ, your skin has a regular set of instructions it goes through to help maintain its overall health and thereby the overall health of the human organism that is you. Oil production and secretion represent some of those cellular instructions. You secrete oil to help ensure that your skin seals in moisture and is overall more resilient. The process isn’t without issues as some of us end up with oily or dry skin, but on whole many of us have average skin that isn’t too dry or too oily. Stress hormones push us towards having oily skin thanks to increased oil secretion. This, in turn, begins to create an environment where our skin becomes more susceptible to breakouts. All that extra oil catches more dirt and debris that can, in turn, end up clogging your pores when mixed together. Avoiding this is in your skin’s best interest.

Woman de-stressing via bath

Triggering Issues
Some of us suffer from chronic skin conditions that can be frustrating to deal with at the best of times. Conditions such as eczema and rosacea tend to leave us wondering what we do to trigger them. Stress can actually be one of those triggers and cause a flare up for these and other conditions. The exact reason isn’t quite known but is believed to be connected to the changes in the body brought about by the release of stress hormones. These flare ups can make a stressful time even worse as then one has to manage the condition on top of everything else happening in one’s life. Yes, we all have different compounds that can help us reduce the severity or get things under control, but as long as the stress is ongoing the threat of further flare ups will continue. As a result, it is always in your best interest to keep stress under control to avoid such problems.

Stress is incredibly bad for your skin and the damage can show up relatively quickly. That makes it important to remember to take the time to de-stress regularly. This means setting aside time for your hobbies and the people you care about. Remember that these will help you vent and keep stress manageable. Taking up meditation or any similar practices can also help. Just don’t let stress run away with your body or your skin will pay for it in the long run.

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