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5 Skincare Tips You Wish You Knew in Your 20s

Good skincare takes a lifetime. This doesn’t mean that perfecting one’s skin will take that long but that it is a process of continual learning. We start out with basic concepts and then slowly build up as we learn more about how our skin works and what techniques and habits will help it stay healthy. It is almost necessarily a thing of regrets as a result of this. We always run into things we wish we knew at a particular point to help avoid problems later. Unfortunately, no one has invented a device for sending a brief message to yourself back in time. The most we can do with such regrets is to remember such tips and tricks going forward to avoid any problems becoming worse. It certainly doesn’t hurt to warn younger people about the things they’ll likely want to take care of while they’re still young either. Let’s review a few of the skincare tips that many of us wish we knew in our 20s.

Moisturize Regularly
Yes, most of us knew to moisturize back then, but not all of us were aware of how regularly we should moisturize. When we’re infants, our skin is capable of trapping and holding on to moisture with supreme ease. That’s why an infant’s skin is so soft and smooth. That ability degrades over time and by the time we’re in our 20s we’ve already hit a point where making up for our skin not being able to trap enough moisture is a viable habit. Regularly moisturizing one’s skin keeps it healthier, more resilient, and better able to resist damage from all sources. So find the right moisturizer and stick with it.

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Sunscreen is A Must
There is an air of invulnerability that we carry around with us in our 20s. That subconscious knowledge that somehow we are untouchable and the rules don’t necessarily apply to us. Many of us end up neglecting our sunscreen for this and other reasons. After all, sunscreen makes it harder to get the perfect tan, right? Thinking in this way just ends up hurting one’s skin. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that offers broad spectrum protection any time they are going to be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. Yes, this includes sitting by a window. Failing to do this will mean long term damage to your skin that will show up later and lead to premature aging.

Bad Habits, Bad Skin
Our 20s tend to be a continuation of the time of experimentation that our teens represented. Many people are getting away from their relatives for the first time in their early to mid-20s and simply want to try out things they’ve never tried before. There’s no shame in exploring one’s options, but sometimes it leads us to bad habits such as smoking or drinking in excess. Neither of these is healthy for your skin. Each contributes to the destruction of supportive tissues within the skin that the body then needs to repair. These bad habits are the two major culprits for premature aging with smoking being the biggest contributor. Quitting smoking and drinking reasonable amounts is the ideal route to go for keeping healthy skin.

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Protect Vulnerable Areas
Some areas of our skin tend to be more vulnerable to various kinds of damage than others. These are the areas that have thin skin or are consistently exposed to the sun. Any combination of those traits is bad news for skin. That’s why we generally want to have invested in an eye cream at some point in our 20s to help protect the area around our eyes to minimize wrinkling. Similarly, you’ll want to extend facial routines down to cover your neck as well as remembering to exfoliate and moisturize your decolletage. Don’t forget to use a hand cream either. All of this will help highly visible and exposed areas age gracefully.

Early Anti-Aging
Many people erroneously feel that using anti-aging products is a surrender and an admission to growing age. No one should feel this way. Anti-aging products are useful from your 20s onwards thanks to the various compounds in them that support your skin’s health. This is especially true of the rich antioxidant nature of such products that help offset the free radicals introduced into the skin from sun damage and other sources. Furthermore, the high concentration of vitamins A, C, and E in these products helps the skin stay on top of repairs at all ages.

We will keep learning new skincare tricks for as long as we live. That’s because there is always something new to learn or adjustment to make to our routines to make the best of our current situation. Trying to learn from an earlier part of our lives is the best option available to many of us. So keep these tips in mind and examine your own skincare routine and habits. You might just find something to improve.

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Making Your Lips Look Fuller

Full lips do a lot to help make you look both healthy and beautiful. Society has a particular standard though that starts at “movie star” and goes higher. This can make it more than a little annoying to try to match up when your lips aren’t naturally gifted or you don’t have a dedicated team of makeup artists to make you look your absolute best at all times. There are procedures you can undergo for fairly long-lasting results that need to be refreshed now and again, but not everyone wants to consider cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, there are plenty of small, quick tips that almost anyone can use to help make their lips look fuller than they actually are. It turns out that one of the best ways to help make your lips fuller is to simply remember to take care of them properly.

Exfoliate Your Lips
Let’s take a brief moment here and quickly highlight that this doesn’t mean applying an exfoliating product to your lips. There are tools available that can gently exfoliate your lips for you. You can also use a light scrubbing with your toothbrush to achieve somewhat similar results if you’re traveling and don’t have access to your full beauty kit. Why does this make your lips look fuller? A lot of people forget to take proper care of the skin of their lips for one reason or another. This leads to flaky skin that diminishes the natural color of your lips and fades them a bit. Your lips standing out less actually makes them appear smaller than they actually are. Occasionally exfoliating your lips will keep them clean and actually help promote blood flow in the area which will give your lips a plumper look as well as promoting a more noticeable natural color.

Make Your Own Lines
A good trick for thinner and uneven lips is to set the rules for your own appearance by correcting nature’s oversight. You can actually use a good lip liner to to trace just outside your lips to give yourself fuller, even lips than nature intended. You need to be careful with this though. This is especially true around the cupid’s bow to ensure you keep the look consistent. Practice a few times before actually committing to a look using this trick. Once you’ve got the lip liner in place as a guide, all you need to do is fill in the space between the lines. Consider using a lighter, matte shade that works with your natural lip color to make the most of this kind of look. The key here is to ensure the outer line is thin enough to be usable as a guide, but not so thick that it is obvious. Getting it right will be an easy way to fuller lips whenever you want them.

Use a Product
When all else fails, there are products designed specifically to plump your lips up for a little while to help them look fuller. These are typically fairly clear in their packaging to ensure you know what you’re looking for and give a noticeable boost for a short window of time. These are particularly good if you’re simply looking to get a brief boost for a picture or when greeting people. You can then simply allow other tips to help maintain the look for the rest of your outing. It should be noted that many of these products work for a window of ten to fifteen minutes at absolute most. You can try other alternatives to these though. Mint oil-based products have been known to have a positive effect on blood flow when applied topically. This could give you a longer, natural boost to lip fullness that gives you both fuller lips and better color.

Full lips don’t have to be something you’re at the mercy of genetics for anymore. These tricks and others can all help to give you the look you want without the need for a cosmetic procedure or massive amounts of makeup know-how. All it takes is a little time and effort. A natural makeup look will work best with all of these tips, but some can be used for a more dramatic look quite easily. Just take your time when putting any new ideas into practice to make sure your skin remains happy and healthy during the experiment.

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