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Beauty Routines You Can Complete In The Shower

Most of us have a pattern for how we get ready for the day; eventually, it leads to a shower to get ready and be prepared for the day. Many of us use the time immediately after a shower to do our beauty routine. This is because all of the skincare steps we can do tend to be better at that time and in turn helps our skin. All the moisture left on our skin immediately after a shower tends to offer us a way to make sure that our skin is as healthy as it can be while also ensuring our skin is properly resilient. We can do better than this though. Moving some elements of our beauty routine into the shower can potentially save us a little time and boost the overall effectiveness if we’re willing to try the change. Let’s take a quick look at some of the notable steps you can take in the shower that will benefit and potentially change the way you approach beauty and skincare.

Interestingly enough, a shower is actually one of the perfect times to give yourself a quick facial. Consider that the lukewarm to warm water keep the air in a similar state. This helps to break down various bits of dirt and debris caught in your pores and make them more receptive to removal. We recommend actually doing most of the cleaning actions in your beauty routine in the shower. Rinse and cleanse while availing yourself to the pleasantness of the shower. This will go a long way towards ensuring your skin be as clean as possible. We also recommend a quick facial mask of some sort as well. It can be a traditional or non-traditional mask product. A gel product can be particularly good here as it will be spreadable yet easily removed at the end. However, you can also use a paper/sheet mask that can be quickly placed over your face as well to benefit your skin. Both of these are easily done and finished within fifteen minutes without adding excess time to your shower.

Nail Care
This might not be an immediately obvious option but consider for a moment that taking a shower leaves your nails a bit more pliable too. Furthermore, your cuticles are in the perfect place to benefit from moisture and tender care. You can do it pretty simply too. Keeping a cuticle oil in the shower is one of your options. It provides specialized care that will help make the absolute most of the available moisture for maintaining your nail health. We don’t always have cuticle oil available though and it isn’t exactly a travel necessity either. You can easily hack your way around the requirement simply by rubbing a good lotion into your cuticles while in the shower and letting it rest for a moment before rinsing it away. The effect can be achieved with condition as well, but it is greatly diminished by comparison. Taking this step should help you nails be healthy all day long while giving you a brief window outside of the shower to quickly do any other things you need to do to them.

Most of the time people will tell you to take care of this directly out of the shower. We encourage you to do it at the end of your shower instead. The warm, damp air will still be floating around even after you’ve turned off the water. Staying in the shower and applying your moisturizer will do far more for you in this circumstance. Your skin will have all the moisture it could want and you won’t have to worry about racing time as effectively. This is especially effective in stall showers where more of the moisture ends up getting trapped. You’ll likely get the most out of moisturizing the majority of your body this way. Most of us moisturize our face more than once a day and as a result, the benefits get compounded. It wouldn’t hurt to apply your first or last of the day in the shower though for the same benefits. If you do that, you’ll need to apply the rest of your care routine first since moisturizer acts as the seal in most routines.

Taking care of some of your beauty and skincare in the shower can actually go a long way towards improving your skin’s health while it saves you much more time in your day. The extra moisturizing nature of the damp air simply helps make skincare better. Experimenting in this way can give your skin that extra boost it has been missing.

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Tips For Using Plants To Freshen Up Indoor Spaces

A little greenery goes a long way towards spicing up any environment. Plants have a way of simply making a space feel more soothing overall. It doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of aesthetically appealing ways to arrange them as well. It all depends on personal taste and what kind of plants you happen to enjoy. There are certain considerations that you’re going to need to make if you’re thinking of using plants to freshen up an interior. Appropriate care is important to keep them alive and healthy and as necessary as finding an aesthetically appealing way to position them. Not all of us have had a lot of time to figure out all of these out. Sometimes getting some houseplants is nothing more than a whim. It is a good whim, but a helping hand when it comes to knowledge on how to handle them is certainly helpful. That’s why we’ve put together a quick set of tips on how best to use plants to freshen up the indoors.

The Light Of The Room
Placement is going to be important for your plants in more ways than one. Before putting any in a room you need to consider the light levels in the room. All plants are going to need varying levels of light. Most of them are going to need that light to be natural sunlight. That makes it imperative to figure out where you can tastefully and properly put your plants. If you don’t have much natural light in a room, you may want to ask a nursery about any plants they may have that are capable of surviving off non-specialized electric lighting. The amount of light a plant requires also varies. Shade loving plants won’t do well if you stick them in a window where the sun hits them all day long just like plants that need full sun aren’t going to do well with a trickle of light from a high window in a bathroom. Carefully consider the needs of the plants before you place them as sickly plants are far less appealing to the eye.

Dining room with plants

Playing With Art
Innovative ways to provide accents to a room can end up catching the most eyes. Consider some of the things that you’ve noticed in the past. It isn’t necessarily the jar on a bookshelf that catches the eye, but a climbing vine going up a trellis by a bookshelf tends to invite comment. Similarly, a dangling vine can provide a nice aesthetic in the right location. A thick enough dangling vine can even act as a simple “divider” for a small bit of space by cutting off line of sight from a particular chair or space to provide a sense of privacy. Think about things in those terms. Carved pots, specialized statues, and other forms of artistic decoration exist that are meant to have plants grown in them. These provide a twofold effect in helping to invite commentary as well as display your choice in plant more prominently. Consider looking at options in specialty stores and seeing if anything speakers to you.

The Smallest of Gardens
A tasteful way to display a variety of plants is to consider creating an indoor fairy garden for a room. These are collections of plants all grown in a single pot in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Many fairy gardens include small scale decorations that reflect the name of this particular kind of arrangement. The goal is to create a lush, miniature garden that is beautiful to look at and provides a smile when viewed. Fairy gardens vary in complexity ranging from very simple arrangements to multi-tiered options utilizing vertical as well as horizontal space to create a truly stunning environment. Some people who create them actually cultivate bonsai within the same pot to create a true “miniature garden” look by having a true tree in it as well. We strongly recommend making fairy gardens out of native plants to ensure they can survive where you live, but you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to growing them indoors thanks to climate control.

Indoor plants are a good way to add a bit of color and soul to any room. The kinds of plants you keep and how you display them are another way for you to convey your personality to any guest. So make the effort to care for them properly and figure out your favorite plants to grow. Don’t forget to water them and give them a little extra fertilizer now and again to keep them healthy either. All that effort will result in beautiful additions to any indoor space.

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Essential Items for Your Weekend Getaway

Life can become a little overwhelming sometimes. We’ve got countless layers of commitments, work, and random happenstances that need to be solved daily. Is it any wonder that we tend to have so many issues with stress management in the modern era. That’s what makes planning a weekend getaway for yourself and those close to you every now and then is important. You get to step away from everything and properly enjoy life without worrying about what all needs to be done to keep your day moving smoothly. Planning a good weekend getaway does mean making sure that you’ve got what you need to make the most of it. A lot of things are going to depend on what exactly you’ll be doing during your getaway, yes, but there are a few universal things that are often essential. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these so that you can check and make sure you’ve packed properly.

Double Check The Essential Essentials
We need to stress here that there are essentials and then there are the essential essentials. Medications, glasses, and everything similar to these that you truly need to function. It is very easy to get caught up in the joy of having a little time away from things and end up forgetting these things. After all, of course you’ll remember them, right? We’ve all been in situations where that wasn’t the case personally or been around someone for whom “of course” turned out to be quite wrong. We recommend creating an essential essentials list to help you make sure things have been properly packed before you leave. You can pin it in the area where you keep most of them and check things off as you pack them. Don’t forget to leave room in your weekend getaway bags though. These are quite likely to be among the last things you pack as you’ll be using most of them up until then.

Woman with her hand in the wind

Entertainment and Access
A weekend getaway is about escaping the demands of the everyday, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to want ways to entertain yourself while traveling. Make sure to pack a charger or two for your electronics as well as your laptop or a similar device that will allow you to keep up with what you want in the world or enjoy your favorite media while traveling. This is an important point to note specifically because we can get distracted by the idea of the place we’re making into a getaway only to get there and realize we’d rather be doing something we’d be doing at home. Our preferred devices give us access to these options while giving us the freedom to turn off alerts and others things that we’d associate with work and similar obligations. After all, don’t you deserve to watch your favorite movie online even if you’re on a weekend getaway to the mountains? Keeping your devices handy will also help you stay in touch with any friends you may be meeting during the getaway.

That One Outfit
You know which one we’re talking about. Most of us have a go-to outfit that we like to take along with us on weekend getaways. They tend to be comfortable, cute, and work in multiple situations. Getting away for the weekend is about being able to enjoy and embrace who you are outside of your obligations. Each of our outfits like this is about us and helps us feel like ourselves. We get to feel comfortable in our own skin and show off who we see ourselves as with them. Why wouldn’t you want to take the outfit with you? If you’ve got several, then pack as many as you’ll need for the weekend and enjoy every moment away from the day-to-day. You’ll be able to recharge yourself and come back feeling centered and renewed no matter your obligations in “the real world”. Just remember to throw in a few stain kits to protect your favorite outfits from the weekend out.

Couple taking selfie

Making sure you’ve got the essentials is a necessary part of any weekend getaway. You need to be able to enjoy it to its fullest and ensure that you’re capable of stepping into yourself for a few days. This is important when the world spends so much time demanding that you be who it needs you to be instead of yourself. Packing the essentials is a good way to help ensure that you’ll make the most of your time away.

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Who’s Your Celebrity Lifestyle Guru?

Finding and organizing our lives in accordance with a particular style can be important to us. This is especially true if we’re in a place where we’re not quite certain what we need to change so much as we’re sure that there needs to be changed. Some people turn to celebrity lifestyle gurus for a little help in this matter. The goal is to find someone that offers an attractive way to approach life and deal with all of its little ups and downs gracefully while still having an organized schedule. Finding the right guru for this can be a bit of a challenge since they all organize things a little differently to match the temperaments of their clients and fans. Fortunately, you can figure out who might be a good match with a little research. Let’s go over a quick list of things to consider when you’re looking into the world of lifestyle gurus.

What Is A Lifestyle Guru?
This is a fair question as not everyone is actually aware that they exist. Simply put, lifestyle gurus are professionals that ostensibly employed to help people be both happier and more productive. This can take a lot of forms, though. Some gurus focus on fitness and diet in their advice in hopes of teaching people how to take care of their bodies in such a way that their life improves. You can find other gurus that instead try to keep people up to date on the latest fashions and trends so that they never feel left behind. There are plenty of other niches too. The pattern remains simple: the guru guides you to what they view as having a positive impact on your life. Specialized lifestyle gurus do provide you with a clear focus to turn to for advice in particular matters, but much of the time you’ll get more out of generalist who can keep you pointed in a good direction on most things.

Lifestyle guru
Picking A Lifestyle Guru
Knowing what a lifestyle guru is doesn’t really help you pick one. Finding the right one is a matter of careful research. Most gurus have clearly defined personas that give you an idea of their approach. It helps you decide the kind of person you want to take advice from as opposed to the kind of person you’ll get annoyed with in five minutes for being too pushy. Temperament is a very important point to consider. You’ll also want to consider their overall focus too. As we highlighted before, gurus tend to be generalists or specialists when it comes to their advice. You’ll need to decide if you want to keep up with advice from multiple sources or if you’d prefer a single source for most of your advice. This largely depends on the time and effort you want to put into the process. A good celebrity lifestyle guru is someone you feel you could share a light meal with and chat amiably about the things that concern you the most.

A Small Warning
A lifestyle guru can be useful, but it is important to remember that they have their limits. They’ve frequently come under criticism from public health sources for promoting less than scientific healthcare known to cause harm. Gurus, it turns out, are one of the primary points by which a lot of the nonsensical, but trendy advice gets spread. That means you’ll want to pay careful attention to just what your favorite guru is telling you at least some of the time. Fashion and basic exercise advice are probably okay, but the moment the guru starts suggests particular supplements of an exotic ingredient or energy medicine…well, you might want to reach for the salt. You’ll need a few grains while listening to that sort of advice. Remembering to be skeptical of potentially dubious medical advice should let you otherwise enjoy their services. Just set aside a little time to research their advice and add “skeptic” on to any web searches so that you can get both sides of the discussion.

A celebrity lifestyle guru can go a long way towards helping you feel confident in the direction to take particular aspects of your life. That’s why so many celebrities enjoy their services. Anyone with a busy life could use a shove in the right direction occasionally to ensure you don’t miss out on what life needs to offer. Try to be a bit skeptical of any medical advice such gurus give you and you should be fine.

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Is Tanorexia A Real Thing?

There’s something that feels good about getting a proper tan. It provides us with a subtle confidence that comes from an appearance we actually enjoy. Most of us have a healthy relationship with this though. We know that, however we tan, there are times when it is good to have a little tan and others where it isn’t really that necessary. Some people don’t recognize this though. They try to appear tanned constantly as they prefer the look. It can be done, of course, and remains attractive, but it sometimes feels out of step with the season or location. Personal taste plays more in this than actual rules of fashion. However, there are people who take the dedication to a tan just a little bit too far. They need to tan and maintain their color regardless of the amount of times they need to and the potential consequences. This leads to people damaging their skin and thinking nothing of it. Lately a name has begun to be applied to this problem: tanorexia.

Wait, what?
Tanorexia is somewhat tongue-in-cheek way to refer to the obsession some people experience with tanning. They have a physical need to keep tanning and maintain the “proper” level of tan. Such people tend to be found outside constantly trying to work their tan and look their best. It can lead many of them to actually neglect proper skincare and avoid sunscreen as it might hurt their ability to get a tan. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a lot of skin problems as they begin to age. Statistically, fair-skinned women are far more likely to experience tanorexia than others. They tan during the spring, summer, fall, and winter. The part that makes this even worse is the fact that they will frequently use tanning beds in colder months despite the clear risk it presents to their skin’s health. Many people have taken to making light of the idea of people who are addicted to tanning, but it is beginning to be seen more and more as a real thing.

woman in sun
How It Works
It may seem absurd, but in truth, the idea of a physical addiction to tanning is quite possible. This is because of the nature of how your brain’s reward system works. You get a little burst of endorphins every time that you do something that pleases you or that is otherwise a positive experience. It reinforces that the action was a pleasant experience. That’s what is responsible for the warm glow you get from doing something you enjoy. Tanning is no different. It triggers a release for some people and makes them feel good. Compounding this is the fact that sunlight and UV light also triggers the release of endorphins in the body. This leads to certain people being susceptible to a double-whammy of the “feel goods” from their brain. That could get to anyone. As with most things that make people happier, it makes perfect sense they might become addicted.

Dealing With Tanorexia
As with most addictions, it requires recognizing that one has the addiction before it can be confronted. It is a process to wean oneself off tanning when one is addicted though. There are, in a way, withdrawals from it and the gradual fading of skin tone can be difficult to cope with for some. It is advisable to seek professional therapy to help deal with the mental difficulties involved with breaking the addiction and keeping it broken. However, anyone suffering from tanorexia can help themselves cope to a degree if they’ll switch to sunless tanning products. These will help you to maintain a good color without the actual necessity of tanning. The products are far superior than they used to be and look quite natural. It allows you to maintain your goal while learning to break the unhealthy aspect of trying to keep a tan. You will also want to make regular appointments with a dermatologist to determine the damage done to your skin and if there are any worrying areas that require close examination. Doing all of this will help you on the road to recovery.

Tanorexia, while sounding like a joke, can be a very real thing to some people. It may seem pointless or funny to some people who don’t understand it, but it is a serious problem for people who suffer from it. The potential for damage to their overall health is very high given it drastically raises their chance for skin cancer and other skin conditions. Working towards finding ways to break the addiction is the best way forward for anyone dealing with it. You can do it and you’ll be better for it.

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Start Your Own Meal Prep Club

Taking the time to prepare your own meals can be a thankless task if it is just you or if people simply take it for granted. A lot of people entirely ignore there is a necessary amount of prep time that goes into making sure everyone gets to eat a good meal each day. It adds up too. When we’ve got busy schedules of our own to attend to we can end up arriving home only to realize that a meal needs to be prepared so that we can actually eat that night. No one ever wonders how takeout places stay in business for this very reason. There is a way around this problem to a degree. You can concentrate all your truly involved meal prep for a day or two in the month instead of every day if you’re willing to both find a few like-minded people and the time to participate properly. All it involves is starting your own meal prep club.

The Basic Principles
A meal club is all about saving everyone involved a little time each month by distributing the necessary work to feed everyone across multiple households. You and your friends, who ostensibly agree to the club, will work together to design a mutual meal plan throughout the month. Everyone picks some that they’ll prepare for everyone else involved and in turn, works to prepare them according to an agreed schedule. The prepared meals are then exchanged at appointed times for each person to have access to a readymade meal with minimal preparation involved beyond simply putting it in to cook. There are a number of benefits to this over a basic prepared meal that you can buy in a store. You can get a far higher variety of meals involved, the quality of the food will be greater, and you can also work with people to coordinate drinks for a meal as well. Admittedly, you could also just enjoy a bit of wine together when swapping meals.

Meal prep club
What To Do
Starting one of these clubs begins with finding the people that you need. You obviously need to pick people that you trust to prepare meals for you. Most of the time this is going to start out with your friends as you’ve all likely eaten at one another’s homes before. You’ll probably want to focus on the friends that you know tend to have similar diets to you so that you can be sure that you’ll always have meal options that you find palatable. Admittedly, you all might want to collectively decide to favor particular styles of meal plan together and experiment with vegetarian or similar dishes. The key is simply ensuring you pick people that you know you can work together with and reach reasonable decisions. Scheduling is one of the more difficult parts though if you happen to all have busy schedules though. Remember though that each of you will only really need to set aside a few hours one day out of the month or so near when you’re supposed to meet.

Educating Yourselves
We’re all adults and let’s be honest and admit that a lot of food tastes better when you pair it with the right drink. Wine is a consistent favorite of gourmands everywhere seeking to add that extra bit of flavor to an already good meal. In a club, you’ll all want to discuss your likes and dislikes when it comes to potential wine pairings. Not everyone is going to like the headiness of a red or the lighter nature of a white. There are plenty of guides available for learning to properly pair them with meals. Try to bring one of these to an early meeting of the club so that everyone knows the basics. Don’t be afraid to experiment though if you know a really good wine to go with a meal you’re preparing. Additionally, make sure everyone knows a good place to get the wine. There are bonus points involved if you actually provide everyone with the necessary wine, but, as ever, there is the practicality of acknowledging not everyone will want it. If you do give it with the meals though, remember to store the wine in a cool dry place until it is time for the meetings.

Meal prep clubs are ways for everyone to cut down on the time it takes to get dinner in the oven in their busy lives. People share the load by volunteering to make more of a particular meal in a month, storing it, and distributing to other members of the club to enjoy. You can spice things up by including wine or wine guidelines for particularly luxurious dishes. Overall, the goal is for everyone to have fun, save time, and get that pleasantly full feeling in their stomach on one of those nights that they might otherwise simply call for takeout.

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Stress Can Up Your Health Risks

Stress is such a common fact of modern life that we frequently dismiss it when checking in on our own health. After all, of course we’re stressed, we’ve been that way for a while because we have to get that one thing done and then another thing done and then there is that other thing we’d forgotten about. That’s life for a lot of us and we don’t really have time to pause and think about the long term consequences of operating at high stress levels for so long. This isn’t a good way practice to live by though. In fact, it is entirely counterproductive to anyone wanting to live a long and healthy life. Stress is very clearly connected to increased health risks in multiple ways. Some of these issues can be obvious, but others will lurk and then strike out at you unexpectedly. We’re going to cover some of the major health risks you’re subjecting yourself to to help you understand why you’ll likely want to learn to take a break now and again.

Restlessness Adds Up
Most of us have had difficulty sleeping at one point or another in our lives. This becomes increasingly common when we’re subjected to stress. The hormones released by the stress actually make it harder for your brain to accept the hormones responsible for helping you get to sleep. This issues can start out innocently enough with just a little trouble sleeping now and again, but it may eventually become insomnia if you’re not careful. You need to get that sleep too. Sleep is when your body does a lot of the repairs and general care that helps keep your body healthy. Not getting enough sleep will mean you’re facing mounting damage to your body and mind as the stress just gets worse from your inability to heal from it properly. Difficulty sleeping due to stress is still relatively benign when it first appears though and generally a warning sign of worse factors to come. Try to heed your body’s warning in this cases as the effects don’t get any better.

Woman with headache
Wandering Pains
That inability to properly repair the body means that you’re actually more likely to experience pain. Your body won’t be able to adequately repair the day to day wear and tear effectively. It leads to a situation when you’re likely to experience regular muscle pain around your body. It can be out and out pain or simply an uncomfortable tension in a muscle that makes it hard to rest. Consistent pain and discomfort, in turn, further magnify the stress you’re already experiencing by making it hard to find any time when you can feel a bit better. You’re also likely to start getting stress headaches. These are frequently a form of tension headache that leads the sufferer to feel like pressure is being placed on both sides of the head. Risk factors for such headaches include stress and disturbed sleep and you can expect them to continue on until you make lifestyle changes.

The Weight On Your Heart
Stress is frequently associated with your overall weight. Some people will claim rapid loss of weight is a sign of stress while others will credit rapid weight gain. In truth, both are potential issues for anyone suffering from stress. It depends on how the individual’s body responds to the problem. The stress hormones will likely have an effect on your weight though. It is also worth noting here that too much weight is associated with increased risks of heart disease. Sadly, stress is another major risk factor too due to the strain it will be putting on your body. Your body never gets the chance to come down from the constant stress and your heart begins to feel it over time. So it doesn’t matter if you exercise constantly when stressed. You’re still going to have a drastically higher chance of heart disease over time. This is a big reason that most of us will want to find effective ways to manage our stress over the long term to ensure our lasting health.

Stress ruins your body over time. It gradually makes you unable to do even simple forms of relaxation or sleep properly due to aches and pains as well as other problems. This strain will build up in your body too. You’ll wear out quickly and the potential for it to manifest as something truly dangerous like heart disease will keep going up. There are still other health risks associated with stress that can hurt you too. In the end, the best solution is to learn effective stress management techniques that work for you. Hopefully those will help you lead the healthy life that all of us want.

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