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Caring For Your Cuticles

Learning to properly care for our hands and nails is something more of us could stand to do. Most of the time we leave the care to manicurists when we make appointments occasionally for maintenance. This isn’t actually the best approach to take. Proper care takes dedication just like it does with your face. You’ll find this is doubly true if you paint your nails a lot or otherwise applying products in the area that can impact your nail health. It isn’t actually that hard to learn proper care techniques. A big one for your nails is to learn to focus on caring for your cuticles to ensure overall health for the nail. Cuticle care isn’t that specialized, but it does ask some of us to curtail any bad habits we might have when it comes to cuticles. If you can beat back those habits and make better ones though, your nail health will begin to clearly improve.

The cuticles at the edges of your nails are actually skin. No, they don’t seem like it, but they really are and as a result they need to be treated like the rest of your skin. Remember that washing your hands regularly contributes to drying out the skin. This isn’t good for it and as a result you need to moisturize your hands regularly. Cuticles get this problem compounded as we tend to decorate our nails with nail polish and use harsh products to remove the nail polish. That’s asking for extra dry skin and all the problems that that entails. So remember that you need to moisturize your hands and cuticles regularly. Try to remember to apply a little moisturizer to your cuticles a couple of times each day. You don’t necessarily need to have a specialized product to help ensure the health of your cuticles, but it can help. Consider looking for special cuticle care moisturizers for use if you’ve been neglecting them.

Taking care of cuticles
Be Gentle
Your cuticles are delicate and require you to remember that when taking proper care of them. A lot of us can become tempted to try to alter our cuticles to give our nails that extra boost in apparent length. That’s not actually the best idea in the world. At the very least you need to avoid cutting your cuticles. Cutting them will hurt the cuticle and potentially hamper its future growth by allowing an infection into the nail. This will in turn make your nail look uglier and potentially lead to brittleness. If you do want to make your nails look bigger, gently push your cuticles back with an appropriate tool when they’re properly moisturized. There are specialized tools for the job such a orangewood stick that can help you with this. Consider asking your manicurist for a guide on such cuticle maintenance so that you can take care of things between appointments.

Be Mindful of Your Products
Like we highlighted earlier, harsh products can hurt your cuticles. They do this by drying the skin out and causing cracking and bleeding. You can work against this though. For instance, instead of dreading what washing your hands will do to your cuticles, try to find a soap that includes a moisturizer as it will help cut back on the dryness that washing can cause. Similarly, look for products that don’t contribute to the problem. This is a bit easier when working with products that remove nail polish as you only need to avoid products that use acetone. In case you can’t tell yet, prevention is the key word when it comes to proper cuticle care. Some experts recommend considering wearing gloves while working with clothes damp from the laundry or when washing dishes to add a further layer of protection. Protecting your skin from harsh products will go a long way towards helping to protect your cuticles from harm.

Proper cuticle care is part of ensuring good nail health. The care for cuticles is relatively easy since they are actually part of your skin. You mainly need to focus on keeping them moisturized and not exposing them to too many harsh products. Be careful when manipulating them in any way too so that you don’t permanently damage them. Anyone can learn these tips and tricks and it will help them ensure healthy, beautiful nails for years to come.

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