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The Cooked Versus Raw Vegetable Debate

Getting through each day and eating a healthy diet is hard enough without people complicating it more. Despite this, some people choose to do just that with a mind to try to support one way of eating food over another as if there is some essential purity in their choice. This leads to a lot of confusion over how to make the most of a healthy diet. A lot of people tend to advocate raw food as inherently superior because it preserves more of the nutrients in the food that can be taken away by cooking the food. By contrast, there are a lot of people that advocate for creating cooked foods instead of simply consuming raw ones because cooked foods are easier on the body and often provide a far more complex array of nutrients due to cooked meals including so many foods. These are each reasonable positions to take if you only have the beginnings of information on the topic, but the idea there are only two choices obscures a much more complex truth.

Raw Vegetables
This is the golden child as far as options go for many people interested in living a healthy life. It isn’t uncommon to hear people championing raw food blaming processed and cooked food for all the ills of the world. This makes very little sense most of the time and makes even less sense when it comes to vegetables. The story they tend to stick with is the simple fact that the act of cooking vegetables alters them chemically. These alterations end up depriving people of some of the nutrients available in the raw food and thereby actually make the vegetables less healthy than they would have otherwise been. There is some merit to this idea in the fact that, yes, cooking does chemically alter some foods. This tends to be particularly true for things that end up being cooked slower than the rest. You lose more nutrients as the temperature of the food and time it is subjected to it rises. That’s why so many rawer food can make good, healthy snacks. They’re a full bursts of nutrients that taste great. Cooking doesn’t make them all automatically worse for you though.

Grilled vegetables

Cooked Vegetables
We need to stress here that there are plenty of raw vegetables that will just make you sick to eat them. As omnivores, humans are meant to process both meat and vegetables. That does mean we tend to suffer from the downside of not having a specialized diet: we can’t eat everything in either category. Some vegetable must be cooked to make them edible to us and kind to our digestive system. The chemical changes cooking causes actually make them better for us. To make matters worse for “raw food only” advocates, there are actually some vegetables that aren’t going to release all of their nutrients without cooking. The heat breaks downs some larger compounds we can’t use as effectively into the components we can easily use and thereby actually improves how healthy they are for us. Cooked vegetables are often used in combination with one another in certain dishes as well. This in turn gives access to a broader variety than you’ll get with raw food in many cases.

The Happy Medium
There’s no escaping the fact that many minor issues, such as raw vs. cooked vegetables, tend to have truths that tend to be more towards the middle of the given choices. A healthy diet has both raw and cooked vegetables in it. This provides the greatest access to nutrients without the belief of denying oneself proper care simply by the act of deciding to cook or not cook. Neither extreme will serve you well no matter what a particular diet tells you. Raw vegetables do tend to function best as snacks though. This is because they’re often tougher and haven’t had their fiber broken down by cooking. It allows them to properly serve as a way to stay your hunger in a health fashion. Cooked vegetables are a good complement or centerpiece of almost every meal due to the inherent healthiness of vegetables. Cooking them helps to blend flavors more to create rich, complex tastes that make for an attractive meal. Ultimately, only you can decide which way to balance your overall diet, but which way you balance it won’t deny or give you more nutrients as long as you take both options.

Woman making salad

Humans naturally tend to put stock in information they’ve heard from a reputable source. That’s how a lot of these disagreements get started. Sometimes one needs to take a step back and decide whether a debate over whether you should cook or eat your vegetables raw may not be the best use of anyone’s time. A good mix of both will help keep you happy, healthy, and anticipating the flavors of your next meal.

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One Step Closer To Slowing Aging?

Most industries are continually looking ahead to try to find the next big thing. This tends to give them a jump on the next big thing as well as having an idea of what goals might be possible in the immediate future of a given industry. It can be a difficult task to pin down what exactly is going to prove to be invaluable and what’s going to be worthless in the long run though. That’s what makes it so difficult to make any perfectly accurate predictions on where a given industry is going at any given point in time. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes all it takes is one seemingly potent factor to make it feel like it is all too easy to predict where a given industry is headed. People are currently anticipating a new paradigm in anti-aging skincare for this reason. A study on a medical compound known as methylene blue appears to be the perfect mix of promise and utility to capture people’s imaginations.

The Promise of Tomorrow
Despite its rather chemical-sounding name, methylene blue is a medical compound that’s been used for years to treat various conditions. These treatments have restored people’s health and helped them otherwise live healthy lives. The catch is that methylene blue has typically only been focused on when it comes to such treatments. A recent study expanded the potential applications of methylene blue by studying how it reacted to a human skin model made up of skin cells from various donors. The study resulted in highly promising results that indicated that methylene blue actually seems to cause permanent, beneficial changes to the skin that lead it to look and behave younger. All of this sounds incredibly good for anti-aging skincare and actually works under the same principles as many of the products we’re already familiar with in skincare. It turns out that methylene blue is an incredibly potent antioxidant and that it may just be several steps ahead of the ones most commonly used in skincare today.

Woman at mirror

Antioxidants and Anti-Aging
Not everyone knows why antioxidants are so good for fighting the signs of aging and that’s okay most of the time. However, we all need to understand these benefits to grasp why methylene blue looks so promising. Antioxidants are compounds that, once introduced into the body, help to nullify free radicals roaming around the body. These are particles introduced from UV rays, certain food sources, and other factors that constantly work against our body. They bond and break away from various components of our body and thereby lead to a constant baseline level of cellular degradation. This most commonly manifests as destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin, but manifests in other ways throughout the body. A constant level of degradation reduces the body’s ability to heal itself and can eventually outpace that rate at which we heal. Methylene blue’s potency seems to promise a powerful way to help counteract this problem in the skin and give skin that extra push it needs to stay healthy.

Coming Down to Earth
There are certain elements that need to be stressed about all of this so that we have a realistic assessment of the situation. At the moment, this potential for use of methylene blue in skincare has been established by a single study. The fact that it is a single study, even if it has been peer-reviewed, means that the effects recorded by the researchers need to be tested again to prove their viability before they can move on to a larger scale of testing. The use of a credible human skin model using actual human cells is an important aspect of this study as well. That model is one of the best predictors we have available for seeing how a given product will react with skin, but it isn’t the same as living, human skin. Human trials will have to happen before we can truly confirm the effects of methylene blue on skin. All of this puts the use of methylene blue in skincare a few years out at least and that’s assuming the observed effects hold true for further studies.

Miracle compounds surface every year with people singing their praises for the time that the compounds are on stage. This doesn’t really help those of us who want to take proper care of our skin. It is a distraction from being able to know what will help and what will simply vanish by the same time next year. Methylene blue has yet to show which of these it will be, but for the time being it is simply a potentially promising avenue for further skincare research. We all have to wait a little while longer before we know if it will be the future of anti-aging skincare.

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The Plus Side Of Home-Delivered Meal Kits

A good meal can do wonders for anyone. After all, there are few things as nice as feeling pleasantly full after eating. This is especially true if you happen to really enjoy the flavors of a given meal. The problem is that many of us have less and less time available to us with which to put together a clear meal plan and bother with extensive prep. It is one of the more frustrating parts of modern life. This becomes especially true for anyone who grew up regularly eating home cooked meals and spent the time trying to learn recipes. Society has a way of trying to work around problems like this though and various services now exist that deliver meal kits to your home regularly with instructions on quick and healthy prep for the dishes. These have a number of benefits to them that are worth exploring if you’ve been frustrated by an inability to have a good home cooked meal for a while.

Simple, Direct, Informative
Actually picking out and planning a meal tends to be one of the more intensive processes. You have to pick out something that interests you. Check to make sure that you can get all the ingredients. This is all while juggling keeping those ingredients fresh and trying to decide how much of it you want to make. Delivered meals help to remove some of this problem. They’re relatively simple and contained overall. You get the exact amount of ingredients necessary to make a healthy amount of servings. This helps to eliminate some of the worrying. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about picking out the recipe as it will arrive with the ingredients as well as clear instructions on how to prepare the meal that has been sent to you. Overall, it cuts back on the amount of time spent debating what to eat and helps you focus on the fun parts: the actual cooking and eating of the meal. This simple and direct approach keeps things easy.

Couple cooking

One of the major barriers to many of us cooking over own meals is being worried about eating a healthy meal. After all, many of us grab something quick when we eat during the day so that it doesn’t disrupt our schedules too much. It makes practical sense, but most quick options aren’t the healthiest. Eating well at home is one of the options left to us if we want to be healthy. Finding healthy recipes and knowing what the proper portion size is can be intimidating though. Meal kit services offer a way to avoid this. The amount of food sent it typically curated depending on how many people you expect to cook for and gives an idea of what healthy portion sizes for a given meal should look like. This helps to keep us all on the right track to furthering our own healthy regardless of how intimidating it might have been on our own. It doesn’t hurt that such services can end up helping one out of one’s culinary safe space either.

Taste the World
We all have our particular tastes. These are the dishes or flavors we tend to go to when we want a little most. Comfort food in all its forms is good for the soul, but sometimes such habits can become our only choices. It becomes altogether too easy for us to become relatively isolated when it comes to the good choices that we make and that can severely limit our options for a good meal. Meal kits help to solve this problem too. While meal kits generally have a level of curation, you tend to be able to get a variety of potential dishes from various cultures and flavor profiles. This helps to open everyone up to a broader world of culinary choices. It might not seem like much on the surface, but it helps in keeping us willing and actively engaged with the world when we’re more open to new experiences. Eating good food different from what you’d normally eat certainly qualifies.

Home delivered meal kit services take a lot of forms. They’re a consistently evolving kind of service much like most monthly or weekly delivery services. People are trying out the platform and seeing where the limits of it lie. Finding one that suits your personal tastes and ethics can go a long way towards giving you a positive way to enjoy regular meals while reducing some of the hassle associated with them. All it takes is being willing to try one of the services.

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Plus-Size Models Are Good For You

There’s a universal problem with fashion and the clothing industry that almost all women and those with a feminine body type know, but don’t necessarily recognize. Admittedly, sometimes recognizing it ends up creating a harsh cycle of self-loathing instead of making anyone realize what is going on. That doesn’t change the fact that most of us know that sizing changes and shifts around constantly. There are no true standards for sizes in feminine cut clothing. This puts everyone in the unfortunate situation of being one size in one store and an entirely different size at another. All these sizing issues lead to situations where many of us start trying to live up to an impossible shape rather than recognizing that we’re, at worst, average. Fashion designers and the industry have started including plus-size models to help counteract some of these problems, but it is only the barest beginnings of what needs to be done.

The Problem
Most of us have a very clear mental image of what a fashion model is “supposed” to look like. That almost too skinny look with a slice of youthful eternity to help them make everything they wear look good. There are a number of distinct problems here. Several fashion designers have been caught using young women below the age of the majority to advertise their clothing and makeup while using image editing software to help make things less obvious. They use the same kind of software for more appropriately aged models to help “refine” the images that people see and create a perfect look rather than be constrained to reality. All of this has warped all of our ideas of what real people look like and makes it hard to see oneself as fashionable. Plus-sized models are part of the solution and do wonders for our self-image, but things need to go farther than that if there is going to be a true solution to these problems.

Stylish woman

Just as we have an idea of what a standard fashion model should look like, we also tend to have an unflattering idea of what “plus-sized” people are meant to look like. This is unfair. It also makes little to no sense if we start looking at plus-sized models long enough. Many of them are, simply put, of an average body type. They don’t have anything their doctors would likely consider to be excess weight and they’re perfectly healthy. Such models end up being called “plus-sized” when they’re really normal-sized. This isn’t universally the case though. Some designers are making an effort to include both women of average sizes and those that many would genuinely be considered plus-sized in their shows. This is liberating at it allows everyone to see themselves in fashionable clothing regardless of what industry sizing says and that can have a tremendous effect on our mental well-being to the point that psychological studies have noticed an improvement in self-esteem.

The Benefits of Plus-Sized Models
The unrealistic expectations created by the fashion and beauty industries have imprinted themselves in the back of all of our minds. They sneak in there from the time we’re young and hang around the rest of our lives while coloring our own self-perceptions. After all, if we were one size and then we’re suddenly a larger size it tends to have a clear meaning to us. Including more women of an average body type and a larger body type within the modeling industry allows for realistic expectations. We can look at them and see who we are rather than a packaged and entirely too pristine image that can oftentimes be inhumanly thin. Knowing that it is okay to look human goes a long way to making us all worry less about numbers and more about what looks make us feel our best and help us look like our best selves. Improved self-esteem for so many people seems like a very worthwhile reason for the industry to keep using plus-sized models and move towards more realistic sizing expectations.

The inclusion of plus-sized models in fashion is a wonderful step forward in the fashion and beauty industries. We can complain about how the phrasing “plus-sized” still leaves a bit to be desired since it often includes many women with purely average bodies, but just these first steps can do a lot. Creating more realistic body type expectations allows many people with a feminine body type to feel more at home in their skin and realize they don’t have to be unhealthy to be beautiful. That is more than worth overturning the fashion taboo of using “plus-sized” models.

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Greenery That Helps You Sleep

Most of us could do with a little bit of extra sleep. After all, there’s something wonderful about getting to feel that extra burst of energy associated with getting a full night’s rest. Most of us aren’t getting that these days thanks to a combination of factors. The big ones tend to be centered on our own life choices though. The constantly “plugged in” nature of our modern lives often means we’re available at all hours. E-mail alerts to our phone can wake us up in the middle of the night at the same time that that one friend halfway around the world gets it in their head to call you. This really isn’t conducive to us getting enough sleep. That’s why so many experts recommend working on maintaining good sleep hygiene by regulating light levels, turning off alerts, and other strategies designed to keep our rest uninterrupted. You can potentially add choosing the right house plants to that list too as some people believe the right ones can make all the difference.

Snake Plant
Trying to keep a plant inside often runs up against the fact that plants weren’t necessarily meant to be kept in the home. Unlike us, the plants can’t exactly get up and walk somewhere to get the sunlight they require. Bedrooms tend to be darker than average in most cases as we expect them to let us sleep properly. The key to a good plant for the room is finding one that can handle low light levels well. A snake plant is an excellent option in this regard. It is capable of dealing with much low light levels than many other houseplant options as long as you remember to water it regularly. How is it supposed to help you sleep a little better though? The idea centers on the idea that the snake plant continually releases oxygen all day and night as opposed to other plants that release it mainly during the day. This helps to increase overall oxygen levels while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Some people even credit it with the ability to “filter” the air in some fashion. When combined, all of this is believed to make it easier to sleep as long as the plant is near the bed.

Pot of peace lily

Peace Lily
While snake plants are tasteful and beautiful in their own right, many people want the beauty of an actual flower in their homes. Bedrooms, in particular, are meant to be places of comfort that offer an escape from the outside world. It makes perfect sense that we’d want to add a layer of organic beauty to it. The peace lily is another beneficial plant to keep in a bedroom that might help you get a little bit better sleep. It is credited with air purifying properties like all of the options on this list, but these are a bit harder to come by evidence for and as a result, can’t recommend the flower alone. However, there have been studies that show a clear link to the presence of the flower helping to ease anxiety and help people feel a little less fatigued. This is enough to complement it for helping one get a little more sleep all on its own. The best part is that the peace lily also has low light level requirements and typically only requires water to keep it healthy even in low light conditions. Some animals are poisoned by eating peace lilies. We encourage you to look up a list of these if you have any pets in your home to guard against accidents.

Aloe Vera
Not all of us have the proverbial green thumb necessary to help us keep the average plant alive. It makes finding the right greenery for a bedroom difficult if we’re always worried about letting the plant wither from one mistake of another. Aloe vera offers a good solution to this as not only can it handle lower light levels, but it doesn’t really need to be watered that often. This makes it one of the idea plants to find on a list of ones that can potentially help you sleep a little easier. The primary benefit for aloe vera is similar to the snake plant in that it continues to release oxygen at the same levels regardless of the actual light levels or time of day. This keeps a ready supply of extra oxygen available that can potentially help to get a little bit better sleep. It is also believed to help contribute to an overall better level of air quality as well.

Woman asleep

Plants are a wonderful addition to most spaces. They offer a way to build upon the spirit of a room and create a beautiful display. Picking the right ones can even improve your health and help you rest a little easier. The catch here is you’ll likely need to have a larger number of plants to make the most of these effects. Admittedly, turning your home into a personal greenhouse has its own kind of appeal for some and may be just the thing to create the relaxing environment you need to live a healthy life in.

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The Tools You Need To Start Yoga

Yoga is a good way to maintain one’s body at almost any point in life. It becomes particularly attractive as we age and our body’s ability to handle some of the more forceful movements and shocks of other exercise options decreases. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t necessarily know where to begin when it comes to yoga. It seems to have always been present as an option for exercise. There are yoga studios and classes in most major cities that make it quite clear what they’re offering. This isn’t always enough to help those of us who tend to plan more to get over that initial hurdle of wanting to be properly prepared. A good way to get past that is to inventory the tools you’ll need to start yoga. This provides a sense of being ready while at the same time being easy enough to ensure that it doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. With that in mind, we’ve got a quick look at some of the most important tools anyone needs when looking into starting yoga for the first time.

Woman meditating with cat

Most of the time we associate yoga with a certain fluidity of movement. The demands placed on the body by the positions involve maintaining patience enough to move through them at the proper pace while holding position when necessary. Yoga positions are healthy for the body through the fact that they are repetitive motions that work to maintain and build slowly. The tension of holding the position is prominent in the way they help the body too. However, the positions that everyone pictures in their mind when people talk about yoga are only part of the practice. Yoga is also about controlling one’s breathing and becoming aware of one’s body as a cohesive whole. Many instructors will walk you through breathing exercises when beginning yoga. These also require patience that not everyone will necessarily have if they aren’t expecting it. Remembering that patience is required at all steps to make the most of yoga.

Woman doing yoga on mat

Comfortable Clothing
As a form of exercise that concentrates on mobility and flexibility, yoga strongly encourages participants to wear comfortable clothing with a high degree of freedom of movement. This helps to ensure that there are no artificial restrictions placed on what one can and cannot do during yoga. Most people tend to stress this particular piece of “equipment” thanks to the potential demands on freedom of movement from given positions. Admittedly, no one should try to push their bodies far beyond their abilities, but we all do still need to be able to press a bit farther than more restrictive clothing might allow. Additionally, you’ll want to stick to comfortable clothing made from a fabric that can breathe. Yoga, despite its often sedate pace, is a form of exercise that will place stress upon the body and can cause you to sweat just like any other exercise. Staying cool while exercising will go a long way towards keeping you comfortable.

Woman folding yoga mat

Mat and Towel
This is the sort of equipment that most people would expect when it comes to yoga, but it isn’t necessarily required so much as it makes things a bit more comfortable while you’re exercising. A good mat will provide you with cushioning through the various positions you go through and prevent any unnecessary strain on the body. After all, it feels a lot better to have a comfortable mat beneath you than the hard ground or floor. Try to pick a durable mat that will hold up to repeated use to avoid having to replace it regularly. Keeping a towel handy is advisable to help wipe away sweat after holding a particularly difficult pose. It will help keep you both more comfortable and ready to keep going without feeling too unclean. Consider leaving it on the mat below you to catch sweat in some instances, but don’t be afraid to pat dry when you need to either.

There isn’t really any traditional equipment “required” to start yoga. As a discipline, it focuses on the body’s capabilities and typically only requires that and the strength of will to stick with various positions. Patience helps a lot with this and so does dressing comfortably so that you don’t end up feeling confined in the middle of things. Yes, a mat can help, but you don’t necessarily need it. Remember that yoga is an ancient discipline focusing on the mind, the body, and the soul and not a modern fad exercise like it often gets treated. In the end, all you really need is yourself.

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Styling Tips For Ladies With Super-Sized Strands

The various types of hair all needs particular kinds of care to look their best. Thick hair rests at the interesting place where it tends to need a little less of some forms of care, such as shampooing, thanks to the fact that it tends to remain in better shape for longer. Admittedly, it does need a little shove in the right direction to stay properly hydrated between washings. Thick hair happens to be relatively resilient by comparison to other hair types as well. This is why “thick” and “coarse” tend to be synonymous in most cases when it comes to hair. As frustrating as it can be to keep this sort of hair in good shape, it tends to enjoy some of the greatest flexibility in styling thanks to its ability to take more than other hair types. There are a few core ideas you can keep in mind when styling thick hair so that you have a clear idea of what will work the best without hurting your hair.

The Basics
It is worth noting that thick hair is actually best able to maintain the “traditionally feminine” look of longer hair. That’s due to the strength of the hair. Hair weighs itself down and only stronger hair can withstand the gradual pull of long hair. If hair can’t take the weight, it begins to snap more and in some cases can even lead to thinning in some areas. We do wish to stress here that it doesn’t mean thick hair has to be worn long. How stylish a particular cut looks tends to be connected heavily to facial shape rather than hair type. It is simply important to note that thick hair tends to look better with longer cuts and has a far lower level of maintenance. This is the main consideration when it comes to selecting a good hair style. Shoulder length or lower layered cuts tend to offer some of the best results, but do feel free to experiment and see if you can find a look that is perfectly you.

Woman brushing hair

Bangs are one of those bits of hair styling that tend to go in and out of fashion. Some kinds of hair can never wear them well while others can enjoy them. Thin hair, for instance, can’t do bangs as well as others because it soaks up the skin’s oil and can quickly end up plastered to the forehead. Thick hair doesn’t have this problem. There is plenty of hair to give as complete a coverage as one might desire from bangs and all it takes is a little dry shampoo occasionally if oily skin is a problem for you. Thick hair offers a degree of flexibility in this way that lets you pick from a broad range of styles. This kind of hair is particularly good at taking heavy styling by comparison to other hairs. Up-dos and other such hairstyles that might put an excessive physical strain on the hair are less likely to cause breaks, but you’ll want to be careful when taking your hair out of any of these styles to avoid tangles.

Extra Care
All of these benefits of styling thick hair hinge on how well you take care of it. As we highlighted earlier, thick hair can go without a full shampooing for longer than a lot of kinds of hair. It typically only needs to be fully washed once or twice a week. You can use dry shampoo to keep things under control the rest of the time. It is strongly recommended to use a conditioner meant for rejuvenating dry hair when you fully wash your hair though. This will give you the best results overall and keep your hair healthy and capable of maintaining its overall flexibility. Make sure to carefully detangle your hair before letting it dry too. This will prevent a lot of problems later. Most experts also suggest remembering to take showers in the evening rather than the morning. It will help prevent you from dealing with frustratingly damp hair all day and wondering when it will finish drying. Just be careful about making sure to touch it up in the morning to ensure your style comes out the way you like.

Happy woman with hat laying on ground

Thick hair can be frustrating, but so can every kind of hair. We all have this inner picture of what looks we think would be perfect for us. Things don’t always work out how we’d like though. All we can do is work within the framework of what nature provided. It does take a few extra consideration to properly care and style thick hair, but making the effort will give you a distinct flexibility in choice of hairstyle combined with hair strong enough to handle even truly intensive styles.

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Choosing A Swimsuit Style That Will Make You Look And Feel Fabulous

With summer upon us, there’s no denying that most of us are going to try to make the most of things. That means going to the beach, spending time by the pool, and in general wearing a swimsuit as often as we can get away with it. There’s something about the summer sun that just seems to demand it. We do need to be a bit mindful of the swimsuits we’re wearing though. Everyone looks good in something a little different from the next person. Body shapes play a huge role in what looks flattering for each of us. Figuring out what swimsuit will complement yours will help you look even better this summer. It isn’t necessarily the easiest task and will take trying on a lot of swimsuits even if you know exactly what you’re looking for in a swimsuit. Most of us don’t have that kind of confidence. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide for things to look for in a swimsuit for a few body types that should help boost your confidence even if you have to hunt for something that’s distinctly you.

Woman floating on pool

Around The Middle
What can be particularly frustrating for many of us is the simple fact that it isn’t always practical or easy to get that archetypal beach body. There’s no reason to feel shamed into feeling like you can’t enjoy a swimsuit as much as the next person. Those of us with a little bit more around the middle from weight issues can often feel self-conscious about the slight belly it gives us and concealing that becomes a priority. High-waisted swimsuits can help here as long as they cover up one’s entire belly. Admittedly, a full piece with ruching can go a long way towards providing much the same effect. We also suggest looking for a plunging neckline to guide people’s eyes upward rather than towards the middle. Those of us who are pregnant will likely want to focus on sun protection and how easy something is to get on and off. “Tankini” swimsuits can offer a decent among of both of those, but don’t be afraid to experiment as long as you stay comfortable.

Up Top
Broad shoulders often feel like an absolute bane in a swimsuit simply because it makes one feel a bit less feminine by disrupting the traditional hourglass look. The good news is that it is easily countered with a few visual cues. One of the better options is asymmetrical designs that avoid creating a straight up and down look for the swimsuit. They draw the eyes around and that, in turn, helps minimize the problem. You can entirely counter it by trying a swimsuit with colored or pattern side panels on an otherwise solid suit to emphasise curves. A larger bust can also be a problem when it comes to finding a good swimsuit. Obviously, you’ll want a swimsuit that offers an underwire support or something similar. We suggest thick straps with a higher back to provide further support and help prevent accidents. Don’t hesitate to look for other forms of extra support in the swimsuit as well. The key is to keep the bust well supported and prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Women in bikini

Solving Problems
Childbirth, age, and even a period of bad health can all leave lasting marks on our body. These tend to lead us to be a little bit self-conscious. Issues with cellulite, in particular, tend to make some people think they have to entirely give up swimsuits or else feel embarrassed every time they step outside in one. This is nonsense. Owning your body is what gives one confidence, but it doesn’t hurt to help that along. More covering cuts such as a swim dress are an excellent option for helping keep the offending area covered, but not so wrapped up that it looks tasteless. It will also help you grow in confidence to the point you might not mind if you wear another swimsuit one day. Those of us prone to sunburn need to also make special consideration. Consider a full coverage top that includes your arms. These will help block out the sun and let you enjoy the sun more without needing to worry. The good news is that these kinds of swimsuits typically have lovely bottoms that complement the coverage of the top.

Finding the right swimsuits for your body type will help you look and feel your best now that summer has arrived. Try not to feel ashamed if you don’t have the traditional beach body or if there is something about you that doesn’t fit the perfect mold. There are swimsuits out there that will help you look like your best self and make you feel happy and confident. All it takes is making the effort to find them.

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