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Three Ways To Boost Your Energy All Day

If there’s anything we all share, it is the simple fact that we start to get tired at some point in the day. This point typically comes way before we need to actually sleep for the night too. We need more energy to get through the day. How we address the problem tends to vary. Many people opt to get their boost from a dose of caffeine. There’s no denying that a cup of the right tea or coffee gives a jolt to most people’s bodies. It tends to be a relatively short term solution though. That boost eventually fades and leaves us trying to struggle through being tired all over again. Permanent solutions for boosting our energy each day are much harder to come by and typically involve us needing to make lifestyle choices to support this extra energy. Fortunately, these changes don’t actually require that much effort on anyone’s part and we can all generally make the most of these tips to ensure we’ve got ways to boost our energy each day.

Take A Nap
Sleeping all night and staying awake through the evening actually isn’t the sleeping pattern your body expects. We’ve gotten used to it in the modern era thanks to electric lighting and how we structure our society, but our patterns of rest used to be different. Yes, humans did use to wake up with the light and sleep when it got dark, but we also used to rest in the high heat of the afternoon. Taking a brief nap in the afternoon when you start to feel fatigued is a good way to honor this tradition encoded in your very genetics. You’ll likely find that the nap leaves you refreshed and renewed to face the rest of your day and evening. A half hour to hour and half nap is ideal in this case as you’ll want to get through a full sleep cycle to get the refreshing sleep cycle. Waking up after an hour will put you firmly into a second one, but not the end of it and leave you groggier. So set a timer and take a nap. Your body will thank you.

Side profile of woman exercising at the gym

Exercise Regularly
There’s no denying the fact that being more active actually raises our overall energy levels. Our bodies get used to a certain level of activity and everything ends up “costing” us a little bit less each time. It is entirely possible to gradually build up your energy levels over time by beginning to exercise regularly. Something as simple as ensuring that you’re taking a brisk walk for an hour to a an hour and a half four the five days out of the week is all it takes. Gradually improving your overall energy levels in this way should help you become more mentally alert in addition to having more physical energy to get through the day. Pairing it with taking that afternoon nap will help you find the energy to tackle even very full days and keep going while others begin to slow. Admittedly, there is another thing you can do that will also help to gradually increase your overall energy levels each day and give you the boost you’re looking for to help you through a day.

Smiling woman making fruit juice

Eat Well
Most of us need to be eating far better than we actually do. It isn’t something we necessarily immediately associate with our energy levels though. After all, if we’re eating and becoming full it shouldn’t matter, right? That is, sadly, very far from the truth. We can eat things that are filling without them being nutritious at all. Nutrition is what we need to give us the energy to get through our days. If we’re overly found of empty calories, we’re going to run out of energy relatively quickly each day and be left wondering what happened. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a good way of giving yourself an energy boost. This does mean making a fairly large scale dedication to a lifestyle change though. The good news is that such a swap will give you more energy as well as improving your health in a lot of other areas. This makes it a highly rewarding change to make if you’re willing to make the effort.

Getting an energy boost to get through the day can take a lot of forms. It is simply a matter of deciding what works best for your lifestyle. There is no end to the products out there that give you a quick fix to the problem, but people who want to make a long term change in their energy levels will need to make long term changes themselves. It may be difficult, but it will certainly beat falling asleep every afternoon.

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Counting Kicks From Tiny Feet

Pregnancy is often viewed as an exhilarating time by people who aren’t pregnant while most who are will be more likely to comment on their nerves surrounding it. Yes, it gets somewhat easier if it isn’t someone first pregnancy, but there is always a constant edge of worry. One wants to do right by the developing fetus and ensure their chance to grow while being all too aware of how easily the entire process could be upset. The sheer fragility of things is the constant drumbeat of worry that keeps one’s mind fixating on what ifs. That’s why so many expecting people end up focusing on making sure they do what they can to try to minimize any chances of there being any issues. Constant check ins with a doctor combined with staying alert to all that one can do help ease that worry to a degree. That doesn’t stop anyone from looking for further things they can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery though. There is one thing that can be particularly useful around the 28 weeks marker and going forward: tracking fetal movement.

A Sign of Health
Feeling kicks and other forms of movement is something most people who have been pregnant can recognize. It is alternately enjoyable and sometimes a little frustrating if it comes at a bad time. Regardless of timing, it is a sign that the fetus is healthy and developing well. Staying alert to it is a good way to indirectly track the health of the fetus. There is a rhythm to various kinds of movement that doctors can provide you with a rough guide to that you can use as a benchmark for movements to track. Counting kicks is a particularly popular method with growing support and public awareness thanks to advocates encouraging those experiencing pregnancy to do. On average, a fetus will kick up around ten times in a given hour. There can be slightly more or slightly less depending on the fetus, but the movement should be fairly consistent past 28 weeks and give a baseline for one to track. Finding out his baseline and tracking it can be a good way to ensure the health of the fetus and prevent stillbirth.

What To Do
It is important to make sure that you know what you’re doing when trying any movement tracking strategy. Talk to your doctor or look for any of the advocacy groups online for a clear idea of how to properly track fetal movement. Once you know how to do it properly and have a good baseline, take the time to compare the baseline to movements experienced in a given hour of a day. This will generally give you a rough idea on if the fetus remains healthy. Large decreases in movement can be a clear warning sign that something is going wrong internally that needs to be addressed quickly to ensure a healthy delivery. There are various potential complications that can cause a large decrease in movement that you’ll want to consult a professional about quickly. Professional aid can help correct some problems and get things back on track or offer a way to resolve the issue while maintaining the health of all they can. Movement tracking in this way helps to minimize the chances of stillbirth and can add another layer of peace of mind to anyone who is pregnant.

Pregnant woman getting her belly checked by doctor

The Importance of Awareness
Even in this modern era, many people end up shielded from some of the realities of pregnancy and don’t necessarily understand all that they need to to help provide the best chances possible for the pregnancy. It is important to have long conversations with your doctor about various strategies you can use to track health on your own during each trimester. These will help keep you calmer and provide a sense of control in a situation that can often feel beyond your control. Staying informed and applying strategies like kick counting will also help remove some of the mystique people put around pregnancy and move it into a realm of a normal medical condition that has certain rules one can follow to improve outcomes. This is important for everyone’s health as reducing the mystique around it will help move towards ensuring better care for everyone. So remember to share the knowledge of kick counting and similar strategies with pregnant friends so that they have one more tool to help them over the long road of pregnancy.

Kick counting and other methods of fetal movement tracking can be vital to ensuring a fetus survives pregnancy and is delivered in good health. Every pregnancy has a particular rhythm of movement that can be learned and tracked. Large decreases in movements are a sign to seek professional help immediately. Learning these strategies of movement tracking can help provide greater peace of mind and ensure pregnancy is at least slightly less stressful than it might be otherwise.

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Simple And Decorative Ways To Prep For Power Outages

If there’s one inevitability in a world powered by electricity, it is the simple fact that there will be the occasional power outage. Some of us prepare for this with backup generators, but it isn’t always ideal and you can typically expect the power to be back on relatively quickly. There are some mundane worries to keep in mind when the power goes out. Preparing for them is a simple task that ensures you’re ready when the power goes out. These preparations aren’t always the most attractive though. After all, who wants to leave a set of flashlights out on a dresser or shelf all the time in wait for a future event that will happen at an uncertain time? Fortunately, there are plenty of simple and decorative ways you can prepare that don’t have a purely utilitarian look to them. Using these will help your home feel cozier as well as ensuring that you’re ready whenever the power fails and can stay comfortable.

Lighting Things Up
This is a relatively simple task as many of us already have candles in our homes. Scented candles, in particular, tend to be popular options. These offer a clear light source while making a space a little bit more inviting. An extra scent can be particularly welcoming when the power is out and the familiarity of an environment fades. The key to making the most of scented and unscented candles is making sure to place them in a tasteful location while also making sure the base of the candle has a barrier between it and any surface that can be damaged by heat. This will keep it safe, tasteful, and highly decorative. Admittedly, you can do a little better if you’re willing to make your lighting options even more of a centerpiece. A solar lantern can be a good option for situations where the power might be out for a while or where candles are a bad idea. These lanterns can make an excellent centerpiece in a rustic space while still being functional when needed.

Staying Warm
Light tends to be our immediate concern when the power goes out, which makes perfect sense, but heat is another concern to keep in mind. Remember power outages are often even more common in winter in colder climates. Damage to power lines taking out one’s central heating can mean that your home will get cold fast. You can actually do a lot of decorative things to help counteract this though. Tapestries and hanging throws can do a lot to create a comfortable environment in any given room. They can also seal in internal temperatures as well by helping insulate the room a bit more. Similarly, quilts, blankets, and throws can also be used to decorate couches, chairs, and beds for a tasteful accent. They’ll also be close at hand to help warm up in the event when the power fails so that you’ll be able to stay warm. If you have a wood burning fireplace, don’t forget that a well-placed wood rack can also be a tasteful addition to the right space. Just keep it away from the open flames.

Home Cooking
The practical way to keep your belly full during a power outage is to make sure you’ve got some way to cook. Simple gas stoves are widely available and easily stored in a closet or crawlspace for the time when they’re needed. They’re seldom the most tasteful thing to leave out, but one thing you can leave out is the cookware to use with it. Electric stoves and other modern conveniences often rely on the ability to transmit heat evenly and as a result, our cookware is adapted for use with them. Keeping a cast iron skillet on the kitchen wall and other cookware designed for gas stoves can make for a tasteful accent to the room. It sets the mood of the space while leaving the cooking equipment out in an easy-to-reach place when you need it during a power outage. Don’t forget to conserve the cool air in your fridge and freezer when the power goes out though. A good meal will mean nothing if you leave the doors open too long and let the rest of your food spoil.

Staying prepared for a power outage isn’t that hard. Most of us have gone through a few of them in our childhoods and got an idea for how to prepare from our guardians. Building upon those ideas and preparing in a tasteful, decorative way helps to make our homes even more inviting while also keeping us prepared. That will help ensure we’re not only comfortable but ready for whatever the power outage brings.

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Four Minimally Invasive Treatments That Can Improve Skin

We all enjoy finding ways to help take care of our skin more effectively. Most of these tend to take the form of specific products though. New ingredients and ideas filter into the skincare industry and gradually make their way to the rest of us. Making the most of these goes a long way towards helping to keep our skin a healthy as possible. There are other options out there though that can help our skin as well. Various cosmetic procedures exist that can help fix particular issues and make us feel more confident in our appearance. Unfortunately, a lot of these are surgical procedures meant to fix particularly notable changes to our skin. There are an increasing number of minimally invasive options that offer good results though. They can offer a wide range of possible benefits that can improve overall skin appearance and health. Let’s take a quick look at four of the more prominent options.

Laser Resurfacing
This procedure is more often recognized under the brand name Fraxel, but the principle is the same regardless of the name. Laser resurfacing treatments utilize handheld devices that are passed over the skin to achieve varying results. The most common goal is the stimulation of collagen production within the skin. Your skin gets a boost towards repairing various kinds of damage in this way. More often than not the treatment helps to fill in some finer wrinkles and overall create a smoother appearance in the skin. More potent versions of this style of treatment can actually help reduce the appearances of some scars as well. Notably, these laser treatments can also reduce uneven pigmentation in the skin and help minimize the appearance of sun spots or entirely remove them. This makes them a good anti-aging treatment option.

Chemical Peels
These treatments are fairly familiar with anyone interesting in skincare. Many of us have less potent peels for at-home use that help keep our skin healthy and smooth. Medically supervised peels are more potent though and more often than not have more immediately noticeable results. The principle of the treatment is relatively simple. An acidic mixture of varying potency is applied to the face to help exfoliate the skin. It is allowed to stay in place for a set amount of time before it is neutralized and rinse away. This results in peeling of the skin that reveals healthier skin beneath while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone. The main thing to keep in mind with peels is that there is aftercare you’ll want to discuss with the professional performing the treatment beforehand.

Woman receiving botox injection to her cheek

Almost everyone has heard of this treatment. It doesn’t deserve the bad reputation that some cheap jokes gave it at one point though. Botox treatments are both highly effective and long lasting. It is a simple procedure performed with an injection that will let you get back to your day relatively quickly. The injection carries a particular bacteria with a paralytic effect. It is typically applied to the forehead for the purpose of specifically paralyzing the muscles there. This allows the skin time to naturally repair any forehead wrinkles over the roughly four months the muscles are paralyzed. The forehead becomes smoother and this results in an overall more youthful appearance. The treatment can be easily renewed when it begins to wear off with next to no complications.

This treatment, like the others, is relatively simple in practice but can have a pronounced effect. The person performing the treatment rolls a device with countless tiny needles attached to it over your skin. These needles create countless tiny barely-there wounds in your skin that are just deep enough to tell your skin to repair itself without being so deep that they cause any permanent damage. Damaging the skin in this controlled way stimulates it to produce more collagen and repair itself. It doesn’t take much effort for the skin to repair the needle damage and as a result, it ends up repairing the damage that isn’t even related to the needles. In this way, the treatment helps to smooth out skin and create an overall more even appearance.

Each of these treatments bypasses the seeming requirement of surgery for a potent skincare treatment. They help the skin to help itself by focusing on stimulating natural processes that rejuvenate it. Each of them is also repeatable to get further beneficial effects over time. This allows you to try out the treatments and find which works best for you. Doing so may just give you a better idea on how to take even better care of your skin.

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Skin Care Ingredients For A Summer Glow

Trying to make the most of skincare during summer is a skincare tradition. Summer is when we’re the most comfortable with enjoying our bodies thanks to the simple fact that it is warm and bright outside. The sudden downpours of spring and cool winds of fall and winter aren’t going to ruin our day with an ill-timed arrival. Figuring out how to make the most of things can be a bit difficult though. We tend to have a fairly clear idea of what amounts to good skincare, but we can all do better. Learning what ingredients to look for in products can give our skin the subtle boost we’ve been looking for without changing our routine that much. For summer, we typically want to cultivate glowing skin. It is healthy, attractive, and keeps us looking and feeling our best. There are a few specific ingredients that can help you focus on cultivating that glow all while keeping your skin as healthy as possible.

Aloe Vera
The odds are we’re going to end up using this at some point during the summer whether it is in a sunburn product or another. Interestingly enough, it is a surprisingly good ingredient for helping your skin look glowing all summer long. The core way it can help is by acting as an anti-inflammatory. This is the exact same aspect of it that makes it so good for soothing sunburn. It is very easy for our skin to get inflamed during the summer through one thing or another. Dryness, exposure to irritating substances, and sun exposure tend to be the most common summer woes though. The redness and irritation disrupt your skin’s natural glow and can make it dull. Regularly utilizing aloe vera guards against outside inflammation as well as moisturizing the skin. This makes it a highly effective way to counteract a lot of summer skin woes. There are even plenty of antioxidants in it as well for an extra-healthy skin boost for the summer.

Woman in jacuzzi filled with orange slices

Vitamin C
As one of the big three skincare vitamins, it isn’t that surprising to see vitamin C on this list. It can be particularly useful in summer for a number of reasons though. One of the major ones is that vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant. Our skin is continually exposed to UV rays in summer thanks to the longer days and our tendency to embrace sun exposure during the summer whether we think about it or not. Vitamin C helps counteract the damage done by free radicals that can diminish your skin’s apparent health by eating away at the collagen keeping your skin filled out. The vitamin is also known for helping to lighten skin and evening out tone. This helps to give you a relatively even and healthy skin. Lastly, there are several studies that show vitamin C helps to ease inflammation in the skin. This will cut back on summer redness and let your natural glow shine on without worry.

Green Tea Extract
Anyone interested in skincare has likely seen green tea extract being used in a variety of products. It is a simple yet effective ingredient with a number of benefits. It also caters directly to the skin’s needs when it comes to maintaining a healthy glow in summer. Green tea extract is one of the many ingredients that are absolutely packed with antioxidants. It makes it incredibly useful for keeping the skin healthy and encouraging its natural beauty. This on its own makes it a useful thing to see in any skincare product, but it becomes particularly potent when you find out that it shares anti-inflammatory properties with aloe vera. Green tea extract is also often used in a wider variety of products by comparison to aloe vera. This allows you to ensure that you can cater to your skincare routine while still getting a useful ingredient for helping your skin look its best.

These ingredients offer ways of counteracting the major issues with summer sun exposure. Protecting your skin like this is one of the true keys to get and keep a healthy summer glow. Damage done to your skin and the ensuing inflammation will make your skin look duller and disrupt your complexion. Ensuring your typical skincare routine has these ingredients will give you some extra support for resisting the rigors of summer.

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A Book List For Your Last Summer Road Trip

Road trips are a classic way to spend the summer. The travel is often as rewarding as the destination. Admittedly, you typically want to bring one or two more drivers with you to cut back on the amount of driving you have to do. It gives you time to relax even during the long drive. Admittedly, you can still spend time relaxing every evening when you’re taking a break from driving or at each destination on your road trip. Making sure to make a decent number of books will help you ensure that you’re never without a little bit of reading material during the trip. You probably have your own favorites, but it is always worthwhile to branch out and try to read something new. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the books that have come out this year that might just make for interesting reading material as you take that one last road trip of the summer.

The Leavers by Lisa Ko
Every era has its own hot button issues with people having strong words on all sides of the issues. For the United States, one of those issues is the place of immigrants in society. Many people approach the issue with empathy, but even that doesn’t necessarily mean they can have a clear understanding of what immigration can mean to someone. Furthermore, people don’t necessarily grasp what it can mean for anyone who has been adopted by a culture other than the one of the heritage. This novel attempts to tackle both of them through a heart-wrenching family story. The story follows the story of a Chinese mother living in America that vanishes without a trace one day. This leaves her son alone in the world and soon adopted by well-meaning, but white couple intent on trying to give the boy a good life. The intertwined stories of estrangement and growth will help almost any reader find their heart when thinking about the plight of immigrants and their children in the United States.

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution by China Miéville
History isn’t necessarily a fascinating thing to many people, but at the same time, it can be tremendously engaging when done well. That is what the author of October has attempted to do. The book traces the origins and thoughts that lead up to and caused many of the decisions that made the Russian Revolution. October does its best to do this in a relatively clear-headed fashion without succumbing to the usual scare tactics surrounding the word communism. Miéville’s approach is simply to explain to the reader what motivated such a fundamental transformation in Russia over so short of a period of time. From the political turmoil and injustice to abuses of power, the author does his best to ensure people understand that there was a time when people believed they could change the world and tried as hard as they could to do so even if the long term results weren’t exactly what they expected.

Woman reading in a park with coffee in her hand

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
There’s always room for more fantastical stories when you’re on a road trip. After all, not everything needs to be about figuring out the best way to understand other people or the history of the world. Child’s novel centers on the continuing adventures of Dr. Jeremy Logan. His travels around the world have gotten him in more than his fair share of odd situations, but the events of the novel may just be one of his most deadly adventures. After a murdered hiker is found on a trail in the Adirondacks, the sheer viciousness of the attack stuns the locals and pushes Logan towards an inevitably meeting with someone or something deep in the woods. Child maintains the signature thrilling atmosphere that characterizes his work and draws readers into a world of full of questions. As the readers and Logan try to figure out what is coming, the plot races ahead to provide a high speed summer read.

These are a few fun suggestions for those of us looking into summer reading for their road trip. We’ve covered a range of topics ranging from realistic drama to history. That should ensure there’s something for everyone looking for a good read this summer. You might want to look for a few more books on your own though if you’re a particularly voracious reader as these three likely won’t be enough to tide you over for a whole road trip even if they’re entertaining for however long they last.

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Manage Your Grays In Different Ways

We all take to gray hair in different ways. Some of us have an almost instinctive reaction to avoiding it and do our best to hide gray hairs from sight. A few of us outright embrace it and work towards making it look as good on us as possible. Most of us tend to be somewhere between these extremes and negotiate between our own wish to keep looking as youthful as we feel and bowing to the fact that our hair can only keep up with us for so long. Figuring out how one is going to manage one’s grays tends to be one of those life events that we all remember for a least a while as it is a sign of our overall life progressing further. Not everyone knows how they feel about their grays though. That can make it difficult figuring out how to manage them one way or another. Let’s take a look at some of the ways others have done so to get a clearer picture of what is available to us all.

Covering the Problem
Many of us end up seeing our graying hair as a problem to surmount. This is an entirely valid way to approach it, but it does require certain considerations. You’ll want to talk to a stylist about your options. Different hair colors paired well depending on your overall complexion and apparent age. Sticking with as close to your natural color as possible tends to be the most popular option overall as it allows you to maintain a seamless appearance despite the dye. Choosing to take this route will require you to get periodic touch-ups to ensure coverage remains for the dye as your hair will keep growing and the grays will begin to turn up again around the roots of your hair. You’ll also want to make sure to discuss how often your hair can handle dye treatments with a stylist as dye also needs to be removed from time to time to prevent ugly buildup. A thorough cleaning and regular haircuts will generally take care of this though.

A Few Easy Steps
Another good option is to simply allow things to happen naturally. We all go gray at varying rates depending on our age, hormones, ethnicity, and other factors. Allowing oneself to go naturally gray can be its own simply yet beautiful option. It does mean needing to adjust one’s wardrobe and makeup over time though. Gray hair benefits your features when paired with particular colors. Makeup is going to need to become a bit more colorful to ensure your features are more apparent without the framing of colored hair. Your wardrobe will need to shift towards cooler colors that give you a bit of color without being overwhelming. Just stay alert to how gray your hair is getting and what looks best on your over time and you can simply embrace going gray in a natural way. This isn’t for everyone though and sometimes the patience involved just requires too much of one. That’s why there are still other options for managing your grays.

Happy mature woman with greying hair at laptop

In One Go
The natural option can be difficult, but there is an option for people who simply don’t want to wait everything out. Your hair starts growing gray at your roots and as a result you end up with varying colors of hair as your hair grays. Regularly dying it offers you an option to disguise it, but eventually many of us get tired of all the upkeep. That leads us to another choice. Your can easily swap to purely gray hair with a dye or by cutting your hair to where the ends of the grays hair are and removing all the color at once. This helps to remove other choices and, in many ways, is the hair color equivalent to pulling to proverbial bandage off. It allows you to immediately move to gray and simply embrace it for what it is along with all the changes you’ll need to make to your look. Getting it over with allows you to move on to standard gray hair care and not fuss with whether something still looks good or not.

Managing your graying hair is its own for of life event. We all start going gray eventually and figuring out how you want to handle it allows you to approach that time without worry. You’ll know what you’re going to do, how to do it, and have an idea of what you might do in the future. In the end, you’re the one who will need to make the choice about your hair color as no one else can make it for you.

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Stay Cool And Healthy In The Summer Heat

As the hottest season of the year, summer has a way of getting to us before we notice it. Days spent outside with friends can end up causing sunburn or a bit of sun sickness before we even catch on to what is happening. That tends to dampen our spirits some when it happens. No one wants to spend summer unhappy and wishing things were going a bit better though. That flies entirely in the face of the freedom of the season and the all-embracing warmth of it all that makes up for winter. All you have to do is make sure to remember a few things that can help keep you cool and healthy during the summer’s heat. There are numerous ways to do this and you’ve likely got your own techniques for doing it already. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick review of some of the basic options though. This helps to serve as both a reminder for those of us who’ve been aware of this fact for years and a primer for people who are just starting to experience the consequences for not learning how to take care of themselves.

Use The Shade
An incredibly simple thing we can all do is simply remembering to get out of the sun once in awhile. Summer’s heat is greatest when we’re out under the full sun and experiencing the feeling of the sun beating down on us at the same time that the ambient heat is welling up. We can all generally find some shade wherever we are during the summer and that’s vital to our health. The beach has umbrellas and beach-side bars or restaurant. Summer camping trips typically have plenty of shade to go around in most parks or recreational areas. Time spent by the pool at home means you can duck inside or under an awning easily. All you have to do is remember to get out of the sun occasionally. That will go a long way towards preventing one from overheating during the summer. There are even better strategies that can be combined with this though.

Smiling woman with shades and drink on a boat

Water, Water Everywhere
Keep drinks handy during the summer. The three core rules of summer are the same almost everywhere: hydration, hydration, hydration. You’ll be losing a lot of moisture from your body without realizing it as you sweat. Summer’s heat can easily wick away that sweat before you notice it in certain climates. Working against this will help ensure you keep cooler than you otherwise would. The general recommendation is to ensure you’re drinking water regularly when you’re outside exerting yourself and when you step in to take a break from things. This will generally help ensure that you’re replacing all the water you’re losing to the heat. Cold water is preferred though as it will help you regulate your internal temperature to a degree. It can be easy to overheat otherwise and getting overheated has various negative effects on the body. Sun sickness and sun stroke are both quite real and capable of harming your health.

Wear Clothes That Breathe
A lot of us want to look our best during the summer and that’s an admirable goal. Staying stylish takes hard work and staying aware of the latest trends. It can, however, lead us to opt to wear something stylish without consideration as to the consequences. Each kind of fabric and cut out there permits a different amount of air flow through it. Summer is a time for breathable fabrics. You want air to be able to pass through your clothes easily to help ensure you’re staying cool to help minimize sweating. This generally means you’ll want to favor cotton and cotton blends above all other options so that you can be sure that your clothing breathes. Cuts that support this idea as also advisable. Loose, flowing fabrics tend to permit more freedom of movement as well as allowing more air to flow through them than tighter options. Remembering these generalized guidelines will help you be stylish while staying healthy as well.

Staying cool and health doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All it really takes is remembering to dress properly for summer while staying hydrated. It certainly doesn’t hurt to get out of the sun once in a while though. We can all follow those general guidelines easily enough and can likely think of another few ourselves. Building up your strategy for staying cool and sticking too it will help you make the most of summer this year and all the following ones.

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