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Beauty Routines You Can Complete In The Shower

Most of us have a pattern for how we get ready for the day; eventually, it leads to a shower to get ready and be prepared for the day. Many of us use the time immediately after a shower to do our beauty routine. This is because all of the skincare steps we can do tend to be better at that time and in turn helps our skin. All the moisture left on our skin immediately after a shower tends to offer us a way to make sure that our skin is as healthy as it can be while also ensuring our skin is properly resilient. We can do better than this though. Moving some elements of our beauty routine into the shower can potentially save us a little time and boost the overall effectiveness if we’re willing to try the change. Let’s take a quick look at some of the notable steps you can take in the shower that will benefit and potentially change the way you approach beauty and skincare.

Interestingly enough, a shower is actually one of the perfect times to give yourself a quick facial. Consider that the lukewarm to warm water keep the air in a similar state. This helps to break down various bits of dirt and debris caught in your pores and make them more receptive to removal. We recommend actually doing most of the cleaning actions in your beauty routine in the shower. Rinse and cleanse while availing yourself to the pleasantness of the shower. This will go a long way towards ensuring your skin be as clean as possible. We also recommend a quick facial mask of some sort as well. It can be a traditional or non-traditional mask product. A gel product can be particularly good here as it will be spreadable yet easily removed at the end. However, you can also use a paper/sheet mask that can be quickly placed over your face as well to benefit your skin. Both of these are easily done and finished within fifteen minutes without adding excess time to your shower.

Nail Care
This might not be an immediately obvious option but consider for a moment that taking a shower leaves your nails a bit more pliable too. Furthermore, your cuticles are in the perfect place to benefit from moisture and tender care. You can do it pretty simply too. Keeping a cuticle oil in the shower is one of your options. It provides specialized care that will help make the absolute most of the available moisture for maintaining your nail health. We don’t always have cuticle oil available though and it isn’t exactly a travel necessity either. You can easily hack your way around the requirement simply by rubbing a good lotion into your cuticles while in the shower and letting it rest for a moment before rinsing it away. The effect can be achieved with condition as well, but it is greatly diminished by comparison. Taking this step should help you nails be healthy all day long while giving you a brief window outside of the shower to quickly do any other things you need to do to them.

Most of the time people will tell you to take care of this directly out of the shower. We encourage you to do it at the end of your shower instead. The warm, damp air will still be floating around even after you’ve turned off the water. Staying in the shower and applying your moisturizer will do far more for you in this circumstance. Your skin will have all the moisture it could want and you won’t have to worry about racing time as effectively. This is especially effective in stall showers where more of the moisture ends up getting trapped. You’ll likely get the most out of moisturizing the majority of your body this way. Most of us moisturize our face more than once a day and as a result, the benefits get compounded. It wouldn’t hurt to apply your first or last of the day in the shower though for the same benefits. If you do that, you’ll need to apply the rest of your care routine first since moisturizer acts as the seal in most routines.

Taking care of some of your beauty and skincare in the shower can actually go a long way towards improving your skin’s health while it saves you much more time in your day. The extra moisturizing nature of the damp air simply helps make skincare better. Experimenting in this way can give your skin that extra boost it has been missing.

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