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Beautiful Eyebrow Trends

There are always new trends in beauty. Most of the time people tend to focus on makeup, clothes, and hairstyles as the big three components of a trendy look. There are others though. Eyebrows also have their trends and the right shaping or additions can ready make your eyebrows stand out and help highlight your eyes as one of your favorite features. This year’s trends are beginning to become apparent as spring approaches and people begin to feel more inclined to experiment with style instead of staying safely tucked away in their homes. If you’re looking to breathe a little new life into your eyebrows, we’ve picked out the clearest few trends emerging from brows in 2016. After all, staying on-trend is important and sometimes it is difficult to pin down the exact trends circulating at a given time.

Glitter is Forever
Anyone feeling particularly daring might want to look no further than the current trend towards eyebrow glitter. Yes, that does read glitter. This year people are beginning to combine specialized products to add that extra level of eye-catching to their brows. They just aren’t approaching it from a pure styling perspective. You do need to be careful if you decide to look into this glittering trend. Find glue that is water soluble if you’re intent on trying to stick the glitter firmly to your brows. Using non-water soluble glue may just lead to a lot of pain, or at least, a fair bit of annoyance when it comes time to remove the glitter. As with most of these early-year trends, things are still coming together when it comes to the exact look and many people are trying various methods. If you’re not sold on experimenting, there are sure to be products in a few months to help you try out the look then.

Upshot eyebrows

An interesting trend is emerging that focuses less on the full brow and more on the innermost sections of them. The “sprouts” of your brows above your inner eyes are becoming a point of fashion. People are slicking them and carefully combing them to point upwards. The trick is it only applies to a small amount of the inner parts of your brow before continuing into the typical gracefully combed look that many of us use frequently. It may seem like a puzzling trend, but it is actually in keeping with the broader “no-makeup” trend in providing a way to accent and lift features that aren’t obvious while remaining highly effective. For most, the look adds a slightly youthful cast to the features by emphasizing a controlled wildness to the brows. You can potentially use products you already have for the look, but there are also likely to be more products becoming available throughout the year that will help as well.

Feathery Arches
Fortunately, not all of the early trends rely on new products or trying out somewhat inventive new looks. There is support for natural, feathered looking brows that keeps anyone seeking to maintain a more classic look on trend. In this case, the brows are largely kept in the expect arch, but the flow of the hairs trends in a subtle swoop up and to the side. Thicker brows will work a bit better than most due to the feathering of the brow providing a wider look to the brows once you’re done. It shouldn’t stop anyone from thinner brows with trying though as we all know little tricks to filling in brows less thick than we’d like. Just remember that this trend is about casual emphasis and maintenance rather than direct and apparent styling.

Eyebrows often get ignored by many people when it comes to staying on trend. It is relatively easy for us to get used to the maintenance we typically fall into to maintain the shape we think looks best. This quick look at the emerging trends in 2016 is your chance to change that. If your brows have been a bit static, then consider trying something new. It will slowly help you build you a new look to add further emphasis to your cultivated beauty.

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