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Great Ideas for Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful luxury, but coming up with special meal ideas can be tricky, because not only do you want them to be easy to eat in bed, but they also need to be packed with nutrition, plus totally delicious. From innovative pancakes to homemade crumpets, here are a few fantastic ideas to play with the next time you decide to serve up breakfast in bed.

Homemade Crumpets
Crumpets are a popular breakfast item in the UK, and while you can buy them pre-made from the store, nothing beats a homemade version. The batter for crumpets is quite simple and easy to make, but are also perfect for adding your own twist to. Whether you opt for cinnamon and lemon crumpets topped with fresh fruit, or classic crumpets drizzled with a burnt honey butter, crumpets are a great way to start your day. If you really wanted to go all out, you could use homemade crumpets as part of a larger breakfast, serving this with eggs, bacon, and beans.

Top view of blueberry pancakes

Get Creative With Pancakes
Pancakes are another classic, and, just like with crumpets, are so easy to put your own spin on. If you are planning a particularly lazy day, try adding a dash of alcohol to your pancake batter, taking inspiration from cocktails or desserts. A tiramisu pancake is a great example of this, making use of dessert wine and espresso coffee, and being filled with cream and dark chocolate. If you are feeling especially hungry, turn your pancakes into a breakfast sandwich, filling it with eggs, sausages and some avocado, or, if you would like to go in a more plant-based direction, use tofu and summer berries to create vegan pancakes that are just as fluffy and springy as standard ones.

Baked Eggs
There are days when nothing can quite match eggs for breakfast, but if you would like to make your eggs extra special, try cooking up some baked eggs. These are so easy to do and simply requires you to place your desired fillings into ramekins, before cracking some eggs over them and then placing them into a hot oven. When it comes to filling options, you could go with spinach and ham, tomato and basil, mushroom and herb, smoked salmon and chives, or whatever else you happen to be craving.

Berry and granola parfait

Berry and Granola Parfait
A berry and granola parfait is so easy to make, and not only looks gorgeous but is also perfect for those who are trying to eat healthier. While you can serve this up in a bowl, using a jar or a glass makes the presentation even better. Simply layer some berries, Greek yoghurt and granola into the dish that you have chosen, and then serve this up alongside a savoury muffin and some hot coffee or juice.

Having breakfast in bed is always a treat, and these breakfast ideas will make your morning that little bit more special. From vegan pancakes to mushroom and herb baked eggs, each of these dishes can be completely customized to suit your own individual tastes.

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Clear Your Mind and Refocus

With hectic lives and busy schedules, it can be easy for the mind to become cluttered, making it difficult to concentrate and be productive. If you want to be able to quickly and easily clear your mind so that you can refocus, here are a few tricks that you can try.

One of the most effective ways to clear your mind and really refocus your energy is by practicing mindfulness, and this does not need to be anything more than a breathing exercise or two. This is something that you can do anywhere and at any time, making it a great method to master. One breathing exercise that you can try is sitting or standing up straight and closing your eyes, before taking a deep breath in through your nose. Allow your diaphragm to fully expand, and hold the breath for a few seconds before exhaling through your mouth. Counting your breath will also help with this, as it will give your mind something to focus on to prevent you from being sidetracked.

Woman in cafe thinking of what to write

Write it Down
Writing down all of your thoughts and worries is a great way to release any pent-up emotions, and will help you to take a look at the entire situation from a different perspective. Keep a journal that you can turn to whenever your mind is feeling full, and continue writing in it until you feel at peace with whatever has been on your mind. Alternatively, if your mind has been filled with all of the different things you need to do, start keeping lists, as this will free up some space in your head, and you can then turn to your list when you have more time and are feeling calmer.

Physical Activity
In addition to helping to control weight and prevent illness, exercise is a fantastic way to clear your mind and improve your mood. Exercise releases endorphins, which will really help to take your mind to a better place. This does not mean that you need to spend hours at the gym, as simple short bursts of exercise will also have this same effect. Try to find an activity that you enjoy doing, but make sure that it raises your heart rate.

Woman painting on canvas at home

Get Creative
Exploring your imagination can really refocus your mind, as it will make use of different parts of your brain. Creativity is the perfect way to engage your imagination, and this can take shape in many forms. From painting and drawing to singing and dancing to cooking or doing a puzzle, there are so many ways in which you can be creative, so give this a go the next time you are feeling stressed and worn out.

The human brain is not built to be able to split its attention into too many different areas, which is why it is often easy to feel overwhelmed when there are a number of things on your mind. Rather than allowing this to bring you down, try out some of the above-mentioned tips, as they will help you to clear your mind and get back to what you really need to be doing.

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Stress Less About Dessert

While many people try their best to be healthy, they can really end up stressing themselves out when it comes to deciding whether or not to eat a slice of cake after dinner. Even if you have been on a strict diet, here are a just a few reasons as to why you should stress less about dessert.

Dark Chocolate is Good for You
Chocolate is often a key part of many desserts, and if the one you have your eye on is made from dark chocolate, then this is perfect, as dark chocolate actually has a number of different health benefits. From being packed with antioxidants to having the ability to prevent a stroke, to being able to regulate blood pressure, dark chocolate is one of those ingredients that could actually benefit you if you were to have some every day.

Woman with pink shades eating ice cream

Save Yourself From Wanting It Even More
Once you have placed restrictions on certain foods, such as desserts, this will only leave you wanting it so much more. Eventually, you may end up binge eating, which is so bad for your health for several reasons. Rather than restricting yourself from eating desserts completely, try exercising portion control instead. Once you have taken your portion, put the rest of the dessert away, so that you do not end up tempting yourself to over-eat.

Desserts Can Be Healthy
While a healthy dessert may not initially sound as though it will satisfy your sweet tooth, desserts can definitely be decadent and delicious while also being healthy. A yoghurt pound cake makes use of Greek yoghurt and olive oil, rather than butter, while a fruity sorbet will contain all of the benefits of fruit, with none of the downsides of ice cream. A pumpkin cake is also a great option, especially since pumpkin itself is known for being quite the aphrodisiac, while avocado brownies swap out the butter for avocados, but are just as creamy. Baked fruit is another way to go, and can be topped with a variety of delicious sauces, such as baked pears with salted caramel, or baked apples stuffed with pecan, and served up alongside a coconut milk ice cream.

Smiling woman enjoying dark chocolate bar

Having Dessert for Breakfast Can Help You to Lose Weight
While this may seem absurd, a study carried out by the Wolfsori Medical Center at Tel Aviv University found that eating desserts for breakfast could potentially help non-diabetic overweight people to lose weight. This has been the only credible study done on the topic so far, but its results are still impressive, discovering that, in a period of four months, those who ate a large, high-calorie breakfast, including a slice of cake or some cookies, were able to lose around 30 pounds. While the reason for this is not conclusive, researchers believe that it has something to do with cutting back on cravings for sweet treats throughout the day, preventing snacking and keeping the subjects feeling fuller for longer.

No matter how much you are trying to control your diet, stressing about dessert is never a good idea. Instead, by practicing portion control and sticking to desserts that are as healthy as possible, you will be able to satisfy your cravings without having to feel too guilty.

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Top 3 Spa Locations of the World

Trying to find a way to get away from it all and be pampered takes more work that one might think. After all, there are countless good options even within one’s own country these days and the list gets even longer when we look at the wider world. Trying to find the best of the best can give one a bit more incentive to get out there and travel though. There are a lot of different ways for people to decide what counts as the “best”, but in general that requires both a specific level of general excellence and a niche appeal of some sort in which the place truly excels. Knowing what you’re looking for can go a long way towards helping to narrow down any personal choices you choose to make. It certainly tends to take a little stress away from the entire affair if you have a short list of some of the better options out there. That’s why we’re taking a quick look at three of the best spa locations in the world.

Amanpuri, Thailand
This spa resort turns up in most conversations of the best spas in the world. The sheer beauty of the natural surroundings tends to be central to the appeal. As a seaside resort, you can be sure of stunning views throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt that the area the spa is built on is also rich in other sources of natural beauty as well. There are plenty of services available from the spa as well. They offer the exact services you’d expect from a spa as well as various other therapeutic options for guests. Amanpuri’s seems to revolve around ensuring that guests can get the care they need for both their mind, their body, and their soul. That’s why you can find everything from meditation to exercise classes available when staying here. All of this is complimented by a distinct level of care and relaxation that ensures people don’t forget about it when discussing some of the best spas in the world.

Yaan Wellness, Mexico
You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t heard of this spa resort tucked away in the Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo. After all, Yaan Wellness does its best to stay comparatively out of the way despite being in a popular tourist area. It does its best to stay out of the way of the main flow of tourists by staying out in the wilderness and maintaining a low profile. That lets you step away from it all when looking to enjoy being pampered. Fortunately, that’s what they do best. Yaan Wellness offers an interesting combination of modern techniques of local traditional wellness practices. This leads to a unique atmosphere where guests can see the influence of a variety of cultures in the treatments available as well as the accommodations. Yaan Wellness does its best to cater to both body and mind as it frequently pairs relaxation therapies with private counseling or meditation in an attempt to increase the overall wellness of guests. The one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll definitely get to enjoy being pampered here.

Woman relaxing by the pool

Anassa, Cyprus
Interestingly enough, Anassa continually impresses people year after year. Few places can actually claim this sort of consistency in service and comfort. That’s probably why it consistently gets so much attention as a resort spa. In many ways, Anassa is the perfect encapsulation of a traditional Mediterranean spa resort. It offers are beautiful seaside getaway where everyone can relax. There are a variety of wellness programs available for guests that allow them to decide the tone of their stay. These allow you to decide what form of wellness you want to focus on at any given point. That’s paired with more traditional spa services that are typically rated as being world class. If there is a reason not to overlook Latchi, the Anassa spa resort is it as it provides a way to escape away from it all while enjoying some of the best treatments in the world. All it takes it a willingness to travel to Cyprus to get to enjoy this option.

There is no way to escape the fact that “best” is and will always remain a subjective assessment. What that means for each of us is just too different. Fortunately, we can get an idea of whether something is of consistently high quality and has a special something to it. Our picks focused on looking for this, but there are plenty of other world class spas out there. Don’t hesitate to do your own research if none of these places seem appealing. You may find your own hidden gem to recommend to others. Regardless of this, you can at least be sure each of our picks has something to offer everyone.

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Find More Time To Read

Reading is one of those habits that most of us at least say we’d like to find more time to enjoy. It is, after all, about expanding one’s mind and exposing oneself to different ideas. Finding that time often feels harder than it should be though. We run around doing all we can every day until we end up overloaded and unable to find space for anything we truly want to do. That’s not helpful when trying to pick a habit back up. This is even when we really know we should thank the various benefits of reading. These are all things we’ll want to keep in mind when trying to find and set aside the time. We’re going to take a quick look at how you can potentially set aside a little more time to get back to reading and things to consider when it comes to finding motivation and reasons to read more often. With a little bit of luck, this should be all you need to get back to enjoying books again.

Find the Time
It is easier than you might think to find a bit of time to read. Admittedly, you may need to redefine your idea of reading a little in some cases. A good time to get a little bit of reading in is during any daily commute or errands that you might have on a given day. Any time spent traveling, as long as you’re not driving, can be used to read a book on your phone or a tablet. Drivers have options too these days thanks to the ready availability of audiobooks. These lets you “read” while beings entirely hands-free and you can even use them while exercising or doing household tasks. When we look at things this way, there is actually plenty of time for reading in a given day. Additionally, you might want to consider blocking off an hour or two before bed each night for reading as it will give you a calm activity to do as well as potentially improving your overall sleep quality.

Woman reading on bed with cup of coffee

For The Benefit of The Mind
Reading is a mentally stimulating activity and we all need those in our lives. We need some source of activity that helps to keep your mind active and looking around the world regularly. Reading helps you to see the world in a different light at the same time that it helps you to relax. Books are how people translate their experiences into something that everyone can enjoy. That’s why so many of us like to read books about other parts of the world. Admittedly, you shouldn’t just read to expand your mind. The simple fact is that enjoying yourself with anything helps to reduce stress. That’s a good reason why you’ll want to consider embracing a love of any genre fiction you might enjoy. No matter what people think it is still possible for fantasy, science fiction, and similar genres all discuss ideas and concepts important to the human condition while doing it from a different perspective. The key to reading is finding what you love and embracing it.

Woman picking book to read in library

Supporting the Habit
There is a certain elitism that goes along with still purchasing physical books. They look and smell nice. e-Reader technology hasn’t really caught up in any meaningful way to emulating that particular experience, but they have gotten to a point where they are easily transportable and can bypass glare issues. That’s worth remembering when you’re trying to figure out how you want to feed your habit. Those of us more aesthetically minded might want to collect series or particular titles to keep on a bookshelf as a quite way of referencing them and enjoying the weight of them. By contrast, some of us more inclined to simply read as much as we can find great use in an e-Reader as they can carry around whole libraries worth of books and accompanying notes. In the end, mixing and matching between the two can give you the best of both options and let you collect and display the books that resonate with you while letting you freely indulge in random novels on a whim through an e-Reader store or service.

Books are a gateway to many things. Television and other means of entertainment have simply done their part to reduce our overall attentiveness to this fact. We’re all too eager to ask why we should read the book when there is a movie. The truth is the book has the soul of the work and often has more nuance to it. Embracing that nuance and reading however you can help you to have more meaningful conversations with others and with yourself over time. That makes it worth a little bit of effort.

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Great Herbs For An Indoor Garden

We all value fresh ingredients. After all, that is often something we end up asking about when at restaurants. Fresh ingredients are simply better. Their flavors are more potent and their content is more nutritious. It does sometimes feel out of our reach to get the freshest ingredients possible. Many of us live in urban environments and simply don’t have the ground in which to grow thing. Furthermore, the sometimes questionable air quality of the outdoors in a city often makes one wonder if eating anything grown outside would be a good idea anyway. Indoor container gardening is a relatively simple solution we can all try though. Starting with herbs is a good option as many of them tend to be hardy and can help one learn the basics of container gardening. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the best herb choices to try indoors both because of the hardiness and their potential versatility when it comes to using them.

Almost every kind of mint is both incredibly hearty and hard to kill. That makes them an excellent set of options for people beginning to throw together an herb container garden. Peppermint and spearmint are two of the most common kinds to grow. The leaves can be added to various things for that extra kick of fresh flavor that can be hard to come by. You might be surprised at how potent even a single leaf can be from this plants and as a result you’ll want to carefully judge how much you use at a time. The good news is that mints frequently enjoy shade and damp soil. As a result, it is hard to water them too much and difficulty getting direct sunlight won’t be a problem. The main consideration to keep in mind is the fact that mint’s hearty growth pattern means that it should be grown in its own container or it will quickly overrun any other herbs you’re growing it with in the same container.

Potted chives next to red shovel

These are another good and hearty option to grow inside. Much like mint, chives do not actually require an excess of sunlight to grow effectively. This allows them to better cope with an indoor environment where placement may be less than ideal. Additionally, chives, while not as prolific as mint, still grow in abundance once the plant has properly taken root. The good news is that chives tend to grow in a defined clump-like pattern. As a result, they are not as prone to killing other herbs planted within the same container. You will likely want to find out the growth pattern before planting other herbs though. This hearty herb is also better able to ignore accidents such as over watering them, but they aren’t as fond of damp soil as mint. Chives can make an excellent addition to salads as well as being a lovely complementary flavor in many recipes. This combined with their hardiness makes them an excellent early choice for indoor herb gardens.

Potted parsley

Most of us are familiar with parsley in cuisine. It turns up as a garnish as often as it ends up being included in a meal itself. That makes it an incredibly suitable herb to try to grow in a container garden whether you intend to use it for presentation or for cooking. What makes it even better is that, like our other plant selections, it can survive just fine with less than direct sunlight. The main issue is getting a viable plant. Growing parsley from seeds is a difficult task and as a result it might be best to get a plant someone has already grown to avoid that frustration. Additionally, parsley tends to be slow growing when compared to our other selections. That means you’ll need to be mindful of this and not take many cuttings from the plant until it is fully established. Keeping this in mind will ensure you eventually have a healthy, full grown plant that you can get cuttings from relatively often without endangering its overall health.

Growing an indoor herb garden can be an excellent way to improve your diet and offer you various ways to improve the quality of your means. The trick is ensuring you stick with easy to maintain herbs with fewer dependencies on light levels when you’re starting out. This will let you learn how to care for such a garden over time and improve your skills so that you can expand to other herbs and perhaps certain vegetables later on. Until then, the extra dash of flavor from fresh herbs will certainly make your meals all the more inviting.

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Fall At The Farmer’s Market

Eating a healthy diet generally means trying to get the freshest ingredients that you can. Fresh foods are just inherently better. Less processing means the food has lost fewer overall nutrients. That’s actually why frozen foods tend to be the second-best option if you can’t get fresh foods. Fortunately, many of us live within range of at least one or two farmer’s markets. These offer us a way to get truly farm-fresh foods from local areas. The catch is that, unlike supermarkets, the foods available at farmer’s markets obey the seasons. We’re approaching fall now and the changes are likely going to become apparent fairly soon. You’re going to want to start becoming acquainted with some of your fall food options now so that you can plan for meals in the near future. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of your better food options at the farmer’s market this fall.

This favorite sits at an interesting position. Much like most vegetables, you can get it all year if you go to a standard grocery store. That’s typically due to the simple fact it can be imported from areas where it is in season. However, fall is the time when it is in season in the United States and when you’ll start seeing it turning up in farmer’s markets with a crisp, sweet taste. Cabbage makes a great addition to any fall table as it provides a nice base or complementary flavor for a variety of dishes. Salads are a popular use for it for a reason but don’t need to be the only thing you need to eat cabbage in. Look up some fall recipes using the vegetable to get some diverse ideas on how to make the most of the seasonal delight. The flavor will certainly go a long way towards ensuring that you get to have a proper and delightful taste of fall.

Sliced sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes
These are another fall favorite that you can expect to start seeing rather soon. Sweet potatoes are easily one of the more versatile options you’ll have to cook over the course of the fall. Not only can they be eaten on their own, but casseroles, desserts, and other meals are all easily made out of them. Mashed sweet potatoes are even a holiday favorite for Thanksgiving in some parts of the country. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re incredibly healthy for you. As excellent sources of vitamins A and C, sweet potatoes support a wide number of bodily processes and keep your body working smoothly. The dietary fiber certainly doesn’t hurt either. The extra potassium can also be helpful to anyone looking to keep a healthy amount of it in their diet. Regardless of how you choose to prepare them, there’s no denying that they make a tasty addition to any fall spread. All you’ve got to do is figure out what will work best around your table.

Sliced butternut squash

Butternut Squash
Even if you’re not typically a fan of squash, this kind has a distinct flavor that tends to make it an exception. The creamy texture tends to make it exceedingly popular as far as ingredients go. A rich and easily paired taste means you’ll find it in a lot of places over the course of the fall. Stews tend to be particularly popular thanks to the flavor of the squash often acting as a nice counterpoint to the main parts of a dish. Simply roasting the squash is another popular way to enjoy this fall vegetable. You can expect to see it farther into fall though as sometimes it may still be growing in the earliest parts of fall. Much like sweet potatoes, it is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium. These support your health in various ways and make fall that much easier to get through. Perhaps the best part is that the squash is comparatively low fat and therefore easy to indulge in without guilt thorough fall.

Checking for new vegetables to include in your meals should become a habit eventually if you shop at the farmer’s market for long. This will ultimately lead you to an overall healthier lifestyle. Local, in-season vegetables tend to be overall healthier and offer you a more distinct flavor than those that have had to cross an ocean to reach you. Keep this in mind the next time you go the farmer’s market and feel hesitant about trying something new.

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Take a Soak in Europe’s Best Hot Springs

There’s something truly special about settling into a hot spring. The warmth of the water and the often mineral-rich scent of it creates a specific atmosphere that is hard to attain elsewhere. Somehow the air itself feels like it is trying to soothe you. This ends up creating an environment where it is easy for any of us to take a break and feel like we can set down our troubles for at least a little while. Unfortunately, it can be a bit harder to find a good hot spring than many of us would like. Most of the time the options are restricted by natural forces and as a result, we can’t find the right elements everywhere. After all, hot tubs were invented for a reason. The good news is that you can find plenty of hot springs if you’re willing to do a little bit of traveling. Europe is a good place for this particular kind of enjoyment too. Let’s do a quick review of some of the best hot springs that Europe has to offer for the next time you find yourself in the area.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Iceland is known for its geothermal activity to one degree on another. They get their power from it as assuredly as they make use of it in other ways. Blue Lagoon is one of the more prominent places available for a soak. It isn’t technically a naturally occurring hot spring, but it still serves that function for everyone who visits there. The warm waters making soaking in the ethereal environment all the easier too. One of the biggest benefits of the Blue Lagoon is that it is conveniently located near the capital of Reykjavik and easy to find. This allows anyone even traveling through the country to find a little while to visit it and take a relaxing soak even in the middle of an otherwise hectic day. Making the most of your time here won’t be hard. Just make sure to allow the appropriate amount of time to get where you need to go after stopping in for a short visit.

Thermae Bath Spa, UK

Thermae Bath Spa, United Kingdom
The city of Bath plays hosts to what can technically be argued to be the oldest hot spring resort in the United Kingdom. All of the waters drawn into this particular spa come from the same hot spring that fed the ancient Roman baths that give the city its name. When the Romans discovered the hot spring, they built up around them to create somewhere for them to relax. The tradition continued forward into the future. These hot springs are considered to be a truly comforting experience with the spa itself being a mixture of both classic and contemporary thought. Private and open baths exist so that you can enjoy the waters with as much or as little company as you want. Not only can you enjoy a soak, but the fact that the location is also a spa means you can get a massage while you’re there as well to truly complete the sense of relaxation.

Hot springs in Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey
Few places can claim as much of an otherworldly beauty as the natural pools on the hillsides of Pamukkale. These pools are formed by the natural mineral rich waters that fill them and create a dazzling display for visitors. White stone pools flowing one into another create a landscape that seems as if it was taken from the pages of a storybook. It doesn’t hurt that both the Greeks and the Romans saw the attraction of the region as well and set up their own spa city nearby. While you can’t necessary soak in the pools themselves these days thanks to erosion, there are plenty of artificial pools that capture the flowing natural waters so that people can continue to enjoy both the warm water and the natural beauty of the area. Relaxing in a pool here may be just the thing you need to forget all about the worries of the modern era and slip back to a less hectic seeming time.

Settling into a good hot spring can help melt away your cares. We all deserve this now and again. It is that kind of stress management that helps keep life worth living and comfortable. The hot springs or similar options we’ve highlighted here offer a look at only some of the options available to you in Europe. Looking around is sure to give you still more options if you want to look. Who knows? With a little searching, you may just find your own private place to go and get away from it all.

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