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You Can Have Better Skin

There’s a frequent lament among those that come to skincare later in their life. They almost always think there is nothing they can do to make up for all the harm they did to their skin in the past. This belief that they’re stuck with unhealthy skin and how helping your skin to recover is a long process tends to drive more people away from healthy skincare than we’d like. Not only is the idea wrong-headed, but it ignores the simple fact that you can have better skin if you’re putting in the effort. There are a lot of things you can do that will improve the clarity, overall health, and feeling of your skin. It is going to take time and a concentrated effort to change any bad habits that you may have though. Let’s go over some of the skincare tips that can definitely help anyone improve their skin. Don’t worry. They’re far simpler than you might think.

Wear Sunscreen
The biggest skincare “sin” that people regret is not properly protecting their skin. Depending on your generation, you may have been raised in a time when sun tanning was still a regular part of everyone’s beauty routines. This was long before we found out the potential hazards it presented to our skin. As a result, those of us in those generations tend to have a lot more accumulated sun damage done to our skin. It can be disheartening if you’re seeing signs of aging earlier than you’d like, but you can turn this around. The best place to start is protecting your skin properly. You’ll want to find a sunscreen that uses a physical blocker like zinc oxide in its active ingredients to give you the best protection. Additionally, the sunscreen should offer you broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30, but you may want to go as high as 40 or 50 if you have a history of going without sunscreen in the sun. Taking this simple step will do worlds to help improve your skin when combined with other tips.

Live Well
A lot of us don’t pause to think about how our overall health is necessarily intertwined with our appearance. This extends beyond “looking sick” when you’re sick though. Your skin, as your largest organ, is necessarily tied into the health of the rest of your body as well. Failing to take good care of your health will mean that your skin will be in less than ideal shape. This is probably one of the hardest changes to make though as living a healthy life involves changing so many factors in our lives that it can feel overwhelming. Diet is typically a good place to start though. You can gradually phase out less healthy things in your diet for healthier foods until you’re eating a better diet. Exercise can also be started as something as simple as a brisk half hour walk three to four times a week and be gradually increased into a more complex routine over time. Start small, but stick to these changes to improve your skin.

Be Patient
Patience is, in essence, the true unspoken key to good skincare. You have to give every product, no matter how well picked, time to actually do its work before you can determine if you should swap to another one. Your skin also needs time to adjust to each product in turn before racing ahead to new ones or you’ll hurt your skin. Patience is especially crucial if you have a history of doing less for your skin than you could have in the past. Caring for your skin properly will take time to get right and for the care to show fully. Yes, you will experience some immediate results, but the damage of years will not be undone by suddenly adopting a good routine. It will take months to get your skin back to its new, healthier baseline. Once you get there though, you can be sure that your skin will keep being healthy as long as you stay ahead of any shifts you need to make to your routine. Healthy skin will also be fit to receive higher grade treatments to help the skin to further improve your appearance. So try to be patient when you’re trying to move towards healthier skin.

Good skin isn’t solely the domain of the people who have had the chance to work on it from a young age. Yes, skincare advice has varied over the years and many of us got poor advice when we were younger, but it is possible to come back from that. It takes a lot of patience and dedicated to helping your skin though. That means leading a better lifestyle and protecting it in the ways that you can to help it heal properly. Making the effort will result in revealing better skin than you knew you had.

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Enjoy These Winter Fruits and Veggies

Many of us eat well during winter. Admittedly, the definition of “well” tends to vary depending on who you ask. You’re certainly eating well if you’re eating a lot of rich and delicious foods all winter, but it isn’t the best for your health. You’re also eating well if you’re avoiding the winter season pitfalls of sweets and too much food in favor of a healthier diet. This latter one is the one that more of us should try to emulate even though there is nothing wrong with indulging one or two times during winter. Eating healthy at any point during the year tends to focus on ensuring that you’re eating in-season options that are packed full of nutrients that your body needs. Not all of us are used to recognizing these potential winter crops or, at the very least, the healthy winter crops that will help keep our diets flavorful and healthy. This is an easy problem to fix though by looking at the winter fruits and veggies that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Winter Squashes
There are many kind of winter squashes available that are both flavorful and incredibly healthy. Admittedly, the one squash that lords over them all is the butternut squash. It frequently feels like you can’t browse through any seasonal cookbook without the squash turning up every few pages. You’ve got other options beyond that nutty flavor of butternut squash though! Delicata squash is another popular winter squash that is easily prepared in many ways. The most popular options tend to revolve around stuffing the rind with various delectable ingredients that mix well with the squash’s natural flavor. However, you might want to try the tiny sweet dumpling squash instead. It may be small, but it makes up for it in rich taste. It took is prepared in a number of ways though the inner flesh tends to be slightly more valued in dishes than the delicata. All of these options are good when it comes to finding a healthy winter food.

Collard Greens
As an acquired taste, you could be forgiven for skipping over collard greens most of the time. These dark, leafy greens are delightfully healthy though. How you prepare the greens tends to vary depending on region. The Southern United States in particular has its share of methods of preparation and traditional times of year to eat collard greens. Frequently, greens are boiled in a pot with other ingredients to create a dish with a complex mix of flavor. The greens are sometimes enjoyed on their own in salads or other dishes though where there lightly bitter taste can better be appreciated. Collard greens are available all year, but they are properly in season during the winter and at their healthiest when it comes to consumption. So consider trying out any of the countless recipes out there that use the vegetables over the course of the winter. The greens may be somewhat bitter, but that’s never stopped something from being a wonderful addition to a food.

Sweet Potatoes
As one of the staples of winter holiday food, sweet potatoes can’t really be skipped. They are packed with healthy nutrients that make them an excellent addition to anyone’s diet. The question is almost always how you want to prepare them though, Mashing them is popular, but many people choose to make casseroles with them for additional flavor. Some dishes call for stuffing the sweet potatoes to create a delicious and rich dish. There is no end to the various sweet potato recipes out there in the wild. You simply need to figure out the kind of dish that you want to try. The high fiber content combined with vitamins A & C are enough to make these a go-to for healthy winter foods. The fact that they also have beta-carotene in them just makes sweet potatoes even better. So consider adding them to your winter diet. Your taste buds and the rest of your body will be sure to thank you.

There are plenty of winter fruits and vegetables available. Most are produced throughout the year, but winter can be the best time to eat most of them as they are properly in season in their original climates. This leads to them being more delicious and flavorful overall. We’ve listed a few of the better kinds to try that are packed full of nutrients, but feel free to experiment by looking for other wintertime favorites. You’re sure to find plenty of foods that will help keep you healthy and well fed.

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Keeping Your New Year Resolution

New Year resolutions are time honored promises we make to ourselves and promptly break in the new year. It isn’t like we set out to break them or to ruin our own chances at living up to those resolutions, but at the same time something always seems to get in our way. What it is varies depending on the exact nature of the resolution. Those of us who swear we’ll exercise more generally do before we need to take a brief break just to relax a little while and then it rapidly becomes lethargy at the idea of returning to the exercise. Similarly, diets are another common goal that tends to fall by the side as it becomes taxing to avoid this and that while favoring particular goods. None of us want to fail to live up to our resolutions, but it happens and we end up feeling lesser for it. Fortunately, you can increase your chances of keeping your new year resolution if you are willing to make a little extra effort to help keep yourself honest.

Set Attainable Goals
This is one of the things that it is hardest for many of us to understand. We favor use New Year resolutions to make grand gesture that will change our lives. It isn’t really the healthiest approach. A good resolution is something that you can build on rather than the entire large scale goal. Diet and exercise can start with things as simple as dropping something from your diet or committing to short walks each day. You’ll have made the change and these smaller scale changes are easier to make stick. You’ll also want to focus on working on one things at a time. Select what you want to change and build up from a small facet of it its larger scale counterpart over the year. Starting small and building will help you be able to make recognizable progress without feeling overwhelmed while focusing on a single goal will keep you on track instead of getting caught up in countless minutia.

Spread the Word
As humans, we’re social beings and tend to rely on one another when attempting to achieve anything. It isn’t that we always ask those close to us for help so much as their presence and ability to give us other areas to relax in that drive the beauty of these connections. Our relationships can also serve as a way to help reinforce our goals. You can do this by talking about your goals with the people around you. They’ll be able to watch you make progress and give you a nudge in the right direction when you start slipping. You may even be surprised when someone speaks up with stories of having made similar changes in their lives. It leads to a sort of communal sharing of the burden with the potential to learn techniques that might be beneficial to you over time. After all, if you have a friend who has walked the same path ahead of you and can tell you all the benefits they’ve experienced you’re more likely to feel you can reach your goal.

Be Kind to Yourself
Focusing on your success is important when it comes to attaining your goal, yes, but you also need to accept that you’re human. There are going to be setbacks on any large scale resolution. The exercise will be harder than you expected, you’ll binge on a comfort food after a stressful event, or maybe you’ll simply drop back into the old behavior you’re trying to change for no reason. It happens. This doesn’t make you uniquely unsuited to make a positive change in your life or a failure. It is a natural part of the process of trying to change any behavior. You get used to patterns and changing them is an effort. Make allowances for yourself for any resolution. You’re allowed to make mistakes and experience setbacks. Thinking you’re not will lead to a situation where you tear yourself down mentally as someone who is unable to do anything and then you’ll make things into a self-fulfilling prophecy. By contrast, learning to believe in yourself even when you stumble will help you stick to a resolution long term.

There’s no escaping that most New Year resolutions are made to be broken. We make them with the best of intentions, but life gets away from us and before we know it we’ve dropped back int old behaviors. There are steps we can take to help reduce the chances of this though. Realistic goals make it more reasonable that we can make the changes we want while talking about them with the people close to us will ensure we’re kept honest. Above all else though, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves through the setbacks. They may be difficult, but that will make eventual triumph over the setbacks all the sweeter.

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Improve Your Relationship With Exercise

Exercise can be an arduous thing. It takes half an hour to an hour of physical exertion that leaves us a little sweaty and sore by the end and that’s if we’re doing it right! Overtaxing yourself makes it even worse while not doing enough does nothing for you. The fact that it is at least a little uncomfortable just from doing it right makes it less than attractive to a lot of us. It isn’t uncommon to be a little grouchy until we’ve gotten to rest and had a bite to eat. Now would you believe us if we told you that exercising could improve your relationship? It seems a bit counterfactual based on all we’ve previously discussed and like it would simply lead to more arguments. The truth is there are a lot of factors that make exercising together with your partner or friends beneficial to your relationship. We’re going to look at a few of the major ones so that you might understand why you might actually enjoy exercise if you’re doing it with someone else. Exercise is more important than ever as you go through menopause. Here’s how physical activity can help ease menopause symptoms and dim and keep you in control of your body.

A Group Effort
Humans are social creatures. Yes, some of us are introverted and prefer time away from people, but in the end even the most introverted of us tends to have friends we spend time with occasionally. It is little wonder that we frequently end up working on things together. Exercise is a particularly important one for most of us too. Exercising with someone else is potentially highly important for all parties involved as it helps maintain momentum. There is no way to make exercise less of a chore, but having someone to consistently help urge you forward goes a long way towards maintaining motivation. Most of us are quite happy to return this encouragement too when we see others feeling fatigued with any effort. This mutual back and forth during exercise helps people to bond together. It is a mutual struggle and keeps you both willing to go forward to keep supporting the other. This supports helping to strengthen other bonds too and improves the quality of the relationship.

Working Together
Solo exercises are the most common thing that people think of when exercising. Truthfully, there are plenty of exercises where you can involve someone else to help as well. This connects back to our first point where the mutual effort tends to help draw you closer together, but it stands on its own because of one factor: communication. Whether you’re performing exercise routines in the same place or participating in an exercise that requires another’s aid, you need to be able to communicate with the others involved. You learn to check in with others as you go through routines. For one, you might need to simply hold someone’s legs, such as a sit-up, but for others you may need to help provide the counterbalancing force. This requires constant communication. You need to know what to do and whether how you’re doing something is helping or hurting. This builds communication skills that translate well into many other aspects of your life both professional and personal.

Stress Relief
Stress builds up in everyone’s lives. It is a fact of life that we’d all prefer weren’t true, but there is no getting around it. Too much stress leads to unfortunate incidents where it bursts out and hits the people around us. This in turn breeds negative emotions and further stress for everyone involved. Exercise is a valuable form of stress relief that helps you work off some of the tension in your mind and body in a healthy way. It can keep you moving when you’d otherwise stop too. The important point with such motivations is to remember not to press yourself too hard or you’ll hurt yourself. Using exercise as a stress management technique is good though. It makes mutual efforts and communication easier if you’re not oozing stress constantly. Additionally, it lets you relax and enjoy the quiet moments in your life more. This helps you be open to the positive aspects of all your relationships that you might otherwise be too stressed to notice.

These are some of the more abstracted benefits your relationships will receive from exercising together with others. We’re not trying to skip over the more obvious physical benefits in intimate relationships, but at the same time those are easily recognized by contrast to the one’s we’ve discussed. Think of this as motivation to spend time exercising with multiple people in your life. You may find that you end up enjoying a far healthier relationship overall.

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Foods That Belong In Your Anti Aging Diet Plan

Fighting back against the signs of aging is a somewhat complex affair. You need to learn how to use the appropriate products to mitigate the damage and support your skin’s health, but at the same time, you need to be looking after your broader health too. Exercise and a good diet go a long way towards helping you to resist the weight of time just that much longer. Your diet in particular can play a very pronounced role thanks to the potential boosts you can get from a properly healthy diet. There are foods and food types you can favor to make this aspect benefit you even more too. Just telling you that isn’t terribly helpful though so we’re going to discuss some of the foods that belong in your anti-aging diet plan. Don’t worry though. There’s plenty of tasty and filling food to be had here. After all, bland doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Whole Grain, Whole Health
You can get a lot out of including whole grains in your diet. They’re healthy for a number of reasons. The fiber in them is good for your entire body all the way from your digestive tract to your skin. That latter part probably doesn’t make much sense given we’re typically raised to think of fiber as being largely good for ensuring smooth digestion, but what most people don’t know is that it also plays a role in regulating blood sugar. Healthy amounts of fiber in the diet help even out your blood sugar levels and keep them from spiking and dropping too severely. Spikes in particular can be harmful to your skin by causing inflammation from the inside out if you’re not careful. You can get your whole grains in many forms, but oats are typically readily available and work just fine for getting you these benefits. It doesn’t hurt that you can get those oats in many forms so that you can be assured a tasty meal regardless.

fish delicacy about to be prepared in kitchen

Fishy In A Good Way
There’s a lot that can benefit you found in fish too. The catch here is that not all fish are created equally. Contrary to conventional food wisdom, you’re actually going to want to favor fatty fish. This category includes salmon, mackerel, tuna, and others. Fatty fish are wonderful for helping you fight age because they tend to contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds are useful to your body and utilized in a number of ways. Most of the time you hear about them these days you typically hear about them in association with their potential to boost your mood and fight depression. Interestingly enough, they also have links to helping decrease the chance of skin cancer. Their immediately practical benefits to your skin rest in the fact that they help to maintain cell walls and help to encourage proper moisture retention by the skin. This in turn makes the skin more resilient to things that would dry it out and general damage.

Colorful Cornucopia
You’re going to want to add a lot of color to your diet if you’re looking to fight the signs of aging. Fruits and vegetables are going to be some of your best allies for this. The fiber found in a lot of vegetables, just as in whole grains, will be useful, but the greenery brings with it added benefits. Brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables such as oranges, peppers, tomatoes, and others are all surprisingly good for you on several levels. Most of them are packed full of vitamins and nutrients vital to your body’s health. Some of them have large amounts of vitamins A, C, and E as well. These vitamins are the big three when it comes to skin health. They promote collagen production in the skin and thereby contribute to overall youthfulness. What makes the brightly colored options particularly good though is that the pigments responsible for the color are frequently potent antioxidants too. That makes these foods wonderful for your skin and body.

You can do a lot for your overall health with the right diet. Sticking with a healthy diet gives you access to a lot of foods that support your fight against aging in multiple ways. Whole grains, fatty fish, and colorful produce are all good things to consider adding to your diet. Don’t despair if you can’t eat one of these groups or despise it. You can still get all the benefits from other sources even if you need to eat a little more to get the same amounts.

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Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

Winter has a lot of reputations. Yes, most of us think of it as the time when we’ll get to see family and friends we don’t see at any other time, but there’s more to it than that. Plenty of us also dread the winter because it is that time of year that we just can’t seem to avoid gaining weight. It makes sense that we would. Most of us are indulging in multiple holiday meals and plenty of sweets to properly celebrate the time of year. This gets combined with the fact that we lead an overall less active lifestyle in winter thanks to the cold air. Of course we gain weight. The downside here is that, for many of us, it becomes slightly less than a pound of weight that we’ll never actually manage to properly get rid of and isn’t appealing. Fortunately, you can do things to help you avoid winter weight gain if you’re willing to make the effort. It takes a lot of willpower though and maybe a little bit of thinking things through.

Cut Back
This is probably the hardest bit of advice we can give, but…we all need to eat less during the holiday. It is the only time of year that certain dishes come out, yes, but we frequently use that as an excuse to overindulge repeatedly. It doesn’t help those of us looking to avoid gaining weight if we adopt this mentality. As a result, it pays to remember to stick to portion sizes and to not eat more than you normally would over the holidays. It is difficult though. A lot of us have particular issues resisting “that one dish” that we don’t know how to make and no one is willing to surrender the recipe for in exchange for your peace of mind. We’ve all got to make those sacrifices to help keep our weight in check though. You’ll also want to focus on avoiding eating too many sweets. You should have to to treat yourself, but treat them sensibly like you would at any other point in the year.

Support Your Goals
The good news is that you can adopt strategies that help you stick to healthier eating habits. You’ll want to maintain a healthy diet like you do most of the year with a few seasonal exchanges food-wide. Remember that a healthy diet tends to be heavier on fruits and vegetables than it is on meats. The fiber you’re getting from the plants is what it going to help you the most. It helps you to feel full for longer and thereby decreases the chance that you’ll overeat at any point during the holidays. You can help yourself by remembering to eat a salad or snack on your favorite fruit or vegetable before attending a holiday gathering. Remember that a large part of such gatherings is typically “grazing” before the actual meal. Helping yourself feel full until around the time of the actual meal will reduce the chances that you’ll overindulge.

woman doing some exercise during winter

This might take more willpower than denying yourself an abundance of your holiday foods, but exercise is the best way to avoid the weight gain. It is a little harder in winter, yes, but it is still necessary. How do you get in adequate exercise in winter though? The answer to this depends on your climate. If your region has mild winters, you can probably get away with continuing to exercise and jog even during the winter. You’ll just need to be mindful of ice, after a freeze, and any other obstacles you normally would during the winter. Those of us who deal with what we’d actually call “winter” are better off looking into gym memberships or home exercise equipment. The key here is to remain active and keep your body’s muscle mass up so that it burns more calories. This is what helps you to minimize weight gain and to push back against any that sneaks in with a few too many cookies.

Winter weight gain is an insidious thing that creeps in alongside some of our favorite things over the course of the holiday season. You don’t need to accept it as an inherent fact of winter though. Cutting back on overindulging while adopting strategies to support this goal can go a long way. Don’t stop exercising though! Your body does still need that extra push for proper weight management. Keeping these in mind should help you avoid the worst of winter weight gain.

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Creating Holiday Candles

Whether lighting up your home on a cold festive evening, or taking center stage as the centerpiece of your holiday feast, candles have always been a significant part of the festive season. If you want your container candles to have more of a personal touch this year, try your hand at creating some of your very own.

Choosing a Container 
The most important factor to remember when choosing a container for candles is that you need to pick a material that is able to withstand high temperatures, as you will be pouring hot wax into it, and do not want it to crack. Whether you opt for a glass jar or a ceramic pot, make sure that you double-check with the container manufacturer that your chosen containers are suitable for candle making.

The Wick
The wicks that you purchase will usually have a flat metal piece at one end, and this is the piece that you should lay at the bottom of your jar. Pull the wick up through the jar, and secure it at the top by tying it loosely to a skewer or chopstick, which you then tape onto the top of the jar to hold everything in place.

The Wax 
There are many different types of wax that you can choose between, from soy to paraffin, and each will have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so do look into this beforehand. Once you have chosen your wax, it is time to measure out the flakes, using double the capacity of your container. For example, if your container is a 10 oz jar, you will probably need around 20 oz of wax flakes. Once measured, you will need to melt the wax using a double boiler technique, ensuring that no water splashes into the wax as it boils. Keep stirring until all the wax has melted, and then measure the temperature, ensuring that it remains between 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

small decoration candles
Color and Scent
Since you are creating holiday candles, do make full use of festive colors. There are many ways in which you can color your wax, from dedicated candle dyes to non-toxic wax crayons. Whichever method you choose, add the color gradually, continuously testing out the color of the wax as you go along. Once done, take the wax off the stove and set aside for it to cool slightly, before adding some drops of essential oil. You can use any oil that you desire, even mixing a few different scents together to create your own custom blend.

Pouring the Candle 
You are now at the stage where you can pour the wax into your container, but with a slow motion, so that the wax does not crack as it fills the jar. Once the wax has set, trim the wick so that there is only a quarter of an inch above the surface of your wax, and then light your homemade candle.

While it may be easier to simply buy holiday candles rather than making your own, creating them yourself will result in colors, scents and styles that you would not have been able to buy anywhere else. Once you have made your first set of candles, you will then be able to continue experimenting with different shapes and waxes, giving you the opportunity to create a new set of candles when you may need one.

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A Simple Holiday Exercise Plan

Most of us gain weight over the holidays. We’re not shocked by this simply because we all know all the food and drink that go into celebrating the extended holiday season. This is especially true if you have friends from various groups that celebrate different traditions. You can end up with invitations to seemingly countless celebrations. All those foods and sweets are going to be delightful, but most of wince a little when we think about the weight we’ll gain. Estimates vary, but in general people typically gain between 1 and 6 pounds over the holidays. Some studies suggest we permanently gain that minimum of 1 pound too. What do you do if you want to try to avoid the problem or at least minimize it despite social obligations? Consider adopting a simple holiday exercise plan since you can be sure that dieting isn’t in the cards.

Walk or Run
Let’s be honest, we do take our vehicles places more often than is actually necessary. You could walk to that corner store, but the effort is very unattractive. Try to ignore the part of you that encourages you to take your vehicle everywhere. Walk to nearby stores to get things. This walking is a good way to help ensure you get in a little exercise that you might not otherwise do. A brisk walk will get you there relatively quickly and is typically quite doable for most of us. The best part of this is that most of us can walk as a form of exercise will little difficulty. In general you’re going to want to take brisk walks of at least 30 minutes to ensure you’re getting the actual benefits. Don’t forget to factor in if this is viable where you live. Places with milder falls and winters can get away with walking outside as a form of exercise when the rest of us need to find a gym.

Woman doing pushups
This is one of the old stand-bys of exercise. Push-ups are both universal and doable anywhere you have the space. They’ll also help you take care of you build that upper body strength for helping to carry the platters around during the holidays. A push-up is incredibly simple. You carefully lower yourself to the ground so that your hands are square with your shoulders as you straighten your body out along its length and go into a resting position on the balls of feet. Carefully push yourself up until your arms are straight below your while keeping your body in alignment. After that, lower yourself again. In general, you’ll repeat this anywhere from 10 to 15 times in a given set of push-ups before taking a brief break and doing it again one or two more times. Talk to your doctor before performing this kind of exercise though as it is a bit more taxing than simply walking and ensuring there are no health concerns when beginning to exercise is important.

Squats, like push-ups, help to build and maintain muscle in the body. This is important to any weight management routine as muscle mass increasing your resting metabolic rate. In short, your body needs more energy to maintain muscles even when you’re just sitting. That makes it just that much harder to gain all that extra holiday weight. Squats, like push-ups, are actually relatively simple and easy to do anywhere that you have the space and the time. All you need to do is place your feet roughly even with your shoulder while holding your arms out to help you keep balance as your progress in the exercise. You will then need to act like you’re going to sit down, but focus on allowing only your hips and knees to the do the bending until you feel you can go no farther comfortably. Simply return to your start position after this part and do the exercise another 9 to 14 times depending on your physical fitness. Repeat this process two to three times.

A holiday exercise routine is generally going to be more about maintenance for most of us. The exercises we’ve highlighted a good basis for an actual routine after the holiday thoughts. They are all simple, easy to do, and can be done in many places. It makes them useful to almost everyone. Don’t forget that you will need to do your best to ensure that you’re exercising for at least a half hour, if not longer, if you want to have a true effect on your health. Start slow and talk to your doctor the whole way to get the best results.

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