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Summer Collabs #myorogoldskin

It is always exciting when we have a new collaboration underway, and there have certainly been plenty of those over the last few months! This summer, we joined forces with bloggers from all corners of the country to find out what they thought of our products.

Our Favorite Collaborations of the Summer

From cleansers and serums to face masks and moisturizers, we made sure to carefully choose specific products for each blogger we collaborated with. We kept their individual skin types in mind, along with any skin concerns that they were dealing with, ensuring that the products they tried would truly be able to improve their skin.

Here are some of our favorite collaborations of the summer…

Lindsey from @iamlyn.z

With a passion for fashion, beauty and travel, Lindsey from @iamlyn.z was excited to receive two of our most popular products.

The first was the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. Everyone knows how important exfoliation is, and this product is quite a unique way of doing that. Its gel consistency means that it is lightweight and gentle, making it suitable for all skin types. However, it still effectively exfoliates, leaving the skin feeling so refreshed and polished.

The next product that Lindsey received was our 24K Overnight Cream. This cream contains ingredients that help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. This is key when it comes to keeping the skin protected and hydrated, which is exactly what it needs overnight.

What did Lindsey think?

She loved how the products made her skin glow, and also appreciated the subtle but sweet scent.

Vidhi from @coffeevschai

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[ #ad ] Hey all, I am keeping my skin replenished this summer with the @orogoldcosmetics 24K White Gold line. Living in the dry heat has taken a toll on my skin causing it to become flaky. But, after just few uses of the products from the White Gold line, I am seeing a noticeable difference in my skin’s overall texture. Here are the products I am using: 1. 24K Classic Body Scrub – smoothens and exfoliates the skin. 2. 24k Classic Body Butter – applied after the body scrub for best results. 3. 24K Aromatherapy Body Oil – smooths dry patches and calms the skin. 4. 24K Renewal lip Balm – enhanced with antioxidants to smooth chapped lips. . #myorogoldskin #orogold #sp . . . #skincare #hydratedskin #contentcreator #beautycare #healthandbeauty #blogginggals #fblogger #crazyaboutcouture #tucsonblogger#darlingmovement #influencermarketing #bblogger #potd #bossbabesofstyle #scottsdale #theglitterguide #bloglovinbeauty #styleinfluencer #arizonablogger #azblogger

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Vidhi from @coffeevschai is a style blogger whose unique personal style features a mix of both American and Indian elements. Vidhi lives in Arizona, where the summers bring with them an exceptionally dry heat that can really take its toll on the skin.

This is where our 24K White Gold Collection can really help…

The products that Vidhi used were:

What did Vidhi think?

She only needed to use the products a few times before she noticed a significant improvement in her skin’s texture. It made the summer heat so much more bearable, and kept Vidhi’s skin looking healthy and flawless.

Gaonou Lo from @theglamourpursuit

Fashion enthusiast Gaonou Lo from @theglamourpursuit loves bringing affordable fashion together with luxury accessories, creating looks that are chic, sophisticated and wonderfully unique.

If you follow Gaonou on Instagram, you may have noticed that her skin has been looking especially radiant lately. This is all thanks to the OROGOLD products that she has been using both day and night.

These are the products that Gaonou has tried:

What did Gaonou think?

She loved how luxurious the products felt, and how they gave her skin that extra “je ne sais quoi” touch each time she used them. By incorporating the products into both her day and night skin care routine, therefore using them twice a day instead of once, Gaonou was able to notice the differences in her skin even faster.

Ela from @elabobak

A Polish-American living in Chicago, Ela Bobak Dineen is a petite style blogger with an incredible fashion sense. In addition to having amazing style, Ela’s skin is stunning too, with Ela always on the lookout for new skin care products to try.

One of the brands that Ela has been wanting to try for a while was OROGOLD. Since Ela lives in quite a polluted city, we sent her two products from our Vitamin C Collection. Vitamin C is known for being one of the best ingredients out there for protecting the skin from the serious damage that pollution can cause.

First up was our 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. It effectively clears away dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities, including pollutants, while its aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin A infusions nourish the skin at the same time.

Ela also tried our 24K Vitamin C Facial Booster Serum, which immediately brightens and illuminates the skin. Packed with antioxidants, this formula is great for targeting everything from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and puffiness.

What did Ela think?

The packaging was the first thing to impress her – not only does it look and feel luxurious, but the opaque nature of the packaging, along with the pump-style dispensers, help to prolong the product’s shelf life and keep the active ingredients fresher for longer.

As you can see from Ela’s skin, the OROGOLD products that she tried brought nothing but benefits, giving her skin a vibrant, radiant and healthy glow.

Ehmonie from @whatshaute

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[Ad] / This year one of my goals was to take better care of my skin. And I’ve got two new products in my skincare arsenal to help me achieve that goal. @orogoldcosmetics sent over two products and the packaging alone has me obsessing over them. But the 24K Deep Moisturizer is my new fave. It’s super lightweight, creamy, smooth and non-greasy which I need because the way this weather has been acting, I have enough natural oiliness, thank you very much. It’s packed with natural moisturizes like vitamin E and shea butter and is paraben-free. Perfect. They also sent over their 24K Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask. This is the skincare formula I truly need. It is formulated of a combination of vitamin A, vitamin E, and mica to even out your skin tone and restore radiance. I’ll be trying it this weekend. #selfcaresundays #myorogoldskin #orogold #sponsored . . . . . . #whatshaute #whatshautebeauty #skincare #beautybloggers #moisturizer #skincareproducts #skincaretips #naturalskincare #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #skincarelover #skincareregime #parabenfree

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A fashion and beauty blogger, as well as publisher of What’s Haute Magazine, Ehmonie Hainey is based in DC but frequently travels all over the world.

One of Ehmonie’s goals for the year was to take better care of her skin. So, we stepped in to help her do exactly that. Ehmonie’s skin tends to be slightly on the oily side, and so we sent her two products that would help to counter any excess oil while rebalancing her skin’s natural sebum production.

The 24K Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask is designed to be used on a weekly basis. It contains vitamin A, which is great for treating oily skin and acne, along with vitamin E and mica to restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Ehmonie also tried out our 24K Deep Moisturizer. This paraben-free formula contains vitamin E and shea butter – both are ingredients that are fantastic for moisturizing oily skin without weighing it down even further.

What did Ehmonie think?

Once again, she fell in love with the products just from the packaging alone. However, after delving a little deeper, Ehmonie realized that there was so much more to love…

Her favorite product was, without a doubt, the 24K Deep Moisturizer.


Because of how smooth, lightweight and non-greasy it was. This means that it was able to moisturize her skin without leaving it feeling oily, and, most importantly, without clogging up her pores.

Kate from @katehostetler

Kate from @katehostetler is a fashion, style and travel blogger who spends most of her time between Chicago and Miami.

Since Kate travels frequently, we wanted her to try some of our antioxidant-rich products. These are great for countering the various forms of damage that travel can cause.

These are the products that Kate tried:

What did Kate think?

Kate loved the brightening effect that the products provided. This tends to be amplified when you use more than one of the brightening products together. Kate also appreciated how the moisturizer was able to keep her skin soft and hydrated all day long.

Linda from @the_dragonfruit

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Linda, from @the_dragonfruit, lives in Idaho, where the summers are often pretty comfortable. Linda has understood the importance of skin care from a young age, primarily due to the fact that this was something her mother always taught her about.

Linda has always been in awe of how her mother looks 20 years younger than her true age. She firmly believes that anyone can achieve this, no matter their genes, so long as they invest in the right skin care.

Linda and her mother both gave our 24K Collagen and Seaweed Mask a try. Designed to be used once a week, this clay-based mask has been infused with some powerful anti-aging botanicals, including seaweed extract, sage extract, ivy extract, aloe vera and so much more. These ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, where they can then bring about more significant improvements.

What did Linda, and her mother, think?

They absolutely loved how their skin felt after using the mask. The softness that they experienced made them feel as though they had just had a facial. Even better, these effects carried on through the week, lasting until it was time for Linda to use the mask again.

Serena from @serenalynnfields

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I have been using @orogoldcosmetics for a couple weeks now and I can’t tell y’all how much I love it!! It smells amazing but it also cleared up my skin like magic! I switched a medication and was breaking out from it and as you can see by the photo, no more breakouts!! Make sure to check them out if you want clearer, happy, nicer skin! Who do you use for your skincare routine? • • • • • #myorogoldskin #orogold #sp #bossbabe #boutique #boutiqueshopping #entrepreneur #fashiongoalz #fashionheels #fashionholic #fashionkillas #fashionlikes #fashionluxury #fashionpics #fashiontips #maroon #outfitblog #outfitgirl #outfitlove #sassy #simplestyle #skirt #springfashiontrends #springstyle #styleme #skincarethreads #skincaredaily #happyskin

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A petite fashion blogger from Minnesota, Serena Fields from @serenalynnfields was struggling with her skin this summer.


Because she switched one of her medications, and this then caused her to start breaking out.

Of course, we wanted to help, so we sent Serena a few products that could come to her rescue:

What did Serena think?

Her skin was literally glowing after she used our products for a couple of weeks.

Did they help with the breakouts?

Well, as you can see from the image above, they most certainly did! Breakouts were no longer a problem for Serena, and she appreciated how clear, bright and healthy her skin was after giving our products a try.

Brooke from @blindseyj

Brooke Morales from @blindseyj is a home and lifestyle blogger with impeccable taste.

In addition to keeping her home looking next-to-perfect, Brooke places this same dedication on her skin too. Brooke turned 30 at the start of the year, and this is often the point at which women focus even more on their skin. This applied to Brooke too, who wanted to start using products that would help to maintain her natural, youthful glow.

So, we sent Brooke some products from our 24K Collagen Collection. This collection not only contains collagen itself, but is also formulated with ingredients that will boost your skin’s natural production of collagen, giving you both immediate and long-term results.

What did Brooke think?

She loved how the products helped her skin to look fresher and more vibrant. Her favorite product from the collection was the 24K Collagen and Seaweed Mask. This not only tackles fine lines and wrinkles, but helps to restore the skin’s volume and plumpness too. Brooke also appreciated how the collection made her feel as though she had just had a luxury facial, largely down to the beautiful gold flakes that fleck the products.

Dielle from @jellyben

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Summer time ask for a deep moisturized skin and for to achieve this finish you can count with @orogoldcosmetics . I have been using this 24k White Gold line everyday except for the Classic Body Scrub that I only use every 3 days. The Body Butter is designed with a magnificent blend of ingredients such as sunflower oil and Shea butter to deliver a powerful moisturizing effect. My favorite is the 24K Aromatherapy Body Oil works to soothe skin all day long. Made with a blend of precious, nourishing oils and natural botanical extracts such as rosemary and pomelo grapefruit oils, this silky oil calms irritated skin and smooths away dry, rough patches. The multi-tasking 24K Classic Hand and Body cream offers a luxurious experience for satin-smooth skin. I wish you could touch my skin and feels how smooth it is right now. They are all #parabenfree and is not tested in animals. Also, they do have Italian gold on it. What else do you need to be radiant this summer? #myorogoldskin #orogold #sp #summercare #summerskin #velvetskin #beautytips #skincare #bodycare #beautublogger #moisturizers #orogoldcosmetics

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A fashion and beauty blogger who lives in South California but is frequently found globe-trotting, Dielle from @jellyben has exquisite skin.

Dielle definitely knows her stuff when it comes to skin care, so we were more than happy to partner up with this beauty and send her some products from our 24K White Gold Collection.

Dielle was looking for products that would keep her skin moisturized all day long, and so these were the products we decided to send out:

What did Dielle think?

Well, her favorite product from the collection was the 24K Aromatherapy Body Oil. Dielle loved its silky smooth texture, and the way in which it effectively calms the skin while smoothing away any dryness and roughness. Dielle also appreciated the overall improvements she noticed in her skin after using the collection together as a whole. An added bonus for Dielle was the fact that all of our products are paraben-free.

Everybody’s skin is individual and different, which is why we are always eager to hear about exactly how our products have helped your skin. From cleansers and masks to serums and moisturizers, all of our products are infused with 24K gold and numerous antioxidants, giving your skin everything it needs to really glow.

Interested in working with us for the winter holiday season? Send us a DM on Instagram!

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