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2017 Exercise Trends for Healthy Skin

A lot of us get stuck in a way of thinking where skincare is taken to simply mean the products that you’re using. Skincare is a lifestyle though. All that we do feeds back into our skin’s health and appearance. This includes what we eat, what we do for fun, how active we are, whether we protect our skin, and countless other little factors. Remembering that there is so much you can do to influence your skin’s health is part of growing in your skincare knowledge. Your products are a good thing to focus on managing to help maintain and improve your skin, but you can potentially get a clear boost by doing something as simple as taking up a new form of exercise. Why does exercise help you skin though? Let’s take a quick look at the answer to this and then into some of the upcoming exercise trends for 2017 so that you can have your choice of new options to help you finally figure out the exercise that suits you.

The Beauty in Exercise
Missing that exercise is good for your skin is a forgivable mistake. After all, it isn’t as if exercise comes in a package that tells you the benefits you’ll be looking for as you stick to your routine. The primary focus is always on broader health trends instead of the smaller factors. Your skin tends to benefit in two main ways from exercise due to blood flow and stress management. Blood flow is a big factor when it comes to your skin’s health. Despite being your largest organ, your skin has comparatively low priority in circulation as your body is focused on keeping your vital organs healthy and working instead. Exercise boosts overall blood flow and that in turn ensures your skin is getting a little more attention. More nutrients reach it and your tend to have a healthier look when you exercise. The stress management part of exercise helps in many ways, but it particularly helps in that stress hormones tend to play havoc with your skin by increasing oil production or otherwise messing with the “normal” behavior. Exercise helping in both these respects boosts your skin’s overall health.

Classes for All
While exercise/ fitness class are nothing new, 2017 is going to see the continuation of a broader shift in how we look at them. One of the major ones is that there is an increasing prominence to “mixed” fitness classes. These classes, rather than focusing on one form of exercise, try to incorporate several over the course of the class to give you a thorough workout that targets several sections of the body. The approach is likely to end up sticking around simply due to the overall effectiveness of this approach and is expected to only keep growing in 2017. Another kind of class that is expected to grow are streaming classes available online. The services offering these and the companies putting them together vary, but the idea is the same: the convenience and direction of a changing weekly class delivered right to your digital account. It lets you choose when and where you want to participate. This particular trend is expected to grow even bigger in 2017 due to the convenience that it provides for our busy lives.

Woman in dance class

Dance Off
The downside to a lot of exercise is that it can be utterly formulaic and boring. Certain people take well to going through the same motions every routine and focusing on the feeling that comes with the solidity of repetition. Not all of us are like that though. It can become boring and stale quickly and leave us craving something more. Some of us respond by reaching for random exercise that might not be suitable for us in the long run. Fortunately, some fitness instructors are working towards solving this problem through the promotion of cardio intensive dance workouts. These are, for the most part, exactly what they sound like. You can expect to sweat as you learn comparatively intensive ways to dance that can help you burn more calories. Not only do you end up getting to listen to lively music, but the movement is seldom as rigid as it is in traditional exercises. You’re going to need to live in a city or do a lot of hunting for a good stream for this though as they aren’t the most common thing yet even though they appear to be set to be highly popular in 2017.

Exercise ties right back into your complexion whether you realize it or not. Keeping up a healthy amount of blood flow throughout your entire body, including your skin, and managing your stress will keep your skin looking its best. We’ve highlighted a couple of the trends that look ready to explode into major levels of public awareness in the coming year, but there are others. Stay aware of trends and you just might find something else that suits your tastes if nothing we highlighted does.

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