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Cleanse, Shave, Moisturize

Skincare has never been that high of an issue for most men. There’s no blaming them though as there really aren’t that many people that try to impress the importance of good skincare on men. Proper grooming for facial hair is discussed frequently, but that’s really only part of the actual care you need to be doing. There’s skin beneath all that facial hair you can grow, guys, and it needs to be tended to whether you’re shaving the hair off or not. Since so few people actually discuss skincare for men, let’s start with the modified basic. There are particular considerations that men need to make for the sake of their skin. We’re going to take them in order so that you ensure that your skin gets the best treatment possible. Don’t think of skipping any of them either as you need to do them all for a good, if basic, routine.

Cleaning the skin is always an important step. Cleansing products are designed specifically to help counter the problems that human skin makes for itself. Skin naturally sheds layers regularly to help keep itself healthy. The outermost layers of your skin are actually all layers of dead skin that are slowly shed while providing your skin with an extra layer of protection until it becomes their turn to drop off. Unfortunately, the shed skin can end up caught in your skin’s natural oils and sweat. This mixture can in turn clog pores and leads to breakouts and other issues. You can work against this issue easily enough with a good cleanser. They are designed to help break up oils on the skin and rinse away neatly. A good cleanser will work on the skin just fine and can be massaged through a beard to the skin. You’ll want to thoroughly rinse any facial hair afterwards, though.

Grooming facial hair isn’t off the menu just because you’re work on a skincare routine, guys. For you, this is part of skincare. Shaving is, interestingly enough, actually a decent way to exfoliate the skin of your face. The blade cuts hairs, yes, but it also helps remove some of that dead skin we were talking about earlier. Areas where you shave will generally show better color than other areas of your skin because there is less in the way between the healthy, living skin and the outermost layer of dead skin. Men who shave their entire face get the most out of this step, but don’t worry if you like to keep a robust beard. You’ll need to exfoliate the skin in some other way instead after you’re done keeping the facial hair properly shaped. There are products specifically for facial hair meant to help with this without harming the hair at all. Consider investing in some or look for a basic chemical exfoliant that includes an ingredient like salicylic acid to use carefully.

Man moisturizing
Your skin craves moisture. When you’re really young, your skin has no problem holding on to moisture. It keeps your skin plumper and healthier. That’s why young children’s skin typically feels so soft compared to an adult’s skin. We gradually lose the ability for our skin to retain as much moisture as it used to and gradually our skin gets drier and drier. This can lead to an unhealthy situation where your skin needs extra moisture, but you’re not giving it to your skin. That makes your protection from the sun and other sources of skin damage far less than it actually is when your skin is healthy. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that you’re properly moisturizing your skin at least once a day. The best time to do this is after you’ve showered or gotten your face particularly moist. Toner is good for people with oily skin, but drier skin needs something heavier like a cream.

Cleansing, shaving, and moisturizing your skin will keep it happy and healthy. The first step is all about giving your skin a little extra help in doing what it is already doing by default to keep itself clean while the second is more about ensuring you look the way you want. There is no getting away from the fact that the exfoliation from shaving also contributes to helping your skin though. Moisturizing helps to keep your skin from being nearly as irritated as it might otherwise be and gives it an extra boost of protection. All three of these steps contribute to a very basic skincare routine that can help any men who aren’t used to caring for their skin to take their first steps towards better skin. Trust us, you’ll only look better for putting in the effort.

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