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The Connection Between Oats & Great Skin

Your diet is intimately connected with the health of your skin. As one of your largest organs, your skin either directly benefits from your diet or suffers for it. That’s why skincare tends to stress eating a good diet as a skin friendly lifestyle. Getting the right nutrients into your body only serves to help your body have what it needs to properly care for itself over the long run. Your potential foods are varied and, as a result, most of us don’t have too many issues adjusting our diet towards a positive goal. We don’t always know what foods are best for us though. Dark, leafy greens get a lot of attention in the world of skincare specifically because they are utterly packed with the nutrients we need and support the skin on many levels. That leads other options to be largely ignored in a world of fads looking for the best thing. You’re doing yourself a disservice when this happens. Oats are actually another wonderful food to incorporate into your diet if you’re looking for great skin.

Antioxidants Abound
Interestingly enough, people don’t actually talk about the fact that oats are actually particularly high in antioxidants as well. This is due to being overshadowed by dark, leafy greens, yes, but we all need to be mindful of other sources. The antioxidant compounds in whole oats come in different forms, though. These antioxidants are particularly useful when it comes to helping protect your skin. They move throughout the body and neutralize free radicals, particles moving randomly throughout the body and binding to whatever they can, that cause consistent, low-level damage throughout the body. Your skin is particularly prone to showing the results of this in premature aging if free radicals are not kept in check. This benefit of antioxidants is associated with more graceful aging as well as lessened inflammation in the body. Oats have several kinds of antioxidants in them that all provide their own benefits to the overall body as well. This makes them good for you on many levels.

Managing That Sugar
Most of us enjoy having something sweet now and again. If we’re honest, it is more “now” and “later” overall as sweets are just too good to ignore most of the time. This actually isn’t terribly good for our skin. Excess sugar is responsible for damaging our skin more than we know. It is associated with inflammation, wrinkles, and an overall deterioration of the health of our skin. This is due to the spikes in blood sugar that happen when we eat sugary things. Whole oats, it turns out, are actually a fairly good answer to this and that works out well as most of us are going to sweeten our oatmeal some. Compounds within oats actually break down in the body and help regulate our overall blood sugar levels. This is largely attributed to beta-glucan, a kind of fiber, that is found in oats. It is believed that it helps by creating a small lining in the stomach that slow the absorption of sugars into the blood. This evens out the introduction of the sugar so that it isn’t a damaging spike.

healthy oats

Nutrient Rich
Not to keep going back to dark, leafy greens, but their reputation are nutrient powerhouses is relevant. Guess what else can claim that: oats. Yes, you saw it coming, but it is important to stress things like this so that people know they can have variety in their food and keep it healthy. Eating well doesn’t mean you have to always have something you find bland or that you can’t really make appealing. Oats are a surprisingly nutrient rich food that are high in various beneficial vitamins and minerals that your body needs consistently. They’re also high in the fiber as well. This creates a situation where you can eat a food that has compounds that will help nourish and protect your skin directly. On top of that, the various other compounds in it will support your overall health and in doing so further benefit your skin by making sure all of you is healthy. Not too shabby for the humble oat, now is it?

Oats are an excellent food to incorporate into almost any diet. They are flexible in how you can eat them too. This ensures that you can find some way to incorporate them into your diet that agrees with you rather than some fancy diet plan. Remember that healthy eating should be both healthy and something that you enjoy. If you can’t enjoy what you’re eating, then any hope of maintaining a change of diet is pretty much lost.

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