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Beauty Resolutions to Make and Keep for 2016

Many people take the beginning of a new year as a time to reevaluate parts of their life. The idea generally being to figure out what one has been doing wrong, what one has been doing right, and how to make the ratio favor right in the coming year. People do this because we all make mistakes or stop being able to live up to a resolution. OROGOLD invites you to use the time for just this purpose. Think on what you’ve been doing to protect and nurture your skin over the last year and things you could have done differently. There are at least a few things you can probably think of that you wish you’d done differently. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of beauty resolutions for consideration in 2016. Making and keeping them will do your skin a world of good, but we’re all only human.

Remember to Moisturize
Most of us include moisturizing in our standard routine. We typically need it after the drying effects of some useful skin care product. The problem is that not everyone pays careful attention to their skin and many of us end up failing to moisturize enough. This leads to a lot of skin issues. Dried out skin tends to produce more oil to try to counter how dry it is, this leads to breakouts, and this leads to general sensitivity that becomes even more sensitive when we use acne-fighting products on our skin. Sensitized skin, in turn, is more susceptible to various types of damage, especially sun damage, and all of this ends up supporting premature aging of the skin and general damage. So resolve to pay attention to your skin and listen to it. Apply moisturizer regularly. This is a key to keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking.

Woman exercising in the park.

Exercise and Eat Right
Beauty is, of course, about supporting your skin through the right products. OROGOLD isn’t going to tell you otherwise. However, there is another side to beauty. Products are there to help support, nurture, and emphasize your natural beauty. You have to take an active hand in drawing that out. Eating right and exercising helps keep your body in proper health. A healthy lifestyle translate outwards into your appearance. It shows in the natural glow to your skin from good circulation, the shine of your hair, and the smoothness of your skin. These and countless other aspects of beauty depend upon you taking proper care of yourself. Products are an easy way to help you along, but try to commit to taking a few extra steps towards taking care of yourself in the new year.

There is not getting around the fact that people seem to resist remembering to put on sunscreen before they go out. It may seem like we’re a little obsessed with wearing sunscreen, but sun damage is one of the primary causes of premature aging in the skin. The sun’s rays damage the skin at a cellular level and below and this is comparatively hard to deal with in beauty. Preventive measures are the single best way to avoid the medical and beauty problems associated with sun exposure. As a result, always remembering your sunscreen or SPF product should remain one of your resolution in 2016. Your skin needs to be protected if you wish to keep it young and healthy looking for a long time to come or to prevent any already present signs of aging from being magnified.

Beauty resolutions are about deciding to make the best of your health and style in the new year. OROGOLD’s suggested resolutions don’t have to be yours, but they can, at least, be useful guidelines for things to think about in the coming year. All of us are dedicated to taking care of our skin as best we can, but it doesn’t help if we stop remembering that we can make mistakes along that road.

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