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15 Minute Strength Training Routine

Exercise is a problematic part of living a healthy life. We all need to exercise a certain amount to be healthy since most of us don’t lead active enough lifestyles. The trick comes in trying to figure out when we have to time to work in that exercise and if we can maintain the motivation to do so. Exercise is not, after all, generally considered a universally fun thing to do. Time is the most pressing concern for people with busy lives. Even the busy ones can find a way to set aside 15 minutes for a series of strength training exercises though. These exercises help build muscle that in turn burns back fat and keeps it off in addition to adding a little extra strength to the areas your exercise. It can help you feel more in shape even if there are fewer visible signs of progress than you like.

Woman doing push ups.

Push-ups are the bane of anyone beginning any kind of exercise routine. They’re easy to learn to do right though and involve you working against the weight of your entire body. This makes it a highly effective form of strength training that doesn’t really decrease in effectiveness as your exercise more. You need to carefully lay face-down on the ground. The goal is to reach a starting position where your weight is distributed along your body with the primary points being your hands and your toes. Your arms should be bent with the hands spaced a little way from your shoulders. Keep your legs straight and your feet together as you raise yourself slightly off of the ground. Once you’re in this starting position, push yourself up using your arms while keeping the rest of your body in alignment. Your arms should be either mostly or fully extended once you reach the peak of the push-up. Let yourself back down quickly, but carefully. You should do this for a minute to a minute and a half solid before taking a break. Repeating this two to three times is a good way to exercise easily in a small space.

Weighted squats.

Weighted Squats
Push-ups help work the upper parts of your body. To offset this, you should acquire dumbbells or another exercise weight to include in a series of squats. These focus on working your lower body while using weights will increase the effectiveness of the workout for your lower half and give your upper body a little to do during the exercise as well. Dumbbells should be held at your side while other weights should be held in the most comfortable fashion available that doesn’t disrupt your ability to do squats. You should start with your feet planted roughly equal to your hips. Slowly squat down by bending your knees and allowing your hips to naturally push backwards. Stop at a point where you hands are or would be level with your calves. Rise back up to your starting position. These squats should be done, like push-ups, for a minute to a minute and a half. Take a small breather and repeat the exercise two to three times depending on your own capabilities.


Still got weights from the last exercise? They’re necessary for deadlifts. This is ideally done with dumbbells that are designed for this task, but other weights are usable if they’re easily held at the sides. Start by standing upright in good body alignment with the weights carefully in front of you. Bend forward carefully and allow your body to bend with the weights in your hands until you are almost bent straight over. Right yourself using your muscles, but remember not to do so so suddenly that the weights hit your legs. Like the other exercises highlighted, this should be done for a minute to a minute and a half with a breather before repeating two to three times. You can adjust the times and repetitions of each exercise according to your own abilities, but remember that a little strain is proof that your body is trying. Your body has to be trying a little for an exercise to be worthwhile.

The exercises we’ve highlighted here will give you a solid foundation to create a fifteen minutes exercise routine. Depending on how long each repetition of an exercise takes, you have room to find another strength training exercise that you want to try to add it to the routine. Strength training’s muscle building aspect will help you burn weight off and keep it off if you maintain the exercise routine. Remember that you’ll get better at the exercises with time and may need to do them a little longer to get the same effects as you used to once your body acclimates to your normal routine. In this way, you’ll work towards maintaining your beauty and fitness fifteen minutes a day.

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